The Full Spirit Moon and the Star Guardians/Seven Janati Customs for Astrea

14 Samhain/Nov. 13

Day of Lady Mati Sage, Messenger of Intelligence, Wisdom and Creativity.

Yesterday was the night of the Full Spirit Moon. The full moon energies will continue tonight and tomorrow night so the RoV may be celebrated, if desired. The Rite may be found here.

ArchMatrona Ghrian, of the Lady of Light Chantry, has been developing some lovely customs in honor of the Seven Janati or the Star Guardians as they are known in the Lucienne Tradition.

Rather than having individual feast days for the Janati/Guardians, she will be celebrating them on one great feast day, 28 Astrea/Dec. 25, which is also the feast of the Star Fairy in Deanic Tradition. (The original customs of the Star Fairy are to be found in British tradition.)

These new Janati/Guardian customs have been designed to compliment rather than replace the practice of the Sunwheel, which ArchMatrona Ghrian also created. For example, for the Feast day, she proposes: “Custom 1: Display Seven Angel Figurines, Robed in the Seven Light Spectrum Colors (or Seven Colored Stars, made from Paper or Cloth), in a “Seven-Pointed-Star” configuration, a circle, or a half circle, around a Divine Lady Figurine, Robed in White &/or 2) Display a Crystal Prism in a window, which catches the rays of the Sun, and forms a Rainbow of Light on a White Surface.” (1)

She recommends the following illustration for placement of the figurines, although, as she has stated, ” the Lucienne planetary colors are almost the same as the illustration, with the exception of Jupiter being Blue [vs Violet], and the Moon being Violet [vs Blue]”.


Serene Mother Ghrian also recommends these delightful angel ornaments:

mini angel ornamentsbeautiful stained glass angel ideasand these are my favorites, hopefully more will be produced.

And for children, ArchMatrona Ghrian has found this delightful little ebook:

Seven little fairies– Seven good deeds ebook by Mary Costantini


We thank Serene Mother Ghrian for all these wonderful ideas and for continuing to create Deanic Traditions that will surely last for generations.


Blessings of Dea,

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides


  1. Guiding Star 28 (December 25) Feast of STAR-GUARDIANS:Solar and Lunar Feast Days
  2. Natural Magick Shop: Planetary Magick

Sai Thema

1 Samhain/Nov. 1
Columbadi/Fri. (Dove Day).

Day of Sai Sushuri Grace, Fountain of Compassion, Love and Mercy.

New Reginism Tradition 

Great New Articles.

Please note that when I recently spoke of Amena, a derivative of an Arabic word meaning “to make complete”, which may be used in the place of Amen, I neglected to add that the proper pronunciation is A-meen-a.

Lady Thema, Foundation of Justice, Order and Harmony. (Originally composed by ArchMatrona Ghrian.)

Lady Thema is one of my three Patroness Janas, along with Lady Vikhe’ and Lady Candre’. (Lady Candre’ is the Patroness of priestesses in the Janite Ekklesia.)

It’s funny how things work out. When I first learned about the Janati, they were an answer to a prayer, one of two constant prayers that I would pray each day during my 20 years as a Wiccan.  I would constantly beseech the Universe to help me find the True Mother God and the goddesses of the Five Elements/Directions.

I was not Wiccan because I wanted to be a witch, I became Wiccan because I believed in the basic teachings of Wicca (and still do) and because the religious system of Wicca brought me back into close contact with Nature. Wicca also taught me about the Great Goddess whereas the Catholic Church had taught me that the highest Feminine form was a glorified human being (the Virgin Mary) who couldn’t even conceive in the same way as the rest of us humans or it would have tainted her.

However, try as I might, I never could fully resonate with the gods and goddesses of the various Pantheons. I love the Greek goddesses, but they were not Mother God to me. None of the goddesses of various pantheons was Mother God to me. And some, I knew to have been historical people.

For a short while, I did have a special connection to Mother Holle aka Frau Holda as my Wiccan Tradition was Seax-Wica, but that was before I was to later discover that, like Hecate, She actually pre-dates the pantheons with which She is associated. She is so ancient, Her origins were lost to the mists of time.

Now we know that non-only did She pre-exist the Germanic/Norse pantheon, She was originally considered to be Supreme. Often-times, I have noticed that when a goddess pre-dates the pantheon with which she is associated and when she was originally supreme, it often indicates that she was considered to be the Great Mother in the way that we understand Dea, Our Divine Mother God.

In light of Frau Holda/Mother Holle being ancient and having been considered to be Supreme, we have recently discovered that She is a Living Stream Goddess! Her devotional cult has lived on through the centuries through hereditary families. (She did not just come down to us as Mother Goose!) Through both recent research and from the testimony of a witness from an hereditary family, there is no doubt that Mother Holle/Holda is a Northern-European Living Stream Image/Form of Dea! But, I did not know this when I was Wiccan and so, yet again, my search went on and I continued my prayers because though I felt close to Frau Holda, I did not recognized Her as Mother God. My search for Dea and the female Guardians continued.

Eventually, I did find the Five goddesses of the Elemental Directions through my study of Shingon Buddhism. And though I was happy to have finally found female Guardians, they were not of my culture and there wasn’t much written about them.

Finally, after 20 years of searching, my prayers were answered in a big way when I found Dea and the Janati through Filianism. And, thanks to my religious background, I was able to see the Janati as both Awesome Cosmic Powers and as personal Guardians with whom we may have a personal relationship.

And though these Powers incarnate into angelic form, they are higher than the angels. Neither are they considered to be ‘goddesses’ in Janite thealogy, because they are higher than the goddesses. They are of Dea. They are sent of Her. And together, ArchMatrona Ghrian and I developed a meaningful devotional cult in their honor, the results of which are reflected in both Lucienne and Janite Tradition.

Having been Wiccan, I naturally began to call upon them in their Directions every morning and I would thank them for the day at the end of the night. I would say little prayers of supplications in the morning, during Aurora and I would thank each of them for their blessings of the day and specific help, during Evensong.

Very early on, I quickly developed a closeness to Lady Vikhe’ and Lady Thema. It happened so naturally. And when I needed to pray to them for help, help came quickly.

Lady Vikhe’ is the protector of my home, my family, the Janite Ekklesia and I pray to her for the protection of this country. There have been times when the protection of family and home have been nothing short of miraculous. Someday, I must write down these stories, but there are so many!

Lady Thema has answered my prayers with so many miracles, I have lost count. And by miracles, I mean that the answers or help that I needed at the time appeared to be impossible to solve, and yet, she always found a way.

Most recently, a close family member was in dire straits through no fault of his own. He was about to lose so much.  The situation was so grave, that I felt we must prepare ourselves for the inevitable, there simply appeared to be no way out of the situation. But, I never stopped praying to Lady Thema. And lo and behold, a miracle occurred that is astonishing to all of my family. What was about to be lost has been saved. I owe Lady Thema a dozen roses in thanksgiving!

Some of the ways I develop a relationship with them is by praying to them every day.  In addition to greeting them morning and night, I pray the short Seven Janati rosary to the Jana of the day. (1) This beautiful rosary was inspired by the original Invocations composed by ArchMatrona Ghrian (Georgia E. B. Cobb). Oftentimes, I pray this rosary on my way to work.  I also talk to the Janati in my own words.

(Sea glass earrings by Sweetstones Jewelry on Etsy.)

On the fun side, I often incorporate into my jewelry or clothing the color/s of the Jana of the day. For example, on Pomedi/Thurs., the day of Lady Thema, I might wear purple or blue earrings, gemstone/crystal pendant or bracelet or other sacred jewelry in her colors.

Often, I will wear an item of clothing that reflects her colors. As Prima Madria Sophia explains, these colors are symbolic of the spiritual essence of the Jana and by incorporating these colors into my daily wear, it is a reminder of their constant presence in my life and the Virtues I am endeavoring to emulate.

 available here

I am actually thinking of collecting seven wrist mantra rosaries in the colors of each Jana.

Additionally, I will strive to focus on one of their Virtues. So, again, using Pomedi as an example, on that day, I might try instill more Harmony in my day.

The Janati always surround us, if we invite them to do so. They will help us if we call upon them. And we may thank them, by striving to incorporate their Virtues into our daily lives.

For the correspondences of Lady Thema, please see here.

May Our Divine Lady and Lady Thema bless you,

Blessed are They.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides




(1) The Seven Janati Rosary.
(Please note that some of the original invocations have been altered for the Janite Ekklesia.)





Samhain/Shimovane Soul Cakes and Soul Songs

Pomedi/Wed. (Apple Day).

Day of Sai Thema, Foundation of Justice, Order and Harmony.

Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhain aka Shimovane, the Feast of the Ancestors! On this night, we remember our beloved ancestors whether through ritual, a supper for the dead, prayers and remembrance or even a plate of goodies left for those who have crossed the veil to come to visit us.

Every year, I leave out a plate of goodies, a glass of wine, milk with honey and a shot of bourbon for my dad next to the lit jack o’lantern on my porch. This is my version of the Feast of the Ancestors. It’s important to make certain there is a lit jack o’lantern or candles to help our ancestors find their way.

After I go trick or treating with my grandchildren, I usually serve a Rite of Veneration in honor of my ancestors and have a campfire or hearth fire going.

If it’s good weather, I prefer to serve the RoV outdoors. On the altar, I have a list of those who have died and I read off the list of names at the beginning of the Rite. Of course,  this is also an excellent night for divination, which I usually include during the RoV and there are many poems, Samhain prayers and rituals that can be found on the internet that may be included. At the end of the Rite, I read out the list of my ancestors one last time and end with: I remember you.

It is not necessary to serve the RoV on this feast day, but for those who wish to, the Rite may be found here for solitary and here for a family or group.

After my RoV, I will sit on my porch, next to my food offerings, and simply clear my mind and wait. My Dad always arrives. I can sense him. I spend time with him and then he leaves. I don’t mind because I know where he is and I know that he will return to visit me when the veil thins, yet again, next Samhain.

Shimovane/Samhain (Shimovane is an ancient Celtic form of Samhain. (hat tip to Prima Madria Sophia) and is a festival rich in folk lore and customs. Folk-ways are an important part of Janite Tradition and Feast Days. Traditionally, this is a three day festival!


ArchMatrona Ghrian, of the Lady of Light Chantry (1), has shared with me some wonderful old-world Samhain Traditions: Soul Songs and Soul Cakes. These are perfect for the three-day festival.

Songs: Children A-Souling singing: Soul Cake Song. (hat tip to ArchMatrona Ghrian)

Sting’s beautiful version: Sting-Soul Cake

Link to lyrics may be found here.

History of Soul Cakes: Soul Cakes. Though this Tradition came about through Christianity, it is a folk-tradition. 


Vegan Soul cake sent by ArchMatrona Ghrian: Vegan Recipe.

Regular Soul Cake: recipe.

Enjoy! And Blessed Shimovane from the Janite Staff.


  1. Lady of Light Chantry

For the Archives, Part II

(my apologies to our subscribers)

The purification of the soul, through the seven planetary experiences, was common to many cultures and traditions. (Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom and Bride of God).

So, we have Seven Handmaidens of Sophia and the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. We will revisit these Seven Handmaidens when we study the correlation of Divine Sophia as our High Priestess.

Now, we look at the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Sophia is the Holy Spirit both pre- Christian and Christian.

The Seven Planetary Powers of Pagan Tradition become the seven gifts of the Spirit in Christianity: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety (Faith) and Fear of God (nowadays this is rendered as Awe)… [Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom and Bride of God]. (Capitals and comments are mine. A. M. Pamela Lanides). This amazes me. I had already correlated the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit with the Seven Janati before I had read this.

Ms. Matthews, in her above-mentioned book, does a fine job of showing forth Sophia as the Holy Spirit. The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit are often referred to as individual spirits, the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding,
    the Spirit of counsel and of might,
    the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the Lord, etc. 

The New Testament speaks about The Seven Spirits of God. In Revelations, these Seven Spirits are also known as the Seven Lamps which are before the throne of God. And it talks about ‘He who has the Seven Spirits of God.” This is a much neglected concept within Christianity probably due to the fact that it would call into question the theology of the Trinity and yet, these Seven Spirits of God are mentioned a few times in the New Testament.

Again, I was blown away by the following article which came to the same conclusion as did I: and that is, the Seven Spirits of the Holy Spirit. This article refers to the Holy Spirit as “he”, but the Holy Spirit is the Mother Spirit.

The above mentioned article expertly disproves the various theories about the identity of the Seven Spirits. The author even mentions the Three-Fold Spirits of Heaven and the Four-fold Spirits of Earth…. Déanic teaching right there of the Janati!!!!

The author begins his summary thusly: It is erroneous to argue that the seven Spirits are seven angels, and it is insufficient to claim that the title the seven Spirits refers to the Spirit of God merely in a general way. It is not even adequate to assert that the seven Spirits are the Spirit of God in the fullness or completeness of His energies or operation. The title the seven Spirits, like all appellations of the Spirit, unveils something very particular concerning the divine Spirit.

While quite lengthy, this is a remarkable article and it is highly recommended as one of the ways of understanding the Janati.

Image result for image of the Divine Sophia

In summary,  Divine Sophia is the Ruler of the Planetary Powers; She emanates the Seven Feminine Aeons; She sends out Her Seven Handmaidens and hews out the Seven Pillars of Wisdom which have variously been identified, as Ms. Matthews explains, with the Seven Liberal Arts, the seven days of the week, the seven heavens and the Holy Spirit and finally, She is the Seven-Fold Holy Spirit, Who, as Caitlyn Matthews so beautifully depicts in her book, holds the Seven Spirits in Her lap as Doves, ready to be sent out into the world.

I would like to conclude with this prayer to the Janati by Sorella Roselyn.Image result for faith of the seven

[inspired by the Faith of the Seven in A Song of Ice and Fire]

May Lady Theia fill our hearts with joy,

May Lady Candre” keep us pure in spirit,

May Lady Grace enfold us in her love,

May Lady Vikhe’ strengthen our courage,

May Lady Thema balance the scales of justice,

May Lady Saige enlighten our minds with truth,

May Lady Rhea guide us safely through the dark.

May the Seven Rays of Déa shine down upon our souls, in this world and all the worlds to come.

By the Mother, the Daughter, and the Great Mysteria,

Blessed is She.    Sorella Roselyn

Article by ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

This is being re-posted for our archives. Part I

Image result for image of holy sophia and the aeons

Please note, this article rambles, a bit. At the time, I was discovering a lot at once. Please be sure to read the beautiful prayer, written by Sorella Rose, at the end.

And be sure to check out the new Deanic Tradition at mothergodchurch

and the new articles at Priestess of Wisdom: here

Thank you!

As part of our series on the correlations of Divine Sophia and our scriptures, we are going to take a moment to discover the relationship between Sophia and the Seven Janati.

At the end of this article is a very exciting discovery, a lengthy article showing my own thealogy that the Holy Spirit (Sophia) is Seven-fold.

Holy Sophia is associated with the Divine Seven in different ways.  In Gnosticism, She emanates/creates the Seven Feminine Aeons;  in the book of Proverbs, She sends out her Seven Virgin Handmaidens and She has hewn out the Seven Pillars (which are associated with the Seven Planets) and as the Holy Spirit in Christianity, Who is more appropriately called Mother Spirit as in ancient times, She sends forth the Seven Rays of the Gifts.

Image result for image of holy sophia and the seven planetary powers

In Gnosticism, Sophia is the Ruler of the Seven Planetary Powers, however, these Powers are Archons. (i.e. not the good guys) and in Gnostic cosmology, Sophia triumphs over them and becomes Ruler over the Seven Spheres.

In her book, Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, Bride of God, author and scholar, Caitlin Matthews includes a picture of an unusual statue of Sophia made of rosewood where She is holding a seven pointed star. This sculpture based upon a vision or apparition that was experienced by the artist, Bryce Muir.  This star signifies Her overcoming of the seven planetary Archons and Her rising to become the Mother of the Ogdoad or Eighth Realm. Ms. Matthews goes on to state that “the Descents of Sophia, like the Seven-fold Descent of Inanna to the Underworld, pass through all levels of experience making Sophia a potent Companion to all souls.”

Similar to the Titans, which inform the Seven J these Aeons were male and female. The Female Aeons are: Rejoicing; Blessedness; Love; Peace; Gladness; Truth and Faith. Like the Janae, these Seven Aeons are both Divine, having emanated from Holy Sophia and They are also angelic in Being.

In some (though not all) Gnostic texts, Aeons are often referred to as being androgynous. A better way to think of them is that they are ‘twin souls’.  We must remember that there are many different cosmologies in Gnosticism and various belief systems as well. While some Gnostics understood the Aeons to be androgynous, others thought of them as Primordial Ideas, while still others believed they were syzygies or ‘yoked pairs’, the latter being the Janite point of view.  They are Light Beings and are sometimes likened to angels. And so, similar to the Déanic/Filianic teachings on the Janae, they are both Divine and angelic.

Image result for image of the seven pillars of sophia

Artist: Victoria Moore

Moving on to Proverbs, the Divine Sophia has sent out Her Seven Virgins or Handmaidens and has ‘hewn out Her Seven Pillars”.

Now, keep in mind, when Wisdom is personified in the biblical texts, we capitalize the W. Wisdom personified is Sophia. When wisdom is not being personified, we do not capitalize the first letter.

In this particular text, Wisdom is personified. Wisdom, Sophia, sends out Her Handmaidens to invite everyone to Her feast of wisdom. Ms. Matthews states, that the Handmaidens are the assessors of Wisdom.

It would not be until the Middle Ages when they would be transformed into the Daughters of Sophia and an English cleric, Alcuin (735-804 AD) would associate the Seven Pillars with the Seven Liberal Arts.

Image result for image of portail royal door at chartres black virgin and seven female liberal arts

These Handmaidens are depicted on the right-hand doorway of the Portail Royal at Chartres. The central figure is the Black Virgin of Wisdom, the Virgin Mary being surrounded by the Seven Handmaidens representing the Liberal Arts. As Albert the Great taught that Mary, herself was the possessor of the Seven Liberal Arts. Elsewhere, Ms. Matthews explains that the Seven Pillars have also been conflated with the Seven Liberal Arts, the seven days of the week, the seven heavens and the Holy Spirit.

As we can see, there is a correlation between each of the Seven Liberal Arts and the Janati, themselves:

Arithmetic/Sun/Sai Theia

Grammar/Moon/Sai Candre’.

Music/Mars/Sai Vikhe’.

Logic/Mercury/Sai Mati Saige.

Geometry/Jupiter/Sai Thema.

Rhetoric/Venus/Sai Sushuri Grace.

Astronomy/Saturn/Sai Rhea.

(For a complete list of the Correspondences of the Seven Janati see: here.)



(Please see previous announcement)

I recently came across the word Amena rather than Amen, when I was reading about a vision of Holy Sophia. I love it because it is so feminine-sounding. It is a derivative of an Arabic word and means, “to make complete”.) It is properly pronounced a-meen-a. I have begun to use it after I say, Blessed is She, at the end of my prayers.

Promising New Deanic Tradition

28 Ourania/Oct. 30
Stelladi/Wed. Day of the Star.

Star True North

Day of Sai Mati Saige.

We are pleased to announce a promising new Deanic Tradition, under Miss Dahlia Wolf, which will be known as Reginism (not to be confused with the former Reginites/Divina Reginae). The blog, which is still under construction, may be found here.

A permanent link has been added to our links section under the left-hand menu.

I especially recommend the article: How is Reginism different from Orthodox Deanism and Filianism. 

I’d also like to point out the latest articles at Priestess of Holy Wisdom: Articles

Thank you!


On the Nature of the Janati

15 Ourania/Oct. 17

Day of Sai Thema, Foundation of Justice, Order and Harmony.

Guest Post.

The Feast of Sai Thema was on 1 Ourania/Oct. 3. Unfortunately, due to our staff being either ill or otherwise indisposed, we were not able to post an article in time for her Feast Day. However, Her Feast Day may be celebrated any time during the month of Ourania.


There is a common misunderstanding regarding the difference between a Living Stream Form/Image of Dea and a Jana/Janya. This article hopes to address this common misconception.

A Living Stream Image/Form of Dea is one where there is an uninterrupted devotional cult to a particular Goddess, one Who is usually understood to be Dea in the way that we understand Dea….. as Mother God. Additionally, the devotional cult must not have included nefarious practices.

Examples of Living Stream Goddesses include Brighid (Who became St. Bridget), the Hindu Goddesses, Tara, the Shekinah, Sophia and certain others. (It is beyond the scope of this article to explain why each particular Goddess is Living Stream.)

Examples of goddesses who are not Living Stream would be Artemis, Juno, Hera, etc. (Please note, we use Goddess, with a capital G, to denote Living Stream Goddesses Who are understood to be Mother or Daughter God and goddesses with a small g, to denote goddesses who are not Living Stream.

As an aside, it is sad to see that the doctrine of Living Stream Goddesses is no longer the norm within Greater Deanism. It is an important doctrine. A brilliant doctrine. It is what separates Deanism from Paganism and Wicca. It is one of the main things which made Deanism unique. Janites follow the Living Stream doctrine.

From a Janite perspective, Living Stream Goddesses are not appropriate Images/Forms for the Janati. They not appropriate because the line between Our Mother God and the Living, Intelligent Ray which emanates from Her becomes blurred.

For example, in Deanism, Divine Sophia, Who is Living Stream, is often depicted as an Image/Form for Sai Mati. This has caused confusion within the community with devotees who are either not really familiar with Holy Sophia, or who are new to the Faith. The misconception is that Holy Sophia, Who is Mother God, is the Ruler of the Seven Planetary Powers, becomes conflated/identified with Sai Mati, one of the Janati, a Planetary Power.

As we know, in Deanism, the idea of the Geniae/Janati was originally based on the seven female Greek Titans and the Creation story of Eurynome by Robert Graves. That Creation story has been debunked by literary scholars as being largely a work of fiction. There is also no evidence of the Titans as the Planetary Powers in Greek mythology. However, the idea of the Janati is a valid one. There are certainly Planetary Powers and the Seven Planetary Rays in various religious mythologies.

The Planetary Powers may be found in various forms of Christian and Esoteric Traditions along with angelic and magickal based systems in the forms of the Seven Archangels.

The idea of Seven Planetary Rays goes back to ancient Greece. Do a search on the Seven Rays and you will find them, everywhere. So, though the Planetary Powers/Seven Planetary Rays were never the Greek Titans, the Planetary Powers do exist.

There is much on the internet about the Seven Colored Rays, some of it within the realm of New Age understanding, others Esoteric, still others quite ancient and spanning many religions. (A). In ancient Greece, the Seven Rays represented the Seven Alchemical Planets. (Please note: these Planetary Rays have no associated with the Seven Female Titans.)

Holy Sophia

In Gnostic Christianity, the Planetary Powers were demoted to being Archons.  In Gnostic Mythos, Holy Sophia rules over the Planetary Powers. Even in Her Form of Lady Wisdom in the Jewish text it states that She “hews out the Seven Pillars” which is interpreted as the Seven Planetary Heavens.

 She (Sophia) sits at “the gates of the mighty,” i.e. at the approaches to the realms of the seven Archons, and at the “entrances” to the upper realm of light her praise is sung. The Sophia is therefore the highest ruler over the visible universe, and at the same time the mediatrix between the upper and the lower realms. She shapes this mundane universe after the heavenly prototypes, and forms the seven star-circles with their Archons under whose dominion are placed, according to the astrological conceptions of antiquity, the fates of all earthly things, and more especially of man. She is “the mother” or “the mother of the living. Wiki.

(It is very important to remember that Sophia, as happened with so many goddesses in ancient times, was greatly demoted by Gnostic Christians as has been clearly demonstrated in the works of Max Dashu, Rose Horman Arthur and many others. She was not ‘trapped’ here and She was not in need of a male saviour. She, Herself, is Saviouress. She, (in the original texts,) is Creatrix.)

So while Most Holy Sophia is often used as an image/form for Sai Mati in Deanism, Janites understand that Divine Sophia is not a Jana; She is not a Planetary Power/Ray, rather She rules over the Seven Planetary Powers, She created their Realms.  Sophia is not a Living, Intelligent Ray Who comes from the Mother, She is the Mother.

Our Most Holy Sophia, the Janite Living Stream Image/Form of Dea, is She Who is Creatrix; She Who put the Stars and Planets in their place; She Who is the Divine Feminine; She Who is Our Mother God; She Who is the Holy Spirit; She Who is the World Soul; She Who is the Rosa Mundi (Sophia is known as the Rosa Mundi, the Rose of the World); She Who is the Soul of all Nature; She Who is the Soul of the Cosmos, She Who is our Saviouress.

And so, it is important to understand that there is a difference between a Living Stream Form/Image of Dea, such as Holy Sophia, and a Jana/Planetary Power. 

Janites believe that it is not necessary to use goddess images for the Janati. They are of a Divine angelic nature, they are not goddesses, per se.

In Janite practice, it has been found that female, non-specific angelic images or images which depict a non-specific Divine Feminine Being better represent the Janati than Pagan goddesses of various pantheons or Living Stream Goddesses Who are Living Faces of Dea.

And when we live with them on a daily basis, they become a constant Presence in our lives. We come to know them. And they, us. There is no need to look to Athena to understand Sai Mati Saige or to Nike to understand Sai Vikhe’ or to the Virgin Mary to understand Sai Candre’. When we are devoted to them, they reveal themselves to us, sometimes, quite dramatically.

May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.

A. M. Pamela Lanides

A) This is just one article out of many: The Seven Rays






Quick Notes

13 Ourania/Oct. 15

Day of Lady Vikhe’, Flame of Courage, Strength and Valor.

Just a few notes:

Sai Thema:

Due to the fact that our staff was either ill or otherwise indisposed at the same time, we were not able to post an article for the Feast of Sai Thema, which was on 1 Ourania/Oct. 3.

Her feast day occurs in Ourania, which means Heavenly/Cosmos, because she is the Ruler of Divine/Cosmic Order and Harmony, which is what the month of Ourania is all about! It is not too late to celebrate her feast day. Stay tuned for an upcoming article on Lady Thema.

Seven Janati Rosary Page:

A Janati Rosary Page has been added Here.

New Janati Correspondences Pages for easier nagivation:

For easier navigation, there is now a separate Correspondence Page for each Jana. These may be found under our drop-down menu Here.

May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.

Full Moon Prayer

I just found this and wanted to share: (A. M. Pamela)

Full Moon Dream

When all living things I contemplate,
Your sun and stars, Your galaxies,
like a flickering candle flame
my soul is overcome,
and just as the moon can only shine
by reflection of its sun, so is my being,
only to wane into the unseen,
until it stands
before + thee