Our Rosaries including How to Make a Janite Rite Rosary

This is a section of knotted or beaded prayer counting strings known as a Rosary.

How to make a beaded (or knotted) Janite Mysteries Rosary (for the 5 Sacred Seasonal Mysteries) or Janae Rosary (for the 7 Supernal Streams of Life or Virtue).

Janite Mysteries Rosary.

Janae Rosary (for the 7 Supernal Genetrixes, Guardians or Wellsprings of the Seven Streams of Life or Virtue. They are the Seven Faces/Powers/Spirits of Dea, Our Divine Mother God, in rarefied angelic form).

Auroram (for the Great Mother Mysteria) on 108 knots or beads. (An Orthodox Prayer rope may also be used.)