Bits and Pieces

18 Maia/Foradi

Day of Sai Rhea, Jana of Steadfastness, Temperance and Self-restraint.

O, Sai Rhea, be with us.

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Dear Devotees,

For those who have placed a crown of silk flowers on an image of the Holy Daughter, the crown may remain in place through the holy month of Flora. It is removed on the evening of 28 Flora as the next day begins the Sacred Season of the Celestial Mother, Mari Sophia.

As an aside, we keep finding more and more exciting connections between the Sophian Mythos and the Deanic Scriptures. As with the Holy Daughter in the scriptures and the Blessed Virgin Mary of Christianity, the Holy Daughter Sophia was also crowned as Queen in the Pleroma/ Heaven.

One thing that I did that was fun on the day of Coronam, was that I wore a crown of green silk flowers over my pink veil. {Pink and Green are the colors of the robes of Agia Grace (Sai Sushuri)}.

We are not Gnostic

It is important to explain that while Janites obtain some of our Sophian Mythos from Gnosticism, we are not Gnostic, per se . Just as there are many basic Gnostic teachings within Deanism/Filianism, neither the Deanic nor the Filianic religious streams are Gnostic.  As Janites,  we choose to draw our teachings about Dea from non-Pagan sources and so we take them from esoteric Judaism, Goddess Christianity and both pre-Christian and Christian Gnosticism.

In the near future, we will outline our basic mythos and show how they correlate with the Deanic scriptures.

Divine Sophia Icon

It has come to my attention that there are those who think that Sophia is Sai Mati. This is an understandable misunderstanding as Sai Mati is often depicted as Holy Sophia. This is one of the reasons why Janites do not use goddess images to represent the Janae as we find it leads to confusion and misunderstanding. It is similar to how the Blessed Virgin Mary is used, in some circles, to represent Sai Raya Theia, Sai Mati Sage and Sai Thema and yet, none of these Janati are the Blessed Virgin Mary nor are they any Pagan goddess.

Coming up will be a further article.

Image result for image of icon of adam and eve Adam and Eve

Another exciting discovery is how Adam and Eve (Eve is the First Daughter who represents all of humanity, Adam is the First Son, who also represents humanity), originally were etheric beings before entering manifest creation. Adam and Eve were beings of Light who spoke the Primordial Language. Upon leaving the Realm of Perfection, they were clothed with skins. While some biblical translations say ‘animal skins’ others simply say they were clothed with garments of skin. This really means that they were given their human bodies. This all flows very nicely with Deanic teachings.

My apologies, I had a list of links here supporting this story about Adam and Eve, but they have disappeared. I am just getting used to my new notebook. I also lost two more topics. So, there will be a Bits and Pieces II coming up.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides