Lady Olivia Robertson on Female Priestesses

Columbadi/24 Flora

O, Sushuri Grace (which means Kind Grace), bless all of our loved ones with good health and may Your Compassion flow through us as we meet each person on the walk of our daily lives. Blessed are You.

Two articles on the Fellowship of Isis have been recommended to me. In the first, I was not aware that the priesthood of the Robertsons may be traced back to Egypt. One of my ordaining bishops had the honor of having been ordained by Lady Olivia Robertson.

This second article might be of interest to our priestesshood and those aspiring to the priestesshood. It explains why women are particularly suitable for this service. What especially resonated with me is how humility must be our footstool.  A good reminder. Enjoy!


Raising Our Soul Vibration

Stelladi/22 Flora

Oh, Sai Mati Sage (which means Spiritual Thought of Wisdom), grant us the guidance we need as we continue to form our Ekklesia according to the Holy Will of Déa. Blessed are You.

11 And, your souls, your laughing souls, all robed in purest white, that are more lovely that the sun, because they are the image of My Mother, are riven through with kear. 12 And your dearest joy must ring as a silver bell that hath a crack; sweetly, but never in perfection. 

13 Oh, do not say that ye are perfect, for then ye cannot understand either the world our your own selves.s 14 Do not say that ye are innocent, for that would be to mock My Suffering. The Secret of the World: vs 11-14 SMR

The Deanic Scriptures overflow with wisdom-filled streams of guidance for one’s Soul Path. When I first entered the Faith, some of the verses would strike me as being a bit ‘too preachy’. I felt that after having lived a life in an overly-burdensome religion, the last thing I needed was yet someone else telling me how to live my life, make me feel bad about myself or tell me that my soul was ‘filled with kear’. But, with time, I realized that I felt this way because I lacked humility and oftentimes, I lacked a proper love for all of the children of Dea.

It is all too easy to become annoyed with another or to judge someone because we live beneath the illusive veil of separation. We have the mindset of us vs them. This us vs them may have been built into us for our own survival and protection. Life was not so easy back in the ancient day. And, it’s not easy, now, but oftentimes, our judgmental attitude or our dislike has nothing to do with survival.

Lately, I have been trying to raise the vibration of my soul. I have begun to take the words of our scriptures on the life of the soul to heart. And, I have found that quite often, it’s simply a matter of changing my mind-attitude (thoughts), my perspective, if you will.

I would like to share a few of examples of this from my own life.

A few years ago, when I was on chemo, there were older teens who lived directly across the street from me. They formed a live band with electric guitars, drums and large amplifiers. They played every single day for hours on end. It would usually start around noon-time and sometimes not end until around 8:30 at night. Even with all the doors and windows closed, there was not a single room in my home where I could escape to rest. It drove me crazy and caused untold tension between us and our neighbors. Ours is one of the few towns in my state that does not have noise level restrictions and we were the only other house on the road so the music wasn’t bothering anyone else.

In their defense, the boys did try to soundproof the porch where they were playing, but it had little to no effect.  At the same time, on the other side of my home, an old tractor would rattle and beep constantly from dawn till well after dusk due to the reconstruction of home and yard. So, both of these things combined occurred non-stop for about three years with the exception of the blessed quietness of Winter. But, the end result was that it has made me very sensitive to noise.

The funny ending to this story is that both of our families suddenly and unexpectedly moved during the exact same week about a year ago. Though my home was sold to a contractor, both homes are still empty to this day. How ironic!

Now, we live at our small family camp (estate) on a private lake. We moved here to get away from crowded areas and noise.  For most of the year, when the summer people are not here, it is beyond quiet, blessedly serene, blissfully peaceful and utterly beautiful. The lake ice is colored in shades of silvery-gray and the pristine snow blankets everything around us. Once the summer people arrive, the lake livens up.

There is a large and stately camp right across a small cove from me which is rented out to vacationers on a weekly basis. Where this is a private lake, we began to resent this weekly intrusion of strangers. Some were quiet and respectful, others were not. I became anxious when larges groups of strangers would rent the place and the noise level went up.

When the rentals began early this summer, I began to contemplate all the teachings on the life of the soul in the Deanic Scriptures. I thought about other Wisdom teachings, about how we are all one and that separation is illusion. Now, when I begin to become upset with someone else because of noise or other perceived irritations, I am learning to stop myself and to think, “this isn’t about me and them, this is about me and ‘other self’. This type of thinking begins to change my attitude toward the other person/s quickly. It helps me to remember that it’s not all about me, that other people have a right to be here, too, and that we are not all in the same place on our Soul Paths, that we each have different soul lessons to learn.

Now, when the renters come, I remind myself that they are ‘other self’ who are One with me in Déa and so rather than resenting the fact that they are invading what is supposed to be a private lake, I consciously strive to change my attitude from resentment to one where I truly hope they are having a nice time and are enjoying our lake. This helps to raise the vibration of my soul and it eliminates my anxiety level.

The funny ending to this story is that once I changed my attitude, there have been no renters since then.

This is not an automatic process by any means. It takes a conscious effort. But, the more one makes the conscious effort, the more automatic it becomes and the more one finds that they are beginning to truly enjoy life. It actually makes us happier people.

The last soul effort that I would like to share is how I have learned that my mood, my attitude affects those around me. If I am in a bad mood, anxious, judgmental, impatient or my mind is simply elsewhere, I am becoming cognizant of the fact that this isn’t just about me and what I’m going through. It’s not just about my mindset, my mood, or the way I am dealing with inner problems. It’s also about how my mood, my attitude is affecting those around me. I have discovered that I actually have the power to affect the quality of someone else’s day just by forgetting that it’s not just about me; that I don’t live or work alone.

I am finding that I am responsible for not allowing my own inner stuff to manifest and change how someone else is enjoying their day. Someone else might be in a great mood; they might be having a wonderful day, but if I am in a bad mood or I am anxious or what have you, that will affect the quality of their day.

I have learned that I am not just living here for myself, I am living here with other selves as well, like one big mandala of souls all joined as One in Dea.

The first thing that all those who have had Near Death Experiences (NDA’s) find when they pass beyond the veil is that Deity does not care what religion you were; Deity does not care what your career was or anything like that. The first thing a person is asked during the Life Review is, how did you love others?

When we use these different ways to raise the vibration of our souls; when we remember that we are all One in Déa, when we make a conscious effort to change our mindset in how we see others, when we remember that it’s not all about us, that we live as a community of souls that are all part of the One Soul of the Holy Daughter, then we are doing what the Holy Daughter has asked of us and that is to love the children of Déa and not judge them.  This does not mean that we become doormats or that we must never use discernment because there is evil out there, but it does mean that we must remember that it’s not really about ‘us and them’ because when the veil of illusion is removed, we find that it is us and other self as being One in Déa.

17 Seek not to conquer kear alone nor cleave alone to Good, but open thy heart to Me and let Me live through thee, for I shall open the way to thy True Soul, thy laughing soul, all robed in white, more lovely than the sun; and through My death, shall she be purified.

19 Come to Me, My children, in the innocence of your hearts, and look upon the beauty of the world; for every thing reflecteth the Glory of Dea. 20 See the world, not through the eyes of the world, but through the eyes of the Eternal. The Secret of the World: vs 17 and 19. SMR.

Thanks be to Déa.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides







Why the Rosary

Rosadi/21 Flora


O, Sai Vikhe, (which means Victory), may Your Shield of Protection cover us and our loved ones. Blessed are You.

Janites have a tradition of praying three times a day, during Aurora (Morning Prayer), Noon-tide and Evensong (Evening prayer).  During these times, devotees either pray in their own words, take inspiration from one of our three daily rituals, read scripture, meditate, say a brief, Hail, Dea or pray the rosary.

Image result for image of rosary garland of roses

Rosary: from the Latin Rosarium, meaning ‘rose garden’ or ‘garland of roses’. It is a set of prayer beads which combines vocal or silent prayer and meditation. 

The rosary is a garland of roses which we offer to Our Lady and which may be prayed anywhere and at any time. During the Sacred Season of Winter, for example, when I have to leave for work well before sunrise, I will usually pray the Janae rosary of the day while I am driving. I prefer to pray my Mysteries Rosary during Evensong, before an image of Our Lady at my home altar where I will light candles and incense.

A Shiva sadhvi gives blessings in Haridwar, India.  (1)

The history of the rosary goes back many thousands of years, the oldest being the Hindu mala rosary. The Hindu rosary is used as an aid to meditation, to keep the mind from wandering in order to make it concentrate, without distractions, on the meaning of the prayer being recited. Recitation is usually murmured, or silent. (1) This basic statement may be applied to all forms of the rosary including the Catholic and Deanic rosaries. Various forms of a rosary style form of prayer are also found in the Orthodox, Episcopalian, Buddhist, Lutheran and Islamic Traditions.

In the Traditional Catholic Church, the rosary is said to be the devotion par excellence and that after the liturgy, it is considered to be the most powerful form of prayer. Indeed, an apparition where the Blessed Virgin Mary has not either asked the faithful to recite the daily rosary or when she has not been holding or wearing the rosary is quite rare. For many, many centuries, the rosary has been the major form of devotion to the Blessed Mother. It is a chain of roses which connects us to Our Lady.

One of the reasons why the rosary is so powerful is because, while we are chanting the prayers, we are meditating upon the central Cosmic Drama of our salvation. This is why the rosary is divided up into ‘Mysteries”.

Where the Madrian rosary was modeled after the Catholic rosary, let’s take a brief look at it. Some of the Mysteries in our rosary are actually the same as the Catholic, (highlighted in blue) but have different meanings. The Traditional Catholic rosary is divided into fifteen decades which are divided up into three sets of Mysteries, the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious. (A decade consists of ten small beads). Each decade represents a Mystery in the life of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

These Mysteries are:

Joyful: (Usually said on Mondays and Thursdays),  the Joyful Mysteries follow the events leading up to, including and immediately after the birth of Jesus: The Annunciation, Visitation, Nativity and Presentation.

Sorrowful: (Usually said on Tuesdays and Fridays), The Sorrowful Mysteries concern the Passion of Jesus:

The Agony in the Garden, The Scourging, The Crowning with Thorns, The Carrying of the Cross and the Crucifixion. (In the Madrian rosary it is the Passion of the Daughter.)

Glorious: (Usually said on Wednesdays and Saturdays, (which was always the day of Our Lady in the Catholic Church. These Mysteries concentrated on the events during and after the Resurrection of Jesus and includes the Assumption and Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.)

The Resurrection, The Ascension, the Descent of the Holy Spirit, The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin and The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin.

The Mysteries to be recited on Sunday were dependent upon the liturgical season.

The Madrian and Catholic are five decades. The Janite models its main rosary (the Janite Rosary) on the Anglican, where there are seven beads in honor of the Seven Janati so our ‘decades’ are called septads and there are five of them (the Anglican has four septads.)

There are three main ways to pray the rosary… simply concentrating on the words of the prayers; concentrating on an image and Presence of Our Lady and meditating on the Mysteries.

There are also three main forms of praying the rosary and that is reciting the prayers out loud; reciting the prayers silently though moving the lips, eyes may be opened or closed in inner concentration.

The Five Mysteries in Janite Tradition:

  1. Terra: The Ground of All Being. (Celestial Mother. See question 11 of the Catechism.)

2) Adoria: The Nativity/Emanation of the Holy Daughter. 

3) Dolora: The Passion of the Daughter.

4) Rosa Mundi: The Holy Daughter becomes the World Soul.

5) Rosa Caeli: The Assumption of the Daughter (and Our Lady as our Assumption).

So, when we are praying each of the decades or, in the case of Janites, the septads, we are meditating upon the Cosmic Drama while chanting the sacred prayers.  The correspondences to each Mystery aid in contemplation. This is why they are listed after each Mystery.

Let us take one of our Mysteries as an example from a Janite perspective.

 (An example of a Celtic Knot Fora.)

We begin our prayers by tracing the Fora.  We stopped using the Pentacle a few years back because, as we are not neo-Pagan and the Fora is the main symbol of our Tradition, we felt that tracing the Fora was a more appropriate choice for Janites.

The First Mystery is a meditation upon the Celestial Mother as the Ground of All Being. The Madrian catechism states that it is Dea Madria, the Celestial Mother, Who is both the Ground of All Being and the Creatrix.

The accompanying scripture is: Let her not trust the ground her feet are set upon and doubt the Ground upon which that ground stands.

In addition to the scriptural references on the Chapel page, there are others which we may find relevant to the Mystery, as well. For example, the Sermon of the Apple Seed would also be a source of scripture for the First Mystery as the Symbol of the First Mystery is the Apple. In the Janite Rite, the Celestial Mother is known as the Apple of Wisdom.

Correspondences for the First Mystery: Jana: Sai Thema. Element: Earth. Symbol: Apple. Elemental Color: Green. Liturgical colors: Blue and Purple. Direction: West. Time of Day: Twilight. Season: Autumn/Fall. And for us, the Celestial Mother is the Apple of Wisdom (a symbol of Her as Ground of All Being) and She is the Great Dove of the Waters (as Creatrix). 

These basic correspondences and the scriptural verses help to foster a deep meditation of the Mystery. As we chant the prayers, we think of the Celestial Mother as the sure Ground of All Being.

Image result for image of apple showing star

Or, again, we might meditate on the deep symbolism of the Apple as found in The Sermon of the Apple Seed in the Deanic Scriptures. We may ponder Our Lady as being Wisdom, Herself. We might think of how She is our Mother and what that means to us. We might imagine Her creating the Cosmos in Her sheer delight, scattering the stars across the sky or how She is Our True Mother and how much She loves us. If we pray the rosary with love, attention and reverence, we are transported into the Cosmic Drama, itself with all its many connecting streams. And this is why Janites consider each Season to be sacred…. because each Season encompasses a Mystery of the Divine Cosmic Drama of Dea.

This is why the rosary is so powerful, because through it, we enter the very Life and Mysteries of the Trinity. We walk along the Cosmic road with Our Lady Oftentimes, we receive enlightening insights.

Let us look at one more Mystery, the Second Mystery which is Adoria/the Nativity.

For She had conceived a Daughter that was not separate from Her, but one with Her, and the Child of Her Light. (See Chapel rosary page for further verses.)

The Correspondences in the Janite Tradition:

Jana: Sai Mati Sage/ Element: Air. Symbol: the North Star. Elemental Color: yellow. Liturgical color: yellow. Direction: North. Time of Day: Midnight. Season: Winter.

The Holy Daughter is the Star of Hope, the Midnight Star of Wonder and the Guiding North Star.

It is so easy to imagine that first visible Gentle Light of Our Kyria, Our Lady, as She emanates from the Bright Light of the Celestial Mother. I love to think of Her image as the Three Stars. As She begins Her Journey towards Fate, She becomes Our Star of Hope. We first see Her appear at Midnight, so She is the Midnight Star Who fills us with wonder and awe. And, She is ever, ever, for every moment, every second of our lives, Our True Guiding Star.

This is one of the reasons why the Janite Rite uses the North Star rather than the Pentacle as the Star Symbol for this Mystery. As the North Star guides sailors to safe the port of harbor, Our Guiding Star guides our souls to the safe portal of Our Divine Mother.

I also love to meditate on the story of the Three Princesses. As a priestess, this story is very meaningful to me.

There are several versions of a Divine Feminine Our Father prayer within Goddess Christianity. On a personal level, I’ve never been comfortable with them. When I first prayed the Silver Star of the Waters prayer, I fell in love with it. This is the primary prayer of the Janites and it quite naturally fell into the place of the Our Father bead on the Janite rosary.

The rosary is a powerful, enlightening and protective form of prayer. It keeps us close to Our Lady and it truly enfolds us beneath Her Mantle.

Image result for image of children of the earth

It is the never-ending Chant of the Children of the Earth that is prayed, in one form or another, all around the world.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides














Foradi/18 Flora

O, Sai Rhea/, Shield of Steadfastness, Temperance and Self-Restraint, be with us.

This is an update to last year’s post on sacramentals.

Image result for image of goddess rosaries

Sacramentals are ritual objects that have been blessed such as holy water, rosaries, holy medals (pendants), scapulars, prayer books, etc. Other holy objects are icons, holy paintings, religious statues, etc. A sacramental also includes the powerful ritual tracing of the Fora. All of these things should be blessed for proper efficacy.

A blessed object, such as a pendant of Our Lady,  becomes a focused channel of Dea’s Power, Grace and protection. A blessed icon or painting becomes a open portal to Heaven.

Image result for image of icons as windows to heaven

This idea, of icons or paintings become open portals or (as found in the teachings of Orthodox Christianity) windows to Heaven can actually be explained on a conscious, quantum level, the same explanation as to how the bread and white wine are transmuted during a liturgy that is presided over by a validly ordained priestess), but this subject is beyond the scope of this brief article.

Icons and religious paintings are not the same thing. Icons are painted by properly trained iconographers. These iconographers are trained to paint in a certain style while using certain materials while fasting and praying. (1 and 2).

Holy cards, which also may be blessed, might also be considered a sacramental. They may be carried in a purse or pocket and they make wonderful book marks for prayer, scripture and holy books.  I hope, someday in the future, that we have our own holy cards with Janite prayers on the back.

Here is an example of an Icon:

The Everflowing Cup

I also hope that in the future, there will be those artists who would take the time to study proper iconography and be able to produce beautiful icons like these for Dea and the Janae.

And let’s not forget the little things that go along with our sacramentals like a lovely rosary pouch: 

Rosary pouches are available in any Catholic religious store or simply put in a search and look at the images.

And incense burners both hanging and standing. (The hanging ones are great for

icon corners or wall shrines): 

These styles are available from any online Orthodox Christian catalog.

This one is available on ebay:

May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides



Divine Sophia and the Deanic Scriptures

Columbadi/17 Flora

O, Sai Sushuri Grace, be with us.

Let us call upon the Holy Sophia, the supernal mother of our souls, and celestial bride of our spirits: Daughter of Infinite Light, born of enlightened love; merciful and compassionate, embodiment of perfect wisdom; begotten in Eternity, beyond Time and Space, With what words shall we praise Thee, or with what thoughts comprehend Thy majesty? Utterance must profane Thee; silence itself can bear witness to Thee. How shall we extoll Thee? In what shall we shadow forth Thy great glory among us? From the Collect of the Gnostic liturgy for Sept. 8th. (A)

Deanism teaches that Living Stream Goddesses may be used as Forms or Images for Dea. For Janites, though we are not Gnostic, the Divine Sophia is our Living Stream Form for Dea. Many regard Her as Mother, Daughter and Holy Soul. Others know Her as the Holy Spirit. Janites understand Her to be Mother, Daughter and Absolute Deity (the Monas).

As we know, the  Divine Sophia was demoted from Her original position as Gnostic Christianity took hold. And, unfortunately, even in the most favorable of Gnostic texts, those texts which do not hold the Divine Sophia as fallen or trapped,  Daughter Sophia is blamed for the Fall one way or the other. Syrian Gnosis is one of the few exceptions where there is no idea of a fallen or trapped Sophia.

Despite this, there are many correlations between the Mythos of Sophia and the Mythos as found in our scriptures.  Today, we will begin where we left off in Part II, which was the Nativity story of the Three Princesses as found in Chapter II of the Mythos of the Divine Maid/Holy Daughter, verses 20-30.

From the Nativity Story, we  move on to the Holy Daughter leaving the Light of Her Mother and taking on Fate (Chapter III, verses 10-22).  Sophia does something similar. She must separate Herself from Her Mother so that She may begin Her Descent. She, also, must take on Fate. She, also, must be stripped of Her Glory.

As Caitlin Matthews so beautifully states in her book, Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom , Bride of God, “Sophia evicts Herself from the Fullness of Heaven (Pleroma) and wanders homeless across the world, only to lodge in the hearts of Her faithful children  who still remember their Divine Mistress. She puts off Her Glory and covers Herself with a Veil”. (This is one of many reasons we veil during formal prayer, the RoS and the liturgy, because our Goddesses, the Celestial Mary and Sophia, are veiled. The veil is highly symbolic).

Interestingly enough, Chapter IV, in the Mythos of the Divine Maid contains a story which is highly  reminiscent of the Temptation of Christ in the Desert. Like the Christ, the Holy Daughter remains faithful to Her mission.  Similar to the Holy Daughter, we find that in various Sophian texts, Daughter Sophia goes through Her Own drama before Her Descent through the Seven Realms.

Before we begin the Descent of the Holy Daughter, I would like to quote something scholar Caitlin Matthews has so eloquently stated, something that I have often spoken of myself (not so eloquently) and something that has been felt by many  women for generation upon generation. Again, from Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, Bride of God “ This account of the Fall cannot help but be read as patronizing by any woman. Many more extreme fulminations against the sin of Eve abound, all based squarely on biblical precedent. Western women, both Christian and Jewish, have lived in their shadow for many hundreds of years. Eve’s punishment for her desire for knowledge is to suffer in her sexuality by bearing children. Eve’s punishment for her desire for knowledge is to suffer in her sexuality by bearing children (I assume she means in great pain which is what the bible said). Sophia’s punishment for presuming to either create by Herself or to see Her origins is to bear a child that will trap her vital power in matter. By extension, all women still suffer in their sexuality as a result of this myth’s social influence. And, indeed, we have suffered in many other ways, too. Especially when we have been considered to be spiritually inferior.

So, to the Gnostics, the Father could create by Himself, but the Female could not.

There are several versions of what happens to Sophia. In On the Origin of the World, Sophia is Saviouress and Her Daughter breathes the Life-Spirit into Adam. But, in other Myths, She falls through the Seven Realms or Seven Density-Vibrations and becomes trapped as the World Soul.

However, if we look to the Mythos of the Kabbalistic Shekinah, keeping in mind that the Shekinah and Sophia are One, the Descent is voluntary, out of love for humanity. Likewise, the Syrian Gnostics, were said to have taught: There is here, as yet, no thought of a fall, properly so called, as in the Valentinian system. The power which has thus overflowed leftwards, makes a voluntary descent into the lower waters, confiding in its possession of the spark of true light. It is, moreover, evident that though mythologically distinguished from the humectatio luminis (Greek: ikmas phōtos, ἰκμὰς φωτός), the Sophia is yet, really nothing else but the light-spark coming from above, entering this lower material world, and becoming here the source of all formation, and of both the higher and the lower life. She swims over the waters, and sets their hitherto immoveable mass in motion, driving them into the abyss, and taking to herself a bodily form from the hylē. She compasses about, and is laden with material every kind of weight and substance, so that, but for the essential spark of light, she would be sunk and lost in the material. Bound to the body which she has assumed and weighed down thereby, she seeks in vain to make her escape from the lower waters, and hasten upwards to rejoin her heavenly mother. Not succeeding in this endeavour, she seeks to preserve, at least, her light-spark from being injured by the lower elements, raises herself by its power to the realm of the upper region, and these spreading out herself she forms out of her own bodily part, the dividing wall of the visible firmament, but still retains the aquatilis corporis typus. Finally seized with a longing for the higher light, she finds, at length, in herself, the power to raise herself even above the heaven of her own forming, and to fully lay aside her corporeity. The body thus abandoned is called “Woman from Woman.” (4)

We can see from this that not only did the Descent cause Her suffering, but, as with the Holy Daughter in the Deanic Scriptures, the Descent of Sophia was absolutely necessary for Creation.

Again, quoting Caitlin Matthews in Sophia, Bride of God,  ” This image is one of Sophia, no longer the veiled bride awaiting Her bridegroom, but the glorious Virgin of Light Who descends willingly from Her place apart to partake of the drama of life’s restoration to the light.

Sophia is the Mistress of the Ogdoad that is, the Seven Planetary Spheres and the Eighth realm of the fixed stars or the Seven Heavens and the region above them. The eighth region is considered to be superior to the Seven Realms.  The mystical number seven, symbolic of the Sophian mysteries, are to be found in Her descent of the Seven Levels, Her Seven Pillars, Her Seven Sorrows, Her Seven Archangels Who came from Her Light, and Her Seven Female Aeons, not to mention the Seven Gifts and the Seven Spirits.

As with the Passion Mythos of the Holy Daughter, (Chapter V, verses 1-17). the Descent through the Seven vibratory-densities was excruciating to Daughter Sophia. We learn, from Tau Malachi: ” On a metaphysical level there is something more within this story, however, for the descent of the Bride (Sophia) into exile and bondage is her crucifixion upon the cross of the world; she goes down into the ignorance and darkness to gather holy sparks into herself, so that arising from the darkness she might carry those sparks in ascent with her. Thus, she is acting as the Savioress….” (3) (Here he is referring to the Divine Sparks of Sophia which reside in our souls).

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides


2 Sources: Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, the book of Proverbs and On the Origin of the World.




The Quest of the Soul

Stelladi/15 Flora

Day of Sai Mati Sage.

24: And she who loveth her true self, seeketh to progress in Spirit and make pure her soul; 25: yet, if she know not (Dea) as her Mother, or if she despise Her children, then is this love but emptiness and illusion. (The Three Loves, SMR edition).

We often talk about Dea and how to worship Her. We speak of the Mythos of the Holy Daughter and how She is our saviouress. We focus on the daily practice of the 21 Virtues of the Janati. But, we have not, in our posts, been focusing on the soul, which is the main body of teaching in our scriptures aside from the love of Dea.

Alongside getting to know Dea and loving Her, the care and nurture of the soul is the fundamental basis of the body of teachings as found in our scriptures. This is where our focus should be. This is how we serve Dea. We don’t serve Dea by constantly arguing about our Faith or by judging others in our lives or by taking on an ‘holier than thou’ attitude. Humility, harmony and kindness are the outward signs of a soul that is striving to be ever closer to Dea. These signs often signify a mature, aware soul; one that lives in service of Dea through service to Her children, the children of Earth.

Our scriptures are chock full of these teachings, these guidelines, these admonishments.  And we would do well to pay great heed to them and take these words into our hearts.

In the Madrian catechism, there are two chapters on the soul, alone. In the Teachings of the Daughter, I counted at least 41 verses which reference the soul. And, of course, the Crystal Tablet is all about the soul.

This is one of many things which differentiates our religion from that of neo-Paganism, Wicca and many New Age religions. Ours is a cosmic, salvific religion. Our scriptures and our catechism teach us deep spiritual principles. They explain to us what steps we need to take in order to help save our souls through the Holy Daughter. It is a full-bodied religion, not one which focuses on how to work with different goddesses or how to perform magick. It is not about the feminist movement nor is it a religion of the world, so to speak. It is the religion of the hidden life of the soul in Dea. And when we truly take the scriptures to heart, we cannot help but find humility and we begin to realize that we really need to work on ourselves, let alone worrying about or judging others.

12) ” Of no single maid (person) shall ye say anything, for it is given to ye to see but the outward part and in the outward part lieth not the truth, but only in the inward being. 13) Therefore, set yourselves not as judges over any maid (person), for there is One alone that seeth all things and She alone hath power to judge. The Light vs 12 and 13, SMR edition.

Not judging others can be one of the hardest things to do and is something that I am trying to work on for my Soul Path. When I am tempted to judge another, I try to remind myself that this isn’t about ‘us and them’, this is about self and other self. That person is One with me in Dea and I cannot judge that person because I don’t know his or her soul; I don’t know his or her reasoning; I don’t know what has occurred in his or her life; I don’t know their mind or their heart or their soul. Only Dea knows. Only Dea has a right to judge. Not me. This attitude can be difficult and humbling. But, it is the right attitude before Dea.

Taken together, the Deanic Scriptures are an exegesis on the inner life of the soul. And so, rather than focusing on perceived differences, perhaps it is time to look to our scriptures and start practicing what they teach us.

We are admonished to live in harmony, in thame’. I know that I am one to talk, believe me, but we are at the point where we should be able to leave our differences behind us and be real witnesses to our Faith through our actions, our words and even our very thoughts.

If we read the Deanic Scriptures with proper care and attention; if we truly take the words into our hearts and allow them to grow in the interior gardens of our souls; if we focus more on serving Dea rather than judging, condemning and being hurtful of Her children, then we are truly practicing our religion.

Our religion teaches modesty in manner, amity towards others, pure thought forms, Love, the proper nurturing of our souls, purity and chasteness of heart, elegance, refinement, the importance of femininity, being virtuous, being mindful of the power of words and that if we do not have Love for the children of Dea, we do not have True Love for Dea, Herself.

I know that I am ready to start changing my soul life. I am ready to let all else go and really begin concentrating on the teachings in our scriptures. I wish to focus inwardly so that  I may become a shining beacon of Dea or as it states in both our liturgy and the RoS, a torchbearer: Send us forth upon the world as torchbearers of Your delight. 

Let us be torchbearers by focusing inwardly in the garden of our souls, while keeping our eyes on Our Heavenly Mother.

The Three Loves clearly illustrates that if we don’t love the children of Dea, if we don’t live in harmony with others, then our love for Dea is false.

Let us begin by a careful reading of this the Three Loves and trying to put these teachings into daily practice. This is what our religion is all about.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

Happy Flora-Maia!

Columbadi/10 Flora

Today is Flori-Maia, the Feast of Flowers. This is one of the (many) things I love about our religion….that we have a feast day which expresses appreciation to Dea for her bounteous gift of varied-hued flowers.

Though not mandatory, Madria Sophia has provided us with inspiring readings for this day in our previous post, Floralia, Feast of Flowers for those who would like to celebrate the RoS in Thanksgiving for flowers.

Image result for the Ghost OrchidGhost Orchid

Amazingly, there are over 400,000 known flower species in the entire world! The Ghost Orchid is said to be one of the rarest. There are about 2,000 of them which grow in South Florida. They may also be found in Cuba and the Bahamas.  These  elusive flowers only bloom about one or two weeks out of the year. Poachers are one of the problems which endanger this delicate plant, but thanks to scientists in Florida, they are successfully restoring these ‘frog-like’ plants to the wild.


The Kadupul flower of Sri Lanka is so rare, it is literally priceless. It blooms only at night, surviving just a few short hours. They are known for their exotic scent.

Image result for pansies

Even the most common of plants can fill our memories with those we love or remind us of happy times. The humble pansy has always been one of my favorites because my grandmother’s garden was never without them raising their cheerful faces to the sky.

One of the best ways to express our appreciation for flowers is to learn about endangered wildflowers and plants. There are currently almost 10,000 species on the endangered list. Other studies show that 22 % of known plant species are endangered. Plants are the basis of all life on Earth. And everything that we need for our health….all medicines that we need are provided by Dea here on Earth, especially in the Amazon rain forest which continues to be clear cut. In fact, since 1978, almost 300,000 square miles of rain forest have been destroyed.

For info on the rain forest:

For info on endangered plant species:

How can you help in your area. Here is an example from my own state of Massachusetts:

And to help protect all endangered species in your area:

Tess Whitehurst-Magical and Metaphysical Properties of Flowers

Each flower, as with everything in the Cosmos, has it’s own vibration. And each are associated with certain things. Here are two sources, one from the Victorian era and one from the modern era, on the secret language of flowers and their magick: and

Related image

So, for those of us who will be offering the RoS in appreciation for the bountiful gift of flowers which grace our amazing planet, let us also say a prayer that we may all learn how to protect those species that are in danger of becoming extinct.

artwork by Sulamith Wulfing:

“And as She walked, the children of the Earth threw blossoms before Her, and though Her feet rested on them, yet, they were not bruised. 2 And She reigned over all the Earth, bringing all Nature back to life and all life back to the true law and rhythm of Nature.  And the whole world knew Her as its Princess.” The Mythos of the Divine Maid, Chapter VII, verses 1-2 (SMR edition).

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides