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This website serves 2 purposes:

1. It provides an introduction to present-day Déanism* (pronounced Day-an-ism) in it’s broadest sense.

All spiritual path walkers are welcome to the Koré Di-Jana Ekklesia (pronounced Corah-Dye-Yahnah) meaning people of our Daughter who is the Divine Gateway to Mother God Supreme.

We believe that all children of Déa are spiritually equal. That gender expressions of spirit have eternal life.

We recognise that Déanism may be the Divine Feminine side of a separate Divine Masculine Faith.

To assist you in discovering more:

Please read our Beliefs Page for further info.

Also our Virtues Page.

After you understand our Holy Feminine Trinity

and Seven Great Janae

Becoming a Devotee Page.

We have a Glossary Page for clarification of terms & concepts.

May Mother God bless you,

Blessed is She.

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*A Faith from antiquity in 3 Mothers known as Matrones/Matronae or Matres/Matrae.
A complete system of worship which was constructed by a small missionary group in Oxford, England in the mid 1970’s (the Madrians). The present-day Déanic Faith researched all of this foundation and is informed by it.


2. It provides thealogy, devotions and a community in Faith with Déanism of Divine Sophia form for Déa. The Koré Di-Jana Ekklesia a.k.a. Janites. We recognize Divine Sophia as the Universal Mother God and we worship Her in Her Triune Form of Mother, Daughter and Great Mother (Absolute Deity). We honour Seven Living Emanations of Déa, known as Janae.

We strive to concentrate on the inner life of the soul with the guidance of our scriptures. We strive to incorporate the 21 Virtues of the Janae into our daily lives.

We have accord:

We have come to virtually a complete accord within the greater present-day Madrian/Filianic/Déanic community.

And when we speak of the death of the Daughter, we must understand that we are dealing with a highly complex subject. It is not possible for the Daughter to cease to exist (although in a certain symbolic sense the Filianists regard the Hiatus — the day between the years, after the Sacrifice of the Daughter and before Her resurrection at the new year — as a time when She is not); but then it is not possible for any soul to cease to exist. Death is the transition from one state to another, and for the Divinity to enter death is for Her to enter the world of transition — to be bound to samsara, the turning wheel of Werde — descending from the realm of Pure Being to that of becoming.

Thealogically it may be expressed in the form that since the Mother, who is Pure Being, is life itself, separation from Her is death.
From: http://www.mother-god.com/taking-on-of-fate.html

Some devotees believe in a symbolic or actual hanging, some a diminishing and extinguished light.

We Janites contend that the Holy Daughter did not truly die, as Godhead is Eternal and have a slightly different concept of Her. The founder Madrians combining the Inanna Myth with the Persephone Myth and finally the Christian Jesus Harrowing of Hell theology.

The Koré Di-Jana Ekklesia a.k.a. Janites base our Mythos on pre-patriarchal non-fallen Divine Sophia. In Their Perfect and Good Realm (“The Real” in our Scriptures, visualised as a Rose Heaven), Divine Sophia as Holy Daughter discusses with Her Celestial Mother Mari-Sophia, those beings and states who have wandered so far from their Divine Source – Déa to become almost spiritually dead/ceasing to exist. Holy Daughter voluntarily takes on Her fate (like Pre-Hellenic Persephone) and descends which causes Her unimaginable extreme suffering to rescue every being and state from non-existence. In giving of Herself, in this state of physical density and isolation, the World Soul becomes shattered. We believe that like the Holy Shekinah, Holy Daughter Sophia became the World Soul, where She is Immanent with us. She clothes us in Her Soul and the Living Flame of Her Divine Spark resides within us. So the Myth is different – still, She is our Saviouress and Soteria.

We have notable differences:

We do not believe that souls are feminine.
Unlike the originating Madrians, Janites do not believe that a male soul is somehow flawed and has to become feminine to be saved. The Mother of our souls, the Holy Daughter shattered and shared Her Divine Soul with humanity. She is with us, experiencing everything. The only inequality in souls is in our movement towards or away from Dea.

The reason that we do not believe in an ‘all-female / feminine universe’. 

We do not accept any notion of original sin or that we willfully ‘turned away’ from the Celestial Mother through our own moral fault. Rather, our original Madrian Creed makes it clear that we left Our Mother in order to gain knowledge. (And, to evolve our souls.) This was, in no way, any type of Original Sin.

We are not Gnostic and reject any erroneous notion that the Daughter of Wisdom, She Who is of the Godhead, could ever create in error; cause a fallen creation, become trapped here or is in need of a male saviour. As Rose Horman Arthur PhD has so clearly shown in her book, The Wisdom Goddess: Feminine Motifs in Eight Nag Hammadi Documents, these parts of Her Gnostic Mythos were clearly Gnostic Christian demotions of Sophia through the re-writing of the original Mythos of Our Divine Creatrix.


We have a valid Déanic Koré Di-Jana Order of Priestesses (a.k.a. Janite Order of Priestesses / J.O.P.), which includes our Sisterhood, that is an Order within the Kore Di-Jana Ekklesia and is open to women over the age of 18.

The founder of this soul path / Tradition and sole Sophian Déanic thealogian is ArchMadria Emerita (High Mother Priestess / Bishop Retired) Pamela Lanides.

We thank her for 8 years of dedicated research and devotion.

(Her Faith blog: https://reginite.com/about/ )

Do contact us if you wish:

Prima Madria (Mother Priestess) Sophia (my birth & spiritual name) maidsophiawelsh@gmail.com