The Coronation Mysteries

Sunnadi of the Great Moon

In addition to the previous two posts, please see The Coronation Mysteries at by Sorella Roselyn for a Coronation Rosary.

In a couple of days, Janites will be celebrating the festival of Coronam, which is the day of the Holy Daughter’s coronation as Queen of Heaven. Below is a collection of Five Mysteries I have adapted from the Ecclesia Gnostica’s rosary which is used to praise the coronation of the redeemed Sophia after Her rescue from the Archons by the Logos. I have adapted it into use for Sophian Déanics, as such certain words have been changed from the original.

Janites reject the idea of Sophia (Holy Daughter) being a rescued or redeemed goddess. To us, She is the Heavenly Mother who has sent a part of Herself in the form of Her daughter, (Sophia) Zoe, to gather our souls back to Her. While Gnostics believe it was Christ who rescued Sophia (Zoe), we believe it was Sophia (Mari) who restored (Sophia) Zoe to Her true state after Her shattering, and rose Her back up into the Pleroma – thus ensuring that all souls will be gathered with Our Lady and restored back to Déa’s Fullness. Sophia, as both Mother and Daughter is our Saviouress. Zoe Sophia lowers Herself and reaches down to redeem us, while Mari Sophia is our assumption who carries us back to the Light.

For all Her efforts and love for Maids, (Sophia) Zoe is crowned Queen of Heaven by Her Mother and is the ruler of all the energies of Heaven and Earth and beyond.

These Mysteries can be adapted into any particular rosary, with whichever prayers the devotee uses to praise the Mother, the Daughter and the Dark Mysteria.

The Assumption

Hail to the Divine Mother, 
For She has lifted the Soul and the Heart of the Heavens 
Out of the prison house of matter and raised Her up into the Pleroma.

The Coronation

And Sophia gave unto Zoe a crown with twelve stars
Which are the lights of redemption
And the Throne of Manifestation for Her seat,
And She also gave unto Her the Fora of Mystery as a septre
By which She shall rule the Aeons.

The Renunciation

And the Mistress laid the Queendom at Her Daughter’s feet, 
And renounced all sovereignty and rule unto Her Throne. 
The sword that was brought She received at Her hands, 
To redeem and to conquer for the reception of the Light.

The Vow

“My Soul doth magnify my Mother’s,
For a lowly handmaid hath been found
Perfected in Zoe and the Queen is come.
Be it done according to thy Word”

The High Queen answered and said,
“Arise, O Daughter of the Light, and enter into thy rest.”

The Descent of the New Avala

Behold, a small star from the Heavens descends to the Earth,
With Light more brilliant than the Sun.
It comes to dwell in the Hearts of the children of Maid,
And these hearts are the foundation upon which is built
the Eternal City, New Avala.

Blessed is the Princess of the World, the Mistress of All Things,
And the Empress of the Multiverse.

Blessed is She.



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