Prayer Requests and the Holy Month of Ourania

Friends and devotees,

Welcome to a new month! I do apologize that this post was late- our clergy all became severely ill or indisposed at the same time, and what poor luck that it was at the start of Ourania!


Ourania- October 3rd-30th

•1 Ourania/Oct. 3: Feast of Divine Order to honor Sai Thema- Rite of Veneration offered

Full Moon- Cosmic Moon: 10th Ourania/October 13th

Per tradition, the Rite of Veneration should be offered on the full moon, the Festival, and on Foradi, Sunadi, and/or Lunadi (Saturday, Sunday, and/or Monday) of each week by clergy in-training, and optionally by any devotees who wish to deepen their faith and dedication. 

We are drawing ever closer to the end of fall, and the end of our Celestial Mother’s holy half of the year. Our holy Mother, whom Janites pray to with love as Mari (Mother), is around us in all ways. It is through Her beautiful creation that we have the richly colored gourds and burrowing earth worms. Her hand taught the first Bear to gorge herself in preparation for winter, and the first Maple to pull up her sap and cast away her leaves.

Though Her warmth diminishes a bit every day, She is no further from us than the space of one atom to the next. And thank the Daughter, holy Janna, for Her task in bridging that impossible gap, guiding us safely to our Mother’s arms.

As Ourania honors the cosmic and starlit nature if our existence, what better month to explore our night skies? Star watching parties, a trip to an air and space museum, or a craft related to stars and our night sky would all be appropriate…and what better place to plug our newsletter?

The Agoran Gazette, the official Janite newsletter which releases bi-monthly, contains both devotional writings, as well as ideas for celebrating the current month. This month’s edition will have instructions for making a lovely night-sky splatter painting (perfect for all ages), as well as many other useful and fun topics!

The newsletter will be out A.S.A.P., and the prayer list will be posted tomorrow, the day of Lady Sushuri-Grace, protectress of healing.

If you or a loved one would like to request prayers from the Janite Ekklesia, please write ArchSorella Minna.(

Thank you, and may our holy Mother bless you.

Let us bless the Holy One,

Blessed is She.

Let us thank the Seven Janati of Power,

Thanks be to the Seven Janati.

-ArchSorella Minna

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