Tracing the Fora

The Fora is an equi-distant solar cross whose vertical and horizontal rays extend beyond the circle. It is the main symbol of our Faith. In our Faith, the word Fora is not the Latin plural for forum, but rather is a word from our heritage meaning foundation, fundamental and fundamental form or pattern. It also … Continue reading Tracing the Fora

Assumpta, and the Abundance Moon! 8th Sunna

Joyous Assumpta, and a happy Abundance Moon! The Daughter has rejoined Our Mother in Her heavenly home, and Her lantern shines brightly in the dark of night. Devotees should offer the Rite of Veneration today, both in celebration of Assumpta, and in honor of the beautiful full moon! Please note that the RoV can be … Continue reading Assumpta, and the Abundance Moon! 8th Sunna

Solitary Rite of Consecration to Dèa

SOLITARY RITE OF CONSECRATION into the Janite Deanic Ekklesia. by ArchMadria Pamela Lanides A devotee should practice the Janite Deanic religious Tradition for six months before making the Solitary Consecration/Initiation into the Janite Deanic Ekklesia and should be at least 18 years of age unless parental permission has been given. If possible, the devotee will … Continue reading Solitary Rite of Consecration to Dèa

The Janite Rosary

All prayers on this blog are suggestions, only. They are not mandatory for Janite Devotees. Please see How to Make Rosaries: How to Make Rosaries This is the rosary of our Five Sacred Mysteries. While some of these Mysteries might remind us of the Roman Catholic Mysteries, they are all directly related to authentic teachings of … Continue reading The Janite Rosary


Evensong is in honor of the Great Mother Whose Time of Day is Twilight (and the Darkest Hour before the Dawn.) Veil. Light candles and incense, if desired. Tracing the Fora Trace  the Fora upon yourself while saying: In the Name of the Mother, and of the Daughter, and the Great Mother. Blessed is She. Then pray: … Continue reading EVENSONG RITE


NOONTIDE RITE Noontide is in honor of the Celestial Mother, Whose Time of Day is Noon. Oftentimes, we are not at home during Noontide. In such a case, a simple Hail, Mari will do or even raising our hearts and thoughts to our Celestial Mother and telling Her that we love Her. The full rite, … Continue reading NOONTIDE RITE


For private use, only. Thank you. A. M. Pamela Lanides As adapted from the original Madrian: Preparation:  Devotees should be modestly dressed. Janite females ‘veil’ during formal rites and it is optional for personal prayers. Suggestions for veiling are chapel veils/mantillas, scarves, hats, kerchiefs, bandanas or a wide headband. The veil should be the liturgical … Continue reading RITE OF VENERATION for Group


Foradi/18 Flora O, Sai Rhea/, Shield of Steadfastness, Temperance and Self-Restraint, be with us. This is an update to last year’s post on sacramentals. Sacramentals are ritual objects that have been blessed such as holy water, rosaries, holy medals (pendants), scapulars, prayer books, etc. Other holy objects are icons, holy paintings, religious statues, etc. A … Continue reading Sacramentals