We worship the Divine Sophia in Her Triune Form as Our Divine Mother God

This Path is open to all who wish to honor Our Lady.  The Divine Sophia is Universal, for all people.

Sophia is known as the Mother, Daughter and Holy Soul. She is also known as the Holy Spirit. Janites know Her as Mother, Daughter and Absolute Deity. As Absolute Deity, we believe Déa is Supreme from Whom emanates the Divine Masculine.

We reject any Patriarchal notion that the Daughter of Wisdom, She Who is  of the Godhead, could ever create in error; cause a fallen creation or become trapped here. We believe that like the Holy Shekina, Holy Sophia descended here of Her Own Divine Will and became the World Soul, where She is Immanent with us.

We follow the original teachings (1) of Sophia from which we have drawn together the Janite Mythos of the Holy Daughter.

Through our Janite Order, we offer a system of worship for the Divine Feminine, Sophia, Our Divine Mother God, Whom we call Déa (Day-ah). As we are an Order of the Divine Mother, Déa, we are called Déanic.

Some practice this Path alone. For others, this is the Mother-God side of their religious practice, so to speak.

Because Western religion has been Patriarchal for the last 3,000 years or so, we believe in worshiping the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, separately until such time that She is fully recognized as being God in Her Own right and not because Her Godhood is dependent upon the Divine Masculine.

The painting of Jehovah and Adam, in the Sistine Chapel, is an example of this. In the painting we see a strong, tough and mighty Jehovah, while Sophia is small, diminutive, practically hiding beneath the arm of Jehovah, almost as if She is shadowed.

We wish to bring Sophia out of the shadows and into the full Light of all.

We believe that She is the true Mother/Daughter God of the West along with the Holy Shekinah of Judaism.

The title of our blog, Kore Di-Jana means, The Divine Daughter, (She Who is) the Divine Gate. She is the Divine Gate to the Holy Mother.

Just as in Christianity, the Son raises the faithful to the True Father, the Holy Daughter assumes us unto Our Celestial Mother.

Similar to the ancient Collyridians, (who were more widespread and may have lasted a lot longer than previously recognized), we are liturgical. Our liturgy and our edition of the Creed was handed down to us from one of the Madrian Orders which no longer exists.

Though we have adopted the Madrian edition of the scriptures and their system of worship, we are not Madrian, we are Sophian. Nor are we affiliated with any other Déanic or Filianic Order. We are independent with both Gnostic and Madrian roots and we believe that females and males are eternally spiritually equal.

We have a validly ordained priesthood. The Kore Di-Jana (Janite) Order of Priests and Sisterhood (J.O.P.) is open to women over the age of 18.

Do contact us if you wish:

Madria (Mother Priest) Sophia: maidsophiawelsh@gmail.com

ArchMadria (High Mother Bishop) Candra Sophia: koredijana@gmail.com

1) Please see our links for articles on Sophia by Max Dashu. Also, The Wisdom Goddess by Rose Arthur and a Chariot Drawn by Lions by Asphodel Long. Both books are out of print, but are still available. I believe the Wisdom Goddess may be available through the Stanford University online library.