Samhain/Shimovane Soul Cakes and Soul Songs

Pomedi/Wed. (Apple Day).

Day of Sai Thema, Foundation of Justice, Order and Harmony.

Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhain aka Shimovane, the Feast of the Ancestors! On this night, we remember our beloved ancestors whether through ritual, a supper for the dead, prayers and remembrance or even a plate of goodies left for those who have crossed the veil to come to visit us.

Every year, I leave out a plate of goodies, a glass of wine, milk with honey and a shot of bourbon for my dad next to the lit jack o’lantern on my porch. This is my version of the Feast of the Ancestors. It’s important to make certain there is a lit jack o’lantern or candles to help our ancestors find their way.

After I go trick or treating with my grandchildren, I usually serve a Rite of Veneration in honor of my ancestors and have a campfire or hearth fire going.

If it’s good weather, I prefer to serve the RoV outdoors. On the altar, I have a list of those who have died and I read off the list of names at the beginning of the Rite. Of course,  this is also an excellent night for divination, which I usually include during the RoV and there are many poems, Samhain prayers and rituals that can be found on the internet that may be included. At the end of the Rite, I read out the list of my ancestors one last time and end with: I remember you.

It is not necessary to serve the RoV on this feast day, but for those who wish to, the Rite may be found here for solitary and here for a family or group.

After my RoV, I will sit on my porch, next to my food offerings, and simply clear my mind and wait. My Dad always arrives. I can sense him. I spend time with him and then he leaves. I don’t mind because I know where he is and I know that he will return to visit me when the veil thins, yet again, next Samhain.

Shimovane/Samhain (Shimovane is an ancient Celtic form of Samhain. (hat tip to Prima Madria Sophia) and is a festival rich in folk lore and customs. Folk-ways are an important part of Janite Tradition and Feast Days. Traditionally, this is a three day festival!


ArchMatrona Ghrian, of the Lady of Light Chantry (1), has shared with me some wonderful old-world Samhain Traditions: Soul Songs and Soul Cakes. These are perfect for the three-day festival.

Songs: Children A-Souling singing: Soul Cake Song. (hat tip to ArchMatrona Ghrian)

Sting’s beautiful version: Sting-Soul Cake

Link to lyrics may be found here.

History of Soul Cakes: Soul Cakes. Though this Tradition came about through Christianity, it is a folk-tradition. 


Vegan Soul cake sent by ArchMatrona Ghrian: Vegan Recipe.

Regular Soul Cake: recipe.

Enjoy! And Blessed Shimovane from the Janite Staff.


  1. Lady of Light Chantry

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