Best Wishes for the Future of the Janites

Dear Friends,

This is (the former) ArchMadria Candra Sophia aka Pamela Lanides.

As some of you know, I have returned to an alternative form of Christianity. My work here is finished and I am very happy to pass on the title of Prima Madria to A. M. Sophia.

She has my full blessing and my fullest confidence in continuing the Janite Tradition, the priestesshood and the sisterhood of the JOP.  She has been a saint in putting up with me. 🙂

I want to thank ArchMatrona Georgia, of the Lady of Light Chantry, who started me on this Path. It is her name that will forever head the official listing of the Janite lineage of  Priestesshood. It is from her, that this priestesshood descends.

Again, I wish to thank A. M. Sophia and also Race MoChridhe of Apron Strings for his friendship and for the fantastic work he did on the ECE, ( I have no doubt that he will put the Deanic/Filianic/Madrian movement on the map of religious history!

I wish to thank those who stuck with me through thick and thin: Barbara, Shoshana and Kathi+. I could not have done this without your unwavering support and your unconditional friendship through the years.

I wish to thank new friends, Sorella Roselyn and Sorella Minna. I wish to thank old friends, Madria Erin, Madria Dini, Father Kevin, Brandon, Noor, Glenn King and David Kay.

And I wish to remember my wise woman, Lieren Malka.

I also wish to thank the founders of the Madrian religion.

It’s been a wild ride over these last eight years, but look at what we have all accomplished, together. Every single one of us did this… all, together.

For myself, I have been called back home to my longtime friend who is my ‘other bishop’ and to a beautiful Tradition of Christianity that I didn’t even know existed in its modern form.

I will take many of the practices, prayers, teachings and traditions that I have learned through the greater Deanic community and from my mentor, ArchMatrona Georgia, along with me as my own journey, my own Soul Path, continues.

Most especially, I want to thank our dear readers, our faithful devotees and our wonderful subscribers. You are all absolutely awesome!!!! Thanks for being here! Thanks for your interest in our work. And, thank you for loving Dea and for coming to know Her.

For a final time, I wish you the Blessings of Our Lady:

May Our Lady bless you all, always and forever, unto the ages of ages, in the Name of the Mother, and of the Daughter, and of the Great Mother,

Blessed is She.

Rev. Pamela Lanides





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