Pomedi/2 Flora

O, Sai Thema, Jana of Justice, Order and Harmony, be with us.

We have now entered the lovely month of Flora, the month of flowers. It is also the last month of the Daughter time of year.  During this month, Janites celebrate the memory of Madrian priestess, Madria Olga Lotar on 8 Flora/May 23. If desired, devotees may celebrate a Rite of Sacrifice in her honor. She was a great teacher to many and left us a treasured legacy including the inheritance of the original liturgy.

On 10 Flora/May 25, we celebrate the Feast of Flowers. We do not observe this day with either the Rite of Sacrifice or the Great Liturgy. A post on this day will be forthcoming.

The Flower Moon occurs on 13 Flora/May 28.

May Our Lady bless you, blessed is She.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides