13 Moura February 20 – March 19 Madrian/Janite/Filianic + Briefly Aristasian Variant Name

Madrian name for the month and season (1977-2008 [1], [2] & [3])

Moura (Alternative Name: Khala [4])
(pronounced mu-rah)
February 20 – March 19


Meaning dark-skinned.

Along with 15 other male derivatives from
“18. MAURICE: Contracted form of Roman Latin Mauricius, meaning “dark-skinned; Moor.” Introduced to Britain by the Normans. Infrequently used by the French and English.”

and 1 feminine name
“7. MAURA: Feminine form of Italian Mauro, meaning “dark-skinned; Moor.” Compare with another form of Maura.
GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: Italian, Spanish, Late Roman
PRONOUNCED: MOW-rah (Italian, Spanish)” [pronounced MORE-rah in Britain]

Also death or spirit.

Moura is a homonym word with two distinct roots and meanings; one from Celtic *MRVOS, the other from Latin maurus.

The word “moura”, (maura) (medieval: mora) feminine of “mouro”, is thought to originate from the Celtic *MRVOS and the indo-european mr-tuos that originated in Latin the word mortuus and in Portuguese/Galician the word morto (dead). Some authors think that the mouras are the deceased.

There is also a possible relation to the Celtic word mahra or mahr, meaning spirit.

[1] In use by 2 Madrian orders:
Ordo Lux Madriana (Order of Light of Mother God Supreme) 1973 – 1983
[still being used in the corrupted household 1985 – 1989]

Ordo Rosa Ekklesia Madriana (Order of Rose of Mother God Supreme) early 1970’s – 2008

[2] In use by Koré Di-Jana Ekklesia a.k.a. Janites

[3] In use by Aristasia 2008, Chelouranya & “The Chapel” 2007 – present day

[4] Changed by Aristasia 2009 to Khala