A Long Journey

My Journey Home

2 Rosa/ Summer

I have been on a very, very long journey . It began when I was a young child when I fell in love with the Blessed Mother and Her rosary and Her Miraculous Medal and Her feast days and everything about Her. I lived each day with Her by my side . I was consumed with Her and believed in Her. I lived for Her.

But, then came a time, when I had to leave Her. And I have missed Her. I have missed Her so very much. All this time, I have been trying to find my way back to Her. Now, now I understand that I had to go on a journey. I had to leave my Mother and set out on my own, on a very long, long journey.

And now I understand that for each True Soul Path, there is a process. A Divine Process. And oftentimes, during that Process we can feel so very, very lost . But the truth is, if we keep following that yearning in our soul; if we keep walking the Path; if we allow the Process to unfold, we rise up on the spiral staircase . We return to that for which we are longing and yet the relationship and understanding are more highly evolved .

And each step of the way , if we but trust our heart, each agonizing step is a part of the Process . It matters not what people say, along the way, and it matters not if you feel lost, it matters not if you feel worthless, as long as you keep following your heart and the tuggings of your soul, you will get there . It is not easy . It is definitely not easy . But when you arrive, it is like a new life.

My own wanderings took me far and wide. And I look back upon that road and realize that each and every twist and turn in that Path was crucial
to my journey.
And I found…when I found the Pearl of Great Price, that Pearl for which I was searching,  I found, that I could take it back home.

Be True to your soul.


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