Septena to Agia Rhea and Quick Note on Rosary Page

Columbadi/3 Flora

O, Agia Grace, Jana of Compassion, Love and Mercy, be with us.

First, a couple of notes:

Recently, I wrote about septenas, which are our version of novenas.  A septena is a prayer that is prayed for seven days in a row for a special request. In addition to the previous septena for Agia Grace (Sai Sushuri), we offer another one to Agia Rhea (Sai Raya). When these initial septenas are complete, they will be posted on a septena page under our Prayers section. An announcement will be made when the prayers are complete.

Also, many of our pages are in need of updating and so I am slowly working on them. The Mysteries Rosary page has been updated with some minor corrections:

Speaking of the rosary, I must confess, I experimented with a mantra style rosary for the Five Mysteries where I would concentrate on just the Mystery of the Season, but I really felt there was ‘something missing’ when I prayed the rosary in that manner, and so I have returned to the more traditional style for the Janite Mysteries Rosary. I do prefer to have my rosary without all the large beads and instead, using our wonderful Five Symbols charms in their place. I feel the charm symbols stylize the rosary as being specifically and uniquely Deanic. These charms may be found on etsy. For the Fora, simply put ‘equal armed solar cross or solar cross’ in the etsy search.

O, Glorious Agia Theia, brightly shining One, be with us. O, Resplendent One, clothed in radiant gold, dazzling as the Sun, hear our prayer. 

Illumine us with Truth and instil in us the sweetness which comes with a serene mind and a joy-filled heart. Help us to remember that joy comes from within and not from without. May we learn to nurture it in our hearts that it may overflow unto others who might be in need of the flame of cheer and comfort in their lives. And may (state request).

Blessed are You.


O, Most Holy Agia Grace, Whose blessing hands shower us with healing waters and  Whose Crystal Chalice spills silvery graces, be with us. May Your face shine upon us with gentleness. May Your luminous eyes gaze upon us with tenderness. And may Your heart beat as one with ours as we lay our cares before You.

O, Agia Grace, Ruler of the Supernal Waters, (state request) and may (she/he) be immersed in the Shimmering Streams of Compassion, Love and Mercy.  Blessed are You. (copyright Janite Ekklesia).


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