Memory of Madria Olga

Stelladi/8 Flora

O, Sai Mati Sage, be with us.

Today is we celebrate the life of Madria Olga Lotar of beloved memory.

Madria Olga Lotar became a Madrian priestess through Charisma. According to the full Madrian catechism, a female may become a Madrian priestess through either Initiation or Charisma. (Charisma is not generally recognized for Janite priestesses unless there are extraordinary circumstances which are approved by the Prima Madria.)

Madria Olga founded her own Madrian Order and went on to teach many students over the years, both female and male. She was an inspiration to all of us, to both those who knew her and those of us who only know of her.

To this day, those who were her students or her friends remember her with great respect and with great appreciation for her selfless, humble and tireless work in teaching others the Madrian religion.

For those who wish, a Rite of Sacrifice may be offered in her memory.

May she rest in Avala.

May the Gentle Light shine upon her.

May her memory be eternal.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides