The Janites are an Ekklesiastical Rite of Our Divine Mother God which has been informed by both the Madrian and Filianic religions.

We worship the Divine Mother in Her Form of Holy Sophia while striving to concentrate on the inner life of the soul with the guidance of our scriptures. We strive to incorporate the 21 Virtues of the Janae into our daily lives.

In our religion, we use Living Stream Forms for the Divine Feminine such as Sophia, the Celestial Mary, Tara, Amaterasu, the Hindu Goddesses, Brighid,  Isis, etc. Living Stream means that a goddess has had an unbroken cult of devotion up unto present times.

Here at Clan Jana, we recognize Divine Sophia as the Universal Mother God and we worship Her in Her Triune Form of Mother, Daughter and Great Mother (Absolute Deity).

This Path is open to all who wish to honor Our Lady.  The Divine Sophia is for all people. Additionally, many Christians and those from other mainstream religions, often find expression in Deanism/Filianism as a way of reaching the Mother God side of their spirituality

Though we worship Her as Mother, Daughter and Great Mother, many know the Divine Sophia as Mother, Daughter and Holy Soul. She is also the Holy Spirit (Who is Feminine). She is worshiped as the Great Goddess in some neo-Pagan Traditions. In one form or another, Divine Sophia is exploding into the consciousness of the 21st century, thereby fulfilling several prophecies.

We believe that females and males are spiritually equal and that both expressions of spirit have eternal life.

We are not Gnostic and reject any erroneous notion that the Daughter of Wisdom, She Who is of the Godhead, could ever create in error; cause a fallen creation, become trapped here or is in need of a male saviour. As Dr. Rose Horman Arthur has so clearly shown in her book, The Wisdom Goddess : Feminine Motifs in Eight Nag Hammadi Documents, these parts of Her Gnostic Mythos were clearly Gnostic Christian demotions of Sophia through the re-writing of the original Mythos of Our Divine Creatrix.

We believe that like the Holy Shekinah, Holy Sophia descended here of Her Own Divine Will and became the World Soul, where She is Immanent with us. She clothes us Her Soul and the Living Flame of Her Divine Spark resides within us.

The Filianic religion is a complete religion in and of itself. It is said to have its initial origins about 100 years ago and in its present form, and about 40 years ago as the Madrians. It offers a comprehensive worship of the Divine Feminine as being God in Her Own Right.

The title of our blog, Kore Di-Jana means, The Holy Daughter is the is Divine Gate to the Celestial Mother. 

It is important to note that  Janite clergy do not lay claim to being either Madrian or Filianic priestesses. We are validly ordained priestesses of Sophia who are practicing the Madrian/Filianic religion. We lay no claim of authority over Madrians, Filianists or anyone outside of Clan Jana and the Janite Ekklesia.

The Janite Order of Priestesses (JOP,) which includes our Sisterhood, is an Order within the Janite Ekklesia and is open to women over the age of 18.

Do contact us if you wish:

ArchMadria (High Mother Bishop) Candra Sophia: deanicfaith@gmail.com

Madria (Mother Priestess) maidsophiawelsh@gmail.com