21 Virtues of the Janae

The Janae are the generators and Divine Gates of the Seven Living Streams of Virtue.

In Janite thealogy, the Power is the Wellspring or main function, so to speak, of each Jana, from which the other Virtues flow.

They are as follows:

Agia Raya Theia: Illumination. (+ Joy and Benevolence).

Agia Candre: Priestesshood. (Reflection, Reason and Purity).

Agia Vikhe’: Heroism. (Courage, Strength and Valor).

Agai Mati Sage: Wisdom. (+ Intelligence and Intuition).

Agia Thema: Justice. (+ Order and Harmony).

Agia Sushuri Grace: Healing. (Love, Compassion and Mercy).

Agia Rhea: Faith. (Steadfastness, Discipline and Self-restraint).

Thus making 21 virtues for a devotee to emulate.
See https://deanic.com/the-seven-great-janae/correspondences-of-the-seven-janae/ for a short daily mantra.