12 Brighid January 23 – February 19 Madrian/Janite + Variant Name Filiani

Madrian name for the month (1977-2008 [1] [sometimes 2] & present day Koré Di-Jana Ekklesia [4])

Brighid (Alternative name: Brighe [sometimes 3] & [5])
(pronounced brigg-id)
January 23 – February 19

Brighid (from Irish brigh: “strength”; Celtic brig-o “high, mighty” from PIE bhrgh-nt- “high”). Exalted.
It is not “Fiery Arrow.”

“In its most ancient form, the name was spelt with a final t, Brigit, and was Latinised Brigitta. From an early time, however, and down the ages, it was spelt Brigid; Latin form, Brigida.”
The Irish name ought to be pronounced with a hard <g>; that is, as “Brigg-id,”

Under one of two definitions of a Living Stream Goddess, Brighid’s devotional cult has continued, unto this day, under the guise of St. Bridgit.

[1] In use by 1 founding Madrian order:
Ordo Lux Madriana (Order of Light of Mother God Supreme) 1973 – 1983
[still being used in the corrupted household 1985 – 1989]

[2] On “The Sacred Year : Wheel Perpetual of Ekklesia Madriana” undated sent by Madria (priestess) Olga Lotar to a student
On Madria Olga’s handwritten calendar undated
Madrian devotee and founder of Ordo Rosa Ekklesia Madriana (Order of Rose of Mother God Supreme) early 1970’s – 2008. (She had contact with the 2 founding orders).

[3] Variant Name Brighe (pronounced breeg-uh)
in use by Madria Olga Lotar on her calendar graphic undated at http://theapedia.referata.com/ (2012-2016)

[4] Brighid in use by Koré Di-Jana Ekklesia a.k.a. Janites

[5] Alternative Name: Brighe (pronounced breeg-uh)
Used by Aristasia, Chelouranya & “The Chapel” 2007 – present day.