Auroram by Sorella Minna

The ‘Auroram’, which translates as, ‘The Dawn (which I act upon)’. With a base in the word Aurora, symbolizing the Daughter—Sorella Minna

 An Auroram to Mysteria (I shield my eyes).

by Sorella Minna

An Auroram to be done silently, in honor of Her

To be done on a string of 108 knots or beads.

 Nine sets of a trio of small beads (ooo) with a larger bead (O) in between each trio, (37 beads), repeated three times total for 108 beads.

 A small charm (+) can be put between each set of 36 beads (nine trios with a large bead between each trio) as well.

+ O ooo O ooo O ooo O ooo O ooo O ooo O ooo O ooo O ooo O (repeat)

On each small bead (entire prayer is done on each small bead, so that the entirety is repeated 3 times in a row):

Let me be steadfast
Let me be silent
Let me be still

On each large bead:

Hail, Mysteria, Fountainhead of Grace, glory be to Thee.
Blessed art Thou, O,  Empress of Heaven and blessed is the beloved Mother and Daughter. 
Holy Dea, Great Mother God, bless us, Thy children, now and unto the ages of ages. Blessed are You.

On each of the three charms:

Hail to the Queen, the Nebula of Nebulae
The First before all, whose hand holds Creation
The stars are but diamonds in your hair
The Universe is but a gem upon your hand
I reach out to you, a child to their Mother,
on this day, and every day
For the rest of my life.