A Filianic Rite?

Lunadi/20 Flora

O, Agia Candre, Jana of Reflection, Reason and Purity, be with us.

Wow, I can’t believe we are already in the last week of the Sacred Season of Spring. Time flies by so fast!

Recently, there have been some internal discussions about our place as Janites, within the Greater Community.

Increasingly, we Janites are finding ourselves to be in a bit of a conundrum. As more and more devotees come to define themselves as being Deanic, the less and less we find ourselves to be recognizable under the sole label of Deanism.

Deanism is not a religion. It is an umbrella term. Deanism,has become such a broad term, that the only commonality between Deanists, let alone between Deanists and Janites, is a belief that Dea is Mother God and that She is Supreme. And, that’s pretty much where the commonality ends. The modern Deanist movement has widened beyond the scope of the Janite Tradition.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It is wonderful that all these Deanic Traditions are manifesting in our modern era. But, more and more, we, as Janites, are finding that we have very little in common with many of these Deanic Traditions/religions and just about everything in common with the Filianic religion, itself.

In light of this conundrum, it is has been suggested to us that we consider becoming a Janite Rite of Filianism similar to how the Byzantine Church is a Rite of the Roman Catholic Church. As a Rite of the RCC, the members of the Byzantine Rite are still able to fully retain their identity, which is very similar to Orthodox Christianity. They serve the Orthodox Christian Divine Liturgy, use icons as opposed to statues, follow the Orthodox Christian holy days, honor their own saints, observe their own times of Fast, etc., omit the Filioque in the Creed, and yet, there are some ways where they meld with the RCC, beautifully.

And so, we, as Janites, must decide our position within the Greater Community.

The final decision as to whether or not to form as a Janite Rite of the Filianic religion will be made public within the next few weeks, Dea Volente’.

ArchMadria Candre Sophia.









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