Janites have chosen Pre-Patriarchal Divine Sophia as our Form or Image for Déa

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We explain why as the Kore Di-Jana Ekklesia a.k.a. Janites we have chosen Pre-Patriarchal Divine Sophia as our Form or Image for Déa. Sophia was an anonymous poem sent into the Madrian periodical The Coming Age issue 3, Summer, 1977. https://deanic.com/devotional-poetry/poem-to-sophia/

Non Violence within the Divine Sophia Mysteries compared with Inanna’s grisly death myth.

How our Divine Sophia is in our Madrian-Déanic feminine focused Scriptures.

Part I: Sophia as Creatrix and Who is the First Daughter

Part 2: Sophia as Supernal Mother & Daughter

Part 3: Sophia’s Voluntarily leaves Heaven & Descends & as Saviouress

Primordial Pre Patriarchal Sophia and Creatrix Eurynome


How our Divine Sophia is in our Madrian-Déanic Seven Great Janae



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