9 Rosa/June 21: Rosalia: the Mystery of Rosa Caeli.

Sacred Season of Summer

Celestial Mother as Supernal Sun and Red Rose for Her “Fiery Rose of Heaven”.

The Sacred Season of Summer is dedicated to the Celestial Mother as Essence, and the blazing Supernal Sun of creation. The solar fire with in the world is blazing up to consume the separation of matter and raise us across the abyss of separation to be one within our hearts with the Heart of the Celestial Mother. During this season, a single rose stands before altar images to recall our minds to the single goal.

9 Rosa/June 21: Feast of Rosalia: The Mystery of Rosa Caeli

Also known as The Feast of Roses.

The Divine Sophia Who Is Déa Ekklesia and Order regard the Celestial Mother as Rosa Caeli, Rose of Heaven. The Celestial Mother, Mari Sophia, is the Rose of Joy and the Fiery Rose of Heaven. [1]

(Please note that in The Divine Sophia Who Is Déa Ekklesia and Order, Rosa Mundi is most rightly the Holy Daughter Who, as the Divine World Soul, is truly the Rose of the World [2].)

[1] Celestial Mother: Roses, “the White Rose, the rose of pure love which is ‟unfolding and everlasting, which changes not nor ever shall change.” Red roses for Her ‟Fiery* Rose of Heaven”. *Fiery here means the Fire of Her Love for us. Her constant, unconditional loving Flame.

[2] Holy Daughter: Rose, Rosa Simpla / simple wild rose or briar-rose or Rosa Canina / dog rose. This rose has also been seen as a type of the human soul, aspiring for fulfillment in the multi-foliate Rose of the Divine, and exemplifying the transcendent virtues of simplicity and humility. The wild rose has also been associated with the similarly five-petaled apple-blossom, and, like the apple, has been held as a symbol of immortality.

[1 & 2] https://mydevotionstodea.tumblr.com/post/167003443867/symbolism-of-the-holy-trinity-as-flowers

Rite of Veneration or Liturgy

This is a mandatory Rite of Veneration for devotees and Liturgy for clergy.

Preparation, Altar Set-up and Ritual

What this ritual is all about

Hail, Rosa Coeli: Rose of Heaven of the Noon-tide, Light & Essence of Creation, be with us.
Hail, Rosa Simpla: Humble, Simple, Pure, Love & Soul of the World, be with us.

‟All the complexities of the world are but the turnings of a labyrinth, and at the centre is the fiery rose-heart of our Mother, burning with perfect love.”*

*from Madrian Traditions

Rosalia Feast Altar:

The candles on the altar (which should be object blessed *) and the veil/hat that we wear during formal prayer and ritual should be red. (Keep in mind, the liturgical colors are the colors of the robes of the Janae. These are colors that are symbolic of Who They Are in Their Spiritual Essence.) The Rosalia altar cloth is the elemental seasonal color of red (fire). This can be a doily, hankey/handkerchief, tablecloth. (Which should be object blessed *). Flowers can be white, red or pink roses and red flowers. Madrian tradition: a single rose stands before altar images to recall our minds to the single goal.

* https://deanic.com/rituals/the-blessing-rite/

For those who wear the Sacred Symbol pendant of the Season, it is, the Rose.

Madrinas and Priestesses will accent their white dresses/robes with accessories (shawl or scarf) in the liturgical color of red.

The suggested scripture reading is:
5. The Crystal Tablet, verses 49 – 50

49 Let the soul know, before all, that the greatest love is the Love of Déa, and from this Love all other loves flow.

50 Let her open herself to her Lady, that she may come as perfect love for Her. Let her learn of Déa, that Eternal Love which is Déa.

[Madria Olga Lotar, GEBC version. I have altered ‟the Goddess” to Déa. Madria Sophia].

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(with thanks to the Madrian, independent Déanic & Filianic contributors and editor Mr. Race MoChridhe)

March 2019
The Filianic Scriptures, The Eastminster Critical Edition of the Clear Recital
Version: ECE 4th Edition



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