The Violet Candle of Faith

10 Astrea/Dec. 7, Foradi/Sat.

Day of Sai Rhea, Shield of Steadfastness, Temperance and Self-Restraint.


Please see the previous article for the Weekly prayer list. Thank you.

A member of our sisterhood, ArchSorella Minna, will be ordained as a Janite deaconess on 15 Astrea/Dec. 12. Please keep her in your prayers as she prepares for her priestess path. Thank you.

As the number of our new devotees continues to grow, we will begin preparing a series of introductory lessons/classes for those who are interested in joining Clan Jana. (1) In the meantime, we offer the following suggestions on our Becoming a Devotee page. Please note that our contacts page has been updated.


Tomorrow, on Sunnadi, we will light the Violet Candle of Faith in honor of the Great Mother, She Who is Absolute Deity and the Source of All Life. She is Primordial Being, the Primal Consciousness in Whom all dwells.

For Janites (pronouonced Yan-ites), She is not a Kali-like figure, but rather, She is a like a Grandmother in our relationship to Her, although one Whose Face is Veiled. While She is Beyond All Knowing, She knows us, intimately. She hears our prayers and sings with us our chants. She reaches down to us through the Celestial Mother and the Holy Daughter.

In Deanism, She is known as the Dark beyond the light and the Light beyond the darkness. Dark because She is beyond knowing. She is that Still Centre of All Being. She is the Still Centre because She is the Singularity of the All. She is known as the Fora of Faith. (The Fora, which is a suncross with the four rays extending beyond the circle is the main symbol of Deanism.)

Tomorrow, before the Eventide meal, on our Sunwheels, we first light the Green Candle of Wisdom followed by the Yellow Candle of Hope. We then light the Violet Candle of Faith in the Centre of the Sunwheel, representing the Still Centre of All Being. This Still Centre is symbolized by the circle on a Fora/Suncross.

After lighting the Violet Candle of Faith, the following scripture reading is suggested:

(Please note that both Theia, as found in the following text, is Greek for goddess just as Dea is Latin for goddess. In Deanism, both mean Goddess as in the God sense, just as Kyria means Lady in the Lord sense.)


This scripture was inspired, in part, by the Christian infancy narrative. From both Deanic and Sophian Mythos, we know that the Holy Daughter separated/emanated Herself from Her Mother and took on or incarnated into Soul-Form and in that way, though Eternal, She may be said to have been ‘born’.

Just as there is Higher/Mother Sophia/Shekinah and Lower Daughter Sophia/Shekinah Who incarnated as Soul, we have our eternal higher self  and our incarnational lower self. But after all, it is said that the story of Sophia taking on the Form of Soul is the story of our own souls as well.  (More on this topic to come).

The following scriptures may be thought of as the Divine Feminine form of the Eternal Story. And here, Archangel means Jana, a member of the Janati.

Chapter 5:

4. Those that were princesses among them brought their crowns to the sacred grove as
gifts, and shepherdesses brought the new-dropped lambs, and all the daughters of the earth
brought forth the fruits thereof to lay before the cave. 5. But before the cave stood an archangel
of Thea, robed in a garment so white that the eyes of earth’s children were dazzled, and with a
countenance of such great beauty that it was a fearful thing to look upon her. 6. And the
daughters of the earth covered their eyes and threw themselves to the ground. 7. And the voice
of the archangel was like to the rushing of a thousand waters. 8. And she spoke, saying: “Be not
afraid, for a new light is dawning over the world. Be not afraid, but approach no further, for if
you cannot look on me, how should you look upon my Lady, whose handmaiden I am?”
9. And her voice grew gentle, like the wind among the icicles, and sweet beyond all
telling. 10. Then she spoke, saying: “This night shall a child be born that shall be the daughter
of light and the princess of all the world. 11. A child is coming that she shall carry the light of
Thea into every part of creation, even to the most desolate of the places of darkness. 12.
Rejoice, poor wanderers of the earth and exiles from the house of your Mother, for to you shall
come a guide and a deliverer.”
13. When the voice of the archangel ceased, a silence fell that was the first true silence
since the beginning of the world, and the last that shall be until its end, 14. and the children of
earth watched the sky as the first rays of dawn crept across the heavens. 15. Then a cry issued
out of the cave, saying: “The holy child is born from the most holy Mother; light has come
forth from light, perfection from perfection.” 16. At once the air was filled with the daughters
of heaven, and the sky was ablaze with the radiance of their joy, 17. and they sang aloud to the
glory of Thea. 18. When the shining ones ceased from their song, the world became quiet
again, and the star grew brighter and ever brighter, until it shone brighter than the radiance of
all the host of heaven; and yet its light was so gentle that the eyes of earth’s children were not
dazzled, 19. and the colour of the light was not one of the seven, but a wondrous luminance
not known within the boundaries of the world. The Mythos of the Holy Daughter. The New Celestial Union Edition

Suggested Prayer: in honor of the Great Mother. (Taken from our Eventide Rite.)

Shimmering Darkness composed by ArchMadria Pamela Lanides.

O, Shimmering Darkness beyond the light,

O, Sublime Light beyond the dark,

You, Who are unknowable, but knows all,

You, Who are unmanifest, but manifests all,

Veiled Stillness,

Centre of All Life, All Mind, All Soul,

We bow before you in reverent awe.

Blessed are You.

Suggested Ritual:

Research videos of Sacred Dance or create one of your own to beautiful music. Dance, hymns and chanting are very powerful forms of prayer.

Closing Prayer:

Hail, Mysteria, Fountainhead of Grace, Glory be to Thee. Blessed art Thou, O, Empress of Heaven and Blessed art Thou, O, Divine Fora of Faith. Ameena. (2)

Let us Bless the Queen of Heaven, 

Blessed is She.

Let us thank the Seven Janati of Dea,

Thanks be to the Seven Janati.

Continue to light the green, yellow and violet candles each night. Traditionally, the scripture is read before each meal. Extinguish the candles after the Eventide meal. 

May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

  1. Clan Jana consists of those hestias which are members of the Janite Deanic Ekklesia. An hestia is the blessed and consecrated hearths and homes of Janite devotees.
  2. (Based on the Traditional Hail, Mary. Traditionally, many Russians understood Mary to be Sophia incarnate and so we have no qualms adapting this time honored prayer for the Triune Sophia. As Holy Sophia once said to a seer, “those who have prayed to Mary have been praying to me.”)