02 Maia April 18 – May 15 All + Brief Aristasian Alternative Hela

Madrian name for the month
(1977-2008 [1] & present day Koré Di-Jana Ekklesia [2] & [3])

Maia (Alternative Name: Hela [4])
(pronounced May-uh)
April 18 – May 15


Maia is the Oscan Earth-Goddess, and an ancient Roman Goddess of springtime, warmth, and increase. She causes the plants to grow through Her gentle heat, and the month of May is probably named for Her. Her name means “She Who is Great”, and is related to Oscan mais and Latin majus, both of which mean “more”. She is also called Maia Maiestas, “Maia the Majestic”, which is essentially a doubling of Her name to indicate Her power, as both “Maia” and “Maiestas” have their roots in latin magnus, “great or powerful”.

It is rumoured that Maia was the ancient and original name of the Bona Dea (“the Good Goddess”), Whose name was so sacred it was forbidden to be spoken aloud.

Not the Greek goddess.


[1] In use by 2 Madrian orders:
Ordo Lux Madriana (Order of Light of Mother God Supreme) 1973 – 1983
[still being used in the corrupted household 1985 – 1989]

Ordo Rosa Ekklesia Madriana (Order of Rose of Mother God Supreme) early 1970’s – 2008

[2] In use currently by Koré Di-Jana Ekklesia a.k.a. Janites

[3] In use by Chelouranya & “The Chapel” 2007 – present day

[4] Alternative Name: Hela

Changed by Aristasia 2009 to 1976 names written by 1 of the founders of Ordo Lux Madriana.

(pronounced He-la)

Old Swedish


From Old Norse heila, from Proto-Germanic *hailijaną.


2. to save (in religious sense)