Sai Thema

1 Samhain/Nov. 1
Columbadi/Fri. (Dove Day).

Day of Sai Sushuri Grace, Fountain of Compassion, Love and Mercy.

New Reginism Tradition 

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Please note that when I recently spoke of Amena, a derivative of an Arabic word meaning “to make complete”, which may be used in the place of Amen, I neglected to add that the proper pronunciation is A-meen-a.

Lady Thema, Foundation of Justice, Order and Harmony. (Originally composed by ArchMatrona Ghrian.)

Lady Thema is one of my three Patroness Janas, along with Lady Vikhe’ and Lady Candre’. (Lady Candre’ is the Patroness of priestesses in the Janite Ekklesia.)

It’s funny how things work out. When I first learned about the Janati, they were an answer to a prayer, one of two constant prayers that I would pray each day during my 20 years as a Wiccan.  I would constantly beseech the Universe to help me find the True Mother God and the goddesses of the Five Elements/Directions.

I was not Wiccan because I wanted to be a witch, I became Wiccan because I believed in the basic teachings of Wicca (and still do) and because the religious system of Wicca brought me back into close contact with Nature. Wicca also taught me about the Great Goddess whereas the Catholic Church had taught me that the highest Feminine form was a glorified human being (the Virgin Mary) who couldn’t even conceive in the same way as the rest of us humans or it would have tainted her.

However, try as I might, I never could fully resonate with the gods and goddesses of the various Pantheons. I love the Greek goddesses, but they were not Mother God to me. None of the goddesses of various pantheons was Mother God to me. And some, I knew to have been historical people.

For a short while, I did have a special connection to Mother Holle aka Frau Holda as my Wiccan Tradition was Seax-Wica, but that was before I was to later discover that, like Hecate, She actually pre-dates the pantheons with which She is associated. She is so ancient, Her origins were lost to the mists of time.

Now we know that non-only did She pre-exist the Germanic/Norse pantheon, She was originally considered to be Supreme. Often-times, I have noticed that when a goddess pre-dates the pantheon with which she is associated and when she was originally supreme, it often indicates that she was considered to be the Great Mother in the way that we understand Dea, Our Divine Mother God.

In light of Frau Holda/Mother Holle being ancient and having been considered to be Supreme, we have recently discovered that She is a Living Stream Goddess! Her devotional cult has lived on through the centuries through hereditary families. (She did not just come down to us as Mother Goose!) Through both recent research and from the testimony of a witness from an hereditary family, there is no doubt that Mother Holle/Holda is a Northern-European Living Stream Image/Form of Dea! But, I did not know this when I was Wiccan and so, yet again, my search went on and I continued my prayers because though I felt close to Frau Holda, I did not recognized Her as Mother God. My search for Dea and the female Guardians continued.

Eventually, I did find the Five goddesses of the Elemental Directions through my study of Shingon Buddhism. And though I was happy to have finally found female Guardians, they were not of my culture and there wasn’t much written about them.

Finally, after 20 years of searching, my prayers were answered in a big way when I found Dea and the Janati through Filianism. And, thanks to my religious background, I was able to see the Janati as both Awesome Cosmic Powers and as personal Guardians with whom we may have a personal relationship.

And though these Powers incarnate into angelic form, they are higher than the angels. Neither are they considered to be ‘goddesses’ in Janite thealogy, because they are higher than the goddesses. They are of Dea. They are sent of Her. And together, ArchMatrona Ghrian and I developed a meaningful devotional cult in their honor, the results of which are reflected in both Lucienne and Janite Tradition.

Having been Wiccan, I naturally began to call upon them in their Directions every morning and I would thank them for the day at the end of the night. I would say little prayers of supplications in the morning, during Aurora and I would thank each of them for their blessings of the day and specific help, during Evensong.

Very early on, I quickly developed a closeness to Lady Vikhe’ and Lady Thema. It happened so naturally. And when I needed to pray to them for help, help came quickly.

Lady Vikhe’ is the protector of my home, my family, the Janite Ekklesia and I pray to her for the protection of this country. There have been times when the protection of family and home have been nothing short of miraculous. Someday, I must write down these stories, but there are so many!

Lady Thema has answered my prayers with so many miracles, I have lost count. And by miracles, I mean that the answers or help that I needed at the time appeared to be impossible to solve, and yet, she always found a way.

Most recently, a close family member was in dire straits through no fault of his own. He was about to lose so much.  The situation was so grave, that I felt we must prepare ourselves for the inevitable, there simply appeared to be no way out of the situation. But, I never stopped praying to Lady Thema. And lo and behold, a miracle occurred that is astonishing to all of my family. What was about to be lost has been saved. I owe Lady Thema a dozen roses in thanksgiving!

Some of the ways I develop a relationship with them is by praying to them every day.  In addition to greeting them morning and night, I pray the short Seven Janati rosary to the Jana of the day. (1) This beautiful rosary was inspired by the original Invocations composed by ArchMatrona Ghrian (Georgia E. B. Cobb). Oftentimes, I pray this rosary on my way to work.  I also talk to the Janati in my own words.

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On the fun side, I often incorporate into my jewelry or clothing the color/s of the Jana of the day. For example, on Pomedi/Thurs., the day of Lady Thema, I might wear purple or blue earrings, gemstone/crystal pendant or bracelet or other sacred jewelry in her colors.

Often, I will wear an item of clothing that reflects her colors. As Prima Madria Sophia explains, these colors are symbolic of the spiritual essence of the Jana and by incorporating these colors into my daily wear, it is a reminder of their constant presence in my life and the Virtues I am endeavoring to emulate.

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I am actually thinking of collecting seven wrist mantra rosaries in the colors of each Jana.

Additionally, I will strive to focus on one of their Virtues. So, again, using Pomedi as an example, on that day, I might try instill more Harmony in my day.

The Janati always surround us, if we invite them to do so. They will help us if we call upon them. And we may thank them, by striving to incorporate their Virtues into our daily lives.

For the correspondences of Lady Thema, please see here.

May Our Divine Lady and Lady Thema bless you,

Blessed are They.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides




(1) The Seven Janati Rosary.
(Please note that some of the original invocations have been altered for the Janite Ekklesia.)





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