Full Flower Moon

Dear Friends and Devotees,

Please note that the link to the Eastminster Critical Edition of the Clear Recital may be found in our links section to the left and also at the end of this post. Thank you.

Tonight is the night of the Full Flower Moon, the last Full Moon in the Sacred Season of Spring. The Rite of Veneration is also in group form.

Don’t forget to add a bonfire, campfire or tiki light if it’s a beautiful night. This is a great place to sit in meditation or free flowing contemplation beneath our Sister Moon, which, in its fullness,  represents Our Celestial Mother.

Wonderful chants and rituals (do a search for Full Moon rituals/prayer and poems) may be added.

One of the most haunting chants to Dea comes from Wiccan/Pagan sources on youtube. Try setting up your altar in a safe, outdoor area beneath the Full Moon. During the appropriate time during the Rite, play this youtube video and chant along with it while gazing at the Full Moon. If you are in an area of solitude, it can be an amazing experience.

Also, look up flower or other seasonal poems to include in your Rite. The established Rite of Veneration is the bones of the ritual. Be creative and make it your own by adding decorations, sacred dance, ritual, divination, or whatever calls to your heart and soul. Simply gaze at our Sister Moon. Thank Mother Earth for her growing gifts. (Please note, Mother Earth is not Dea.) Thank Mother Sun for her recurring warmth which makes all life possible.

It’s also a great night to charge crystals or holy objects like rosaries and spiritual pendants, tarot cards, runes, etc. Simply place them beneath the Full Moon for at least three hours. If that it not possible, they may be placed beneath a window which receives the lunar light.

One ritual is the drinking of lunar water. Before the RoV, place a bowl of water beneath the Full Moon. This bowl should be made out of natural material such as glass, ceramic, clay, china, etc. (Not plastic.) Either near the end or after the RoV, take wand or forefinger and point it towards the Moon. Visualize drawing the light of the Moon into the bowl. Take three sips of the moon water as a blessing and then pour out on the ground while saying, Hail, Sophia. Bow. This bowl is your moon-bowl and should be used for nothing else.

Remember that the energies of the Full Moon lasts three nights and so the Rite of Veneration may be performed tonight, tomorrow, (the night of the Great Mother) or Sunnadi, (the night of Our Celestial Mother.

Please note that the Eastminster Critical Edition of the Clear Recital (Deanic Scriptures) is now in print  and is now to be found in our links section in our menu to the left.

May Our Lady Bless you,

Blessed is She.

The Janites.