My Nine Year Déanic Journey by A.M.E. Pamela Lanides

My Nine Year Déanic Journey

High Priestess Holy Daughter Sophia with Chalice

Dear Friends,

I have made the very difficult decision to leave online teaching in order to pursue Torah, Merkabah, Kabbalistic and Judaic studies, thus fulfilling a life-long desire.

The pages are back up until late Friday afternoon, July 12, so that anyone may copy them for their personal use, after which, will be going off-line.

For those of you who are Déanic, there has been a lot going on behind the scenes at They are preparing for the future of their priestesses and their Order. I’m sure there will be a new post in the near future. Prayers and rituals are posted to the left of the website. If you are interested in becoming a priestess, please contact Prima Madria Sophia at:

The Lady of Light Chantry worships Déa, Mother God, from a Norse/Celtic Tradition. For more information, please see 
or contact ArchMatrona Ghrian at:

In a way, this closes the final chapter of my 9 year long Déanic journey, which has been amazing. I have met some wonderful people, made good friends and I’ve learned so very, very much.

Through it all, I have gained needed experience and knowledge in theology, teaching and writing. I have loved the creative aspect of working on the prayers and the liturgy  with ArchMatrona Ghrian. Together, she and I developed, what I like to call, the Way of Devotion to the Janati, a central part of the worship of The LLC (The Lady of Light Chantry) and The KD-J (Kore Di-Jana) Traditions. Together, we made exciting discoveries, like the five-petaled Deantha flower, which came to symbolize the Great Mother.

But this journey, for me, is now over.  Though I am excited about my spiritual future, my time as a Déanic will always remain a major turning point in my life. The day I found the Chapel ended a 20-year long search for Mother God. The day I found The ELFs, I found my mentor in the Déanic Faith, ArchMatrona Ghrian. I am grateful for the teachings, the experience and, most especially, for coming to know the Most Holy Daughter, Who, for me, is Shekinah/Sophia.

I wish to thank everyone who has walked this Path with us.

May Our Lady Bless you unto the ages of ages,

Blessed is She.


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