The Blue Candle of Grace

17 Astrea/Dec. 14

Foradi/Sat. Day of Lady Rhea.

Aurora (morning) prayer: O, Sai Rhea, Shield of Steadfastness, Temperance and Self-Restraint, be with us.

Eventide prayer: Hail, Lady Rhea, I thank you for this day and for all your blessings, benefits Gifts and Virtues. Blessed are You. (All prayers are suggestions, only.)


There will be an upcoming article on Sai Mati Sage during her Sacred Season of Winter. In the meantime, the RoV  may be offered in honor of her recent feast day. The Solitary Rite of Veneration may be found here. Flowers, oils and incense suggestions may be found on her Correspondence Page. At the bottom of the  Correspondence Page may be found suggested mantra/morning and evening prayers and an explanation of her patronage.


For those who plan the Startide Ritual in honor of the Seven Janati on 28 Astrea/Dec. 25, remember to buy your Seven color chakra candles!

(Any small votive or tea candles in the liturgical colors will suffice.)

Mother’s Night/Daughter’s Day: 

In the Janite Deanic Calendar, 23 Astrea/Dec. 20 is Mother’s Night. We will light the fifth and final candle on our SunWheel, the Red Candle of Joy in honor of Our Celestial Mother.

On 24 Astrea/Dec. 21, on Yule, we celebrate Adoria, which means Glory. This is also known as Daughter’s Day.  In Traditional Northern European cultures, Mother’s Night and Daughter’s Day were celebrated in honor of the sun goddess, Sol and her daughter, Sunna (although others state that Sunna was the mother and her daughter was Sol.) Mother’s Night was adapted by Christians for the Blessed Virgin Mary on Christmas Eve.

Traditionally, Mother’s Night/Yule Eve began after the first three stars appeared in the sky.

As  Janite Deanists, we celebrate Mother’s Night and Daughter’s Day in honor of Mother and Daughter Sophia Whose Janite Deanic Names are Mari and Janah (Yah-nah), respectively. (In other Traditions, the Deanic Name of the Holy Daughter is Anna.) The Feast of Adoria is the Janite equivalent of the Deanic Feast of Nativity.


The Blue Candle of Grace.

Tomorrow, after before the Eventide meal, we will light the blue candle in honor of the Holy Daughter as the Pure Dove of Grace.

The dove has long been understood to represent the Divine Feminine going back thousands of years. The Divine Feminine Dove symbol has long-predated the biblical use of the dove to represent the Holy Spirit.

When the Dove Form of the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus during his baptism, the Dove would have readily been recognized, by those of the time of Jesus, to be Feminine. This Tradition of recognizing the Holy Spirit as Feminine continued in early Syriac Christianity.

Over the years, we have discovered that the Mythos of Holy Sophia (minus Her purposeful demotions,) most closely mirrors the Deanic Mythos of the Divine Daughter.

Daughter Sophia, Whose Janite name is Janah (Yah-nah), (in Filianism, Anna), separates or emanates from Her Celestial Mother. Where Dea is of the Godhood and shares the Eternal Nature of God, this is considered to be an ‘Eternal Act’, one taken outside of time. Outside of time, the past, present and future exist all at once.

At the moment of Separation/Emanation, She Eternally becomes a Person in Her Own Right and yet, She remains One with Her Mother in Essence. Another way to think of this separation is the Mother is the ‘Higher Self’ of the Daughter.

Holy Sophia is then said to have ‘taken on Form’, that of Soul. In this way, She is the Holy Daughter incarnate.

Lucky Star True North

During Adoria, we celebrate the Emanation of the Holy Daughter from Her Divine Mother, symbolized by the Midnight Star of Wonder.

As we approach the Feast of Adoria, we light the blue candle, which celebrates the Holy Daughter as the Pure Dove of Grace. She, Who is Our High Priestess and the Fountain of All Grace.

Tomorrow, before the Eventide meal, for our Sunwheels, we first light the green Candle of Faith, followed by the  yellow Candle of Hope. We then light the violet Candle of Faith and finally, the Blue Candle of Grace.


The following scripture verses are amongst the most beloved of Deanists. (Please note that verse numbers may not be the same):

Chapter 5 

20. The archangel at the cave’s mouth called forth the children of the earth that they
might present their gifts. And the three great princesses of the earth came forward: 21. First the
greatest of them, who ruled more land than either of the others and also possessed more
treasure. 22. Her crown was of pure gold; and as she took it from her head, the light of the star
fell upon it, and it shone with a glister lovelier than any earthly jewel. 23. And she laid it at the
feet of the archangel. 24. The archangel said: “It is good that you bring your crown, for you
are a great princess, but the holy child shall be princess of all the world.”
25. The second princess held neither so much land nor treasure, but she was a maid of
deep wisdom and profound meditation. Her crown was of pure silver; and as she took it from
her head, the light of the star fell upon it, and it shone with a radiance yet lovelier than that of
the golden crown. 26. And she laid it at the feet of the archangel. 27. The archangel said: “It is
good that you bring your crown, for you have great wisdom, but the holy child is the daughter
of wisdom herself.”
28. The last princess possessed only but few of the worldly things, but she was a
priestess of Thea, and she praised Her in the morning and at evening and at all the seven hours
of the day. Her crown was made from glittering crystal; and as she took it from her head the
light of the star fell upon it, and she was bathed in rays of a thousand different colours, and the
children of the earth drew in their breath at the sight of its beauty. 29 And she laid it at the feet
of the archangel. 30. The archangel said: “It is good that you bring your crown, for you are a
true and loving priestess and a servant of your people, but the holy child shall be priestess of all
the world, and shall serve Her children even to the last and greatest service.”
31. When the archangel ceased to speak, a new voice filled the air, more beautiful and
more formidable than hers. The voice said:
“Her name shall be called Kore,
for She shall be the Lady of heaven.”
32. Then the star vanished from the sky and yet its light remained; then the shape of the light
became a vision: 33. it was a vision of the Mistress of All Things, bearing in Her arms the holy
child. 34. For all the wondrous things the children of earth had seen that night, not the whole
of them was one thousandth part as wondrous as this vision.
35. Then for twelve nights the star returned to the sky; and on the thirteenth night it did
not return. And this was a sign of things that were to come. The Mythos of the Holy Daughter. The New Celestial Union Edition


Daughter of Light (Madrian)

Daughter of Light,
that reigns as Queen of Heaven,
all praise and honour we joyfully give to Thee.
Give me/us to learn that Thou art by my/our side
in every act that we make.
Teach me/us obedience and humility
and joy of heart that comes of self-forgetting.
Help us to be clear mirrors of Thy Love;
reflecting all the beauty of the world;
for beauty is the echo of Eternity.
Fix our hearts on the Eternal
and let us not be turned from Thee
by transient things.
Rescue us from the hands of darkness
that we may serve Thee with all our being here
and in Thy bright Eternity.
Blessed are You.

Suggested Ritual:

Mediation on the Holy Daughter as the Pure Dove of Grace. Suggested mantra for meditation:

Ave, Sophia, Columbina Gratia, Gloria Plena.

Hail, Sophia, Dove of Grace, Full of Glory.

Suggested Closing Prayer:

Hail, Janah, Fountain of Grace, Glory be to Thee. Blessed are Thou, O, Queen of Heaven, and Blessed art Thou, O, Star of Hope. Ameena.

Let us Bless the Queen of Heaven, 

Blessed is She.

Let us thank the Seven Janati of Dea,

Thanks be to the Seven Janati.

Extinguish the candles.

Continue to light the green, yellow, violet and blue candles each night before the evening meal and extinguish the candles after the meal. Traditionally, the scripture is read before each meal.

May the Love of the Holy Daughter, nourish your soul. Blessed is She. Ameena.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides