The Deanic Ladies Community

2 Flora/17 May

Stelladi/Wed. (Star Day. Day of Madria Sofia.)

O, Madria Sofia, Jana of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us. May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed are You.


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‘Deanic Ladies’ – a private online community for Deanic ladies

Posted: 16 May 2017 07:43 AM PDT

Rosadi (Rose Day)
Day of Madria Vicka
1 Flora 2017 ACG
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Dear reader,
If you are a female devotee of Dea, you might be interested to learn that there is now a private online community for Deanic (including Filianic) women.
As ArchMadria Candra shared on her blog:

Madrina Dini has opened a wonderful google plus community, Deanic Ladies . This is not a discussion group such as we’ve had in the past, rather this is an actual online, private community for Deanic women. You do not have to have gmail in order to join nor do you have to be a member of the JOP.
However, where this is a private community, membership is by invitation only. If you are a Deanic or Filianic female and would like to request an invitation to join the community, please contact Madrina Dini at:

The community’s description reads:

Dear sisters in Dea, welcome to our community! Here are the basic guidelines and rules of etiquette for our community which we hope will find your acceptance conditional on joining the ‘Deanic Ladies’ community. First of all, this group is intended as a place of support and sharing for female devotees of Dea, who follow a Deanic Way of Life. This does not only mean to be Deanic, but also to wish to follow a feminine traditional way of living; which includes aiming towards a life of Beauty and Love, as well as aiming towards increasing in the Virtues which stream from the Holy Janati. We use the word ‘aim’ deliberately: to live truly as Deanic lady is an everyday endeavour, perfection of which being something we can only strive towards with little steps of improvement on the way by grace of Dea. This is not a ‘discussion group’ per se. Politics and religion, other than the greater Deanic Faith, are not being discussed here. We address everybody with their respective title in all posts and comments. (Abbreviations and symbols for titles may be used.) Courtesy, respect, gentleness, humility are fundamental qualities which will be expected for all posts and comments. ‘Deanic Ladies’ is independent of any specific branch or tradition of the greater Deanic Faith, and any female Deanic devotee is welcome. ‘Deanic Ladies’ is also an independent community and not connected to any groups, societies or communities – past or current – which adopt/ed Deanism/Filianism. Appreciation for and interest in specific cultures and languages may be shared here, however, we do not promote any specific culture – of any time or geography – as ‘ideal’. Moreover, we do not accept a general disregard for “Western” (European and North-American) geographical culture. Part of our Deanic Way of Life is to bring that which we hold as beautiful, holy, good and true into the here and now. As such, we aim to be torchbearers to bring the Light of the Mother – by grace of the Daughter – into the world we live in. Please be so kind as to read this article ‘Following our Lady’s teachings: a philosophy for life’ by the late Madria Olga Lotar. Our Lady bless us, our sisterhood, and this community.Yours in Dea,Madrina Dini(Prima Filia of the Janite Deanic Tradition & Janite Order of Priestesses; founder of ‘Pantheacraft – A Deanic Way of Life; admin of ‘Deanic Ladies’)

If you are interested to join, please send me a request at the above referenced email address (


Bits and Pieces

28 Maia/15 May

It’s hard to believe that Maia has flown by so swiftly! And so much has been happening!


New Deanic Ladies online Community!

Madrina Dini has opened a wonderful google plus community, Deanic Ladies . This is not a discussion group such as we’ve had in the past, rather this is an actual online, private community for Deanic women. You do not have to have gmail in order to join nor do you have to be a member of the JOP.

However, where this is a private community, membership is by invitation only. If you are a Deanic or Filianic female and would like to request an invitation to join the community, please contact Madrina at: A permanent link may be found in our links section to the right.


Lady of Light Chantry:

Serene Mother Georgia has posted an article in response to my previous article on the Tarot. Her article points out the relation of the Tarot Suits to the Four Estates and Fifth (no estate) of the Realms (Social Orders) (see Tarot Suits and Compass Directions ). I find this a fascinating area of study and would like to learn more, myself. 

In the previous post on the LLC blog, Changes and Restorations, I was very excited to read about the Godmothers in the various Germanic fairy tales.


The Ancient Power of Mantra Chanting Validated by Modern Science:

This article not only validates the praying of mantras and rosaries (rosaries are a form of mantra prayer), but it proves that our words (as well as thoughts) are real for they are made of light and take subtle form.

What I especially found fascinating was the section on sound bubbles and the infrared light we produce when we speak. This immediately reminded me of the scriptures: 1. Thoughts of the mind neither pass away, nor vanish into air. 2. For every thought is a builder in the subtle world that lies about you. 3. Thoughts of beauty and of things of the Spirit refine and purify the soul, making her fair to look upon and graceful in her movements, 4. uniting her with the universal music of eternity and gathering about her the servants of the archangels. 5. But harsh thoughts harden the soul; coarse thoughts coarsen the soul; thoughts bound only to material things load the soul with heavy chains.

20) Forget not the power of words, for a word has all the power of a thought, and a thought has power to move the earth and the heavens. 21. Therefore do not speak evil in idleness, or fall into the custom of ill-speaking, but govern your words even as your actions. 22. Speak words of love and innocence, of mildness and of hope, and you shall weave a raiment of peace about your soul, and a veil of gentle light. 23. Speak prayers often, speak them in the rhythm of your steps, and attune them to the beating of your heart. From The Teachings of the Daughter, New Celestial Union Edition.,_New_Celestial_Union_Version.

(I love the hardcover edition which may be found on this page, see lower left):

It’s amazing how science is finally beginning to find out about our true nature, from the fact that there is an microscopic explosion of light at the moment of conception to how our words are light and radiate through-out the universe. How much more care, we, as Children of Dea, should take with the words and songs we send out into Her Cosmos. We are beings of Light and we will return to the Light.


Sorella Sophia’s Rosary Posts

Though Sorella Sophia has been having internet-related problems, I’m happy to see that she has been posting on Deanic rosaries. The LLC rosary is, of course, composed by Serene Mother Georgia and is a rosary offered by the Lady of Light Chantry. Sorella Sophia also has composed some seasonal rosaries of her own:

She has nicely placed all the rosaries on this page:


Flora: Tomorrow begins the lovely month of Flora. 

In the month of Flora, we look forward to Floralia or the Feast of Flowers on 10 Flora/May 25. The Full Flower Moon will take place on 25 Flora/June 9.


Last Call for Prayerbook submissions:

If you have composed Deanic/Filianic prayers that you would like to see included in the JOP prayer book, please submit them to Thank you!


May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.


ArchMadria Candra Sophia.


Bits and Pieces of Interest to the JOP

15 Maia/May 2


 The Rose Personified.

O, Madria Vicka, Jana of Courage, Strength and Valor, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed are You.


The above picture was taken from Flowers Personified as sent in by Sorella Shoshana: . Please take a moment to scroll through these charming pictures.


Our goal, as the JOP, is to train priestesses for the future of the Faith. When we first set out a few years back, the plan was to immediately form a legal church and start on the ground services. However, it became clear to me that I must set the foundations of our Tradition, first. This is the model the Gnostic Christians used, first they trained their priests who then went out to form parishes. But, not all priestesses wish to serve in public chapels or temples.This is why we have three Orders:

The Agoran priestesses will go out into the world. They will have on the ground, public chapels or temples.

The Hestian priestesses may choose whether or not to hold public liturgy, but they will still be involved in the world in some way, whether it is public teaching through blogs, publications, in person, or by holding public services, volunteering or other ministry.

The Iremian priestesses tend to be private priestesses and they will have certain areas of expertise, also.

Each Order also includes a sisterhood, which is open to all Deanic/Filianic women and each Order will have its own blog. Ideally, each Order will be headed by a Prima Sorella who is not either the Prima Madria or the Prima Filia unless there is no-one else to fill the position. 

Currently, with the Hestian Order, Madrina Dini has graciously offered to be the Prima Sorella of the Hestian Order until such time as a sister-member is interested in the position. Thank you, Madrina! She will be setting up an Hestian blog in the near future.

The new Iremian blog should be set up within a couple of weeks. Sorella Shoshana, Prima Sorella of the Iremian Order, has the following to offer regarding the overall nature of the Order:

The Iremian Order, as I have interpreted it, is about flawlessly blending in Deanic Spirituality with our regular lives. This is done through spiritual symbolism like flowers, colors, and shapes. Understanding the meanings of these and surrounding ourselves with them brings a spiritual air into our lives all the time.

It’s about appreciating the little things and remembering to thank Dea for them. The air we breathe during exercise or the water we use when doing dishes. The soil that grew our food or the very miracle of the food itself. The tree that provides us shade or the sun that sustains our life. Once we regularly begin to give thanks, we can start thinking about the deeper meanings and spiritual symbolism a of these every day things.It’s about the spiritual significance of beauty and bringing beauty into our every day lives. It’s about making things more feminine and pleasing.

It’s about living out the qualities of the Janati. 

Thank you, Sorella Shoshana. Lovely as always.


Setting the Madrian Record Straight

13 Maia/April 30



O, Madria Theia, Jana of Illumination, Joy and Benevolence, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed are You.


Please note:

There is a new page under our Calendars menu which gives a brief explanation of our major feast days. Eastre has been restored to its original date and Adoria has been moved to the Filianic date.


Setting the Record Straight

By this title, I do not mean to sound presumptuous. It is merely an attempt to be forthright and honest about our origins.

As more and more people are beginning to show interest in our religion, it is very important that our Faith be represented as honestly, forthrightly and accurately as possible. This means that we must discard certain misleading claims that may have been made in the past, though they may have been well-intended at the time.

Many religions begin by adopting previous mythos, epithets, beliefs, etc., and formulating or re-interpreting them into a new religion. Some might think this process enables the religion to rightly lay claim to roots from antiquity, but common sense would tell us that this is not always the case.

For example, when Wicca was new, the impression was given that Wicca, in its modern form, was practiced in ancient times. And the Burning Times were often exaggerated. There were other false claims attributed to its founder and so forth. But, as Wicca matured and grew, it humbly admitted its past mistakes, corrected those historically inaccurate claims and that honesty has been rewarded with a greater respect by its adherents and its resulting legal acceptance as a religion.

Our religion stems from Orders of the early Madrians as founded in the mid-twentieth century. The Filianic branch of the Faith came a bit later. All other branches of the Faith are of a more recent origin. However, there was an original claim to antiquity on the part of the early Madrians.

The Madrian religion, as an organization, has long since disbanded, though there are a few remaining, faithful devotees of this branch of the Faith. Though the last Madrian priestess has passed away and other past priestesses have simply gone on with their lives, the loyalty of these 21st century Madrian devotees has never once wavered.

What the Madrians created, in the founding of the Faith, was truly brilliant. And, in all fairness, they had no way to envision future modern technology and social media, let alone the idea of the Internet. They had no way to know that one day, the beautiful religion that they had created in honor of the Divine Mother, would be available to the entire world at the touch of a cyber-button. They are the fore-mothers of the modern Deanic Faith.

To our knowledge, Madria Olga Lotar was the last practicing Madrian to  to teach the Madrian religion. If there are still others out there, no-one seems to know.

The early Madrians tended to add a bit of a legendary flare to the Faith. This is nothing new, as many religions have been known to do the same in order to appear to have Divine provenance. But, again, it is very important that we, as modern Deanics, are forthright and honest about not only our origins as a religion , but also the origins of things like the scriptures, the names of the Janati and so forth. But, this isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

Recently, some devotees have asked where the names of the Janati originated. The answer that is usually given is that the lovely Filianic names were the ‘secret’ original names from the ‘Rhennish language’, (related to the German language). Or sometimes, a ‘primordial language’ is vaguely mentioned.

It has been explained that these original or true Janati names were not revealed to the public and so the Madrians only used the Greek-Titan names publicly, while using the Filianic names, privately.

There does not appear to be any foundation to this explanation and it was explained to me, otherwise, by my own sources. I have learned the hard way not to blindly trust or believe in a spiritual history without critically examining it for oneself. (See 5).

The following are several areas with regards to Deanic origins which I feel need more clarity. If anyone has actual and verified evidence to the contrary, please contact us because it would be of great importance.

1) To my knowledge and from what has been explained to me from early sources, our scriptures were not handed down to us from remote antiquity through matriarchal households as was claimed in the Madrian edition of the scriptures. (And, I don’t believe that the Filianists try to make such a claim.)

Nor were the scriptures necessarily ‘channeled’ by one person. Our scriptures, (though seemingly to be truly inspired and I don’t rule out the possibility of channeling for some of them), were written by several people who made use of various sources. These people chose to remain anonymous.

2) The Madrian religion was not pre-Christian as was sometimes claimed. However, the religion of the Divine Mother does stem from deep antiquity. Indeed, there have been recent archaelogical finds which push the date back even further than previously known. There are scholars, both western and eastern, who believe that the Divine Mother God religion was the first religion of humanity.

3) Recently, there was an unintended controversy over our experiment to change the Eastre date. However, it should be noted that while both the Madrians and the Filianists hold the same Eastre date, they do not hold the same date for Nativity or Epiphany. And so, the early branches did not always observe the same dates for the holy days.

4) It should be understood that many of the articles in the now out of print, The Coming Age, sponsored by Lux Madriana, were fiction and they were written as such. Additionally, one should do their own critical research on the history of the Amazons. Other articles do contain a wealth of relevant information.

5) In Madrianism, the Janati were known as the Geniae and were written as the Geniae or the Genia in the Madrian edition of the scriptures. They were originally modeled upon the Greek Titans, as the Planetary Powers of Eurynome. (Janites use additional sources for the Janati.) The Madrians referred to them by their Titan names. The Filianic names came later. Filianic was also a word that was not used by the Madrians.

 The understanding of the nature of the Janati also appears to have evolved, through time. 

 My understanding and what I have been told is that the Filianic names were not the secret names from the Rhennish language nor did they originate from any type of primordial language.

 It seems evident to many and it has been explained to us that the Filianists adopted certain Hindu influences into the Faith that was not to be found in the earlier Madrian Tradition. As one example, there appears to be a certain Hindu influence to be found with regards to the titles of Sai and the very name, Janati/Janyati,  both Sanskrit words.

However, that being said, the adoption of certain Hindu influences in the Filianic branch of the Faith is certainly appropriate. The longest Living Stream Mother God religion is the Shakti branch of Hinduism. And, within the Hindu Faith may be found some exquisitely beautiful devotions and hymns to the Divine Mother. Some of these hymns may be found in the Gospel of Our Mother God, which is the Filianic edition of the scriptures. (Please see our links section.)

The very word, Janati, first coined by the Filianists for use in the Faith, ( the Y was added for certain reasons), comes from the Sanskrit language. Janati is Sanskrit for generate, cause, to be born, create, beget and to produce.

Sai is a Sanskrit word which means saint. It is a term of respect.

Raya (as in Sai Raya) is a Sanskrit word which means King or a member of Royalty.

Vikha is also a Sanskrit word, but its meaning has no relation to the Janati that I can see.

Mati is Sanskrit for Intellect (which is so appropriate for Sai Mati.)

I do not mean to indicate that all of the Filianic names for the Janati stem from the Sanskrit, I only wish to emphasize that the Filianic names for the Janati came later and were not used by the early Madrians. Madria Olga Lotar, who was Madrian for 30 years, never referred to the Geniae as the Janyati or used their Filianic names to her long-time student’s knowledge.

Finally, I do feel that the Filianists were correct in assigning new names for the Janati because it is important to distinguish them from the actual Titan goddesses.

This is why it is fine for other, more recent, Deanic Traditions to use names for the Janati that are right for their own Tradition just as the Filianists chose names that were right for theirs.

May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.


ArchMadria Candra Sophia


Bits and Pieces


22 Columbina/April 11

O, Madria Vicka, Jana of Courage, Strength and Valor, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.


Dear Sisters and Devotees,

We wish our Jewish members and friends a very holy Passover!


There’s lots to talk about, today! Including our next phase of development which will be more of a creation phase!

Tomorrow’s blogpost will center around the Eastre scriptures and the Tarot-related symbols of the Elements.


Upcoming Ordinations in the beautiful Month of Flora!

First, plans are underway to ordain Madrina Dini as a priestess on 6 Flora/May 21 and Sorella Sophia as a deaconess on 13 Flora/May 28. Let us ask Madria Candra, Mistress of priestesses, to watch over them and guide them as they spiritually prepare for ordination.


Our New Creative Phase!

Now that we have completed our foundational phase for the Janite Tradition, we will begin our creative phase. This phase will focus on hymnology, literature, artwork, sacred dance and ritual.

We are very excited about Madria Erin’s fictional literature project and Sorella Sophia’s Labyrinthine ritual, which will be published in the near future.

What follows are a couple of suggested Full Moon Rituals. In the future, we will be referencing some nice Full Moon poetry and prayers for possible inclusion in the Rite of Sacrifice.

Full Moon Rituals!

Rite of Purification:

Madrina Dini, Sorella Shoshana and I have been discussing a feminine Full Moon Purification Ritual. I think this is a lovely suggestion for both the Full Moons and for the day of Kala. However, we might design a different approach for Kala. For the Full Moons, Sorella Shoshana rightly suggests a rose-themed purification bath (or shower for those who cannot take baths). The Full Moon is symbolic of the Celestial Mother, Mari. As we gaze at the Full Moon, we think of Her. She is the Rose of Joy, the Rose being one of Her main Symbols and so, Shoshana Sorella, Prima Sorella or First Sister of the Iremian Order of the JOP, suggests the following:

1) Place a crystal hanging in an Eastern window so it catches the moon’s light.

2) Take a relaxing bath with pink sea salt, pink rose petals, and rose oil.

4) Use rose water on the body and hair.

5) Sit under the Full Moon.

For the Iremian Order, she further suggests:

There shouldn’t be any chanting, meditation, or the like as that goes against the natural flow of things. It should simply be something extra and special. 

For clergy and members of the Agoran and Hestian Orders and other devotees, the Rite of Sacrifice should also be served.

I think for Kala, salts and oils based upon frankincense and myrrh would be appropriate.  We could also base the type of oils and salts on the particular Moon. For instance, during the Moons of Spring, which are of the Daughter time of Year, lotus, lily of the valley or jasmine oils might be used.

A Rite of Purification will be posted (in the near future) under our Prayers and Rites Page. Although, I think that as we begin to gather more rituals, we will have a separate Ritual page.


Another ritual for the Full Moon that I do, is a symbolic Drawing down the Moon. The rays of the moon, in Janite Tradition, represent or are symbolic of the Graces of the Holy Daughter, Kora. On the night of the Full Moon, I place a crystal bowl of water beneath the Full Moon before I serve the Rite of Sacrifice. After the completion of the Rite, I take a wand or blessed evergreen branch (that has been found on the ground) and point it to the moon. As I gaze at the moon, I begin to see a ray of moonlight descend towards the wand/branch and at which time I point the wand towards the water in the crystal bowl (as if I am directing the moon’s ray into the water). I repeat this two more times and then I take three sips of the water. I pour the rest onto the ground.


ANNOUNCING the Maidens of Aurora

Madria Erin, of the Auroran Tradition ( is forming the Maidens of Aurora. The Maidens of Aurora will be a sub-order of the wider Deanic community aimed for young women aged 15-25.

Madria Erin feels that there is a need for a community for young Deanic women.  It will focus on things like personal spiritual development and relationship with Dea, charitable works, inner beauty and femininity, sisterhood & friendship, creativity, and perhaps deaconess/madrina training. The structure will be partially modeled after various youth groups including the Mormon Young Women’s program, the more traditional/religious side of the Girl Guiding program (Girl Scouts in the US), and a group called Big Love Sista which focuses on the emotional and spiritual development of girls. There will be a formal announcement in the near future and a blog specifically set up for the Order.

It does my heart good to witness a Deanic priestess taking such initiative and a gigantic step towards the future of the Faith. This is what the future of the JOP is all about… training and ordaining priestesses who will go courageously out into the world, carrying the Light of the Faith to all who will receive it. As ArchMatrona Georgia recently noted, it takes great courage, perseverance and fortitude to serve as clergy of a relatively unknown Faith, let alone one that might seem to be a bit controversial after almost 3,000 years of all-male Patriarchal religions.

It’s important to note that we do not seek to replace these religions, rather, we are simply a place to worship our Divine Mother God. While for most of our Devotees, the Deanic Faith is their sole religion, many of our devotees actually practice a dual or Blended Path.

For those Priestesses who have been validly ordained by the JOP, they may practice the Janite Tradition of the Deanic Faith, or they may form their own Tradition such as Madria Erin’s Auroran or Madria Dini’s Panthean. Others may choose to serve as private priestesses rather than public.


On the True Nature of Beauty, a Divine Grace of Our Lady

Madrina Dini wrote a relevant article on the true nature of Beauty on her blog: Scroll down to : An Astute Observation. Beauty is very much an important aspect of the Deanic Faith. This article explains how to see Beauty in all its forms. Beauty, in its true nature, is a Grace from Dea.


Feast of Coronation

This year, I’m going to try to prepare ahead of time for the Holy Feast of Coronation on 14 Maia/May 1. While those who are talented craftmistresses might be able to fashion their own crowns, I’m not quite so talented. This year, I might order them through the florist. A small one to place on my Icon (or statue) of Our Lady and a larger one for myself. Traditionally, the crown for Our Lady is made of roses. We are gathering appropriate psalms and will be taking suggestions for added rituals, poetry, etc. The Litany of the Holy Daughter might be included on this day. We should try to wear white, if possible.


Madrina Dini to hold the office of First Daughter or Prima Filia

A few years ago, I chose Madrina Dini to succeed me as the reigning Mother of the Janites. However, the time was not quite right as she was in the midst of further spiritual studies, especially in the vitally important area of Shaktism.

Meanwhile, ArchMadria Kathi had graciously offered to fill this role. However, with the return of Kathi to the Roman Catholic Church and upon the completion of her studies, Madrina Dini shall be succeeding me as originally planned.

In the modern era, an hierarchical system is often looked upon with disfavor and suspicion, mostly due to the abuses that have occurred in its name. But, often, hierarchies are a necessity and even those who don’t claim to have an hierarchy, often really do.

We find, in books on life between lives written by top psychologists and on reincarnational studies, that there is an heavenly hierarchy, the hierarchy of the nine choirs of angels is but one example.

A proper hierarchy, one that does not abuse its position, helps to foster Order and Harmony within the Faith, two Virtues of the Stream of Madria Thema.

Where ours is an exceedingly feminine hierarchy based upon the Triple Motherhood, the office of the head or reigning Mother of the Janite Order of Priestesses and Sisters and of those Devotees who follow the Janite Deanic Tradition, will be known as Prima Madria or First Mother.

One of the duties of the First Mother or Prima Madria is to choose her successor within the first three years of her attaining office. This must be a careful choice, but also one that is based upon our Dea-given intuition.

This candidate must have been ordained as a priestess by the JOP and though she may have her own Tradition, such as Madrina Dini’s Pantheacraft Tradition, she must also be willing to foster and promote the Janite Tradition as well as running the Order of Priestesses and Sisters.

To clarify: the Janite Tradition is the religious expression of the Deanic Faith of Janites, which may be practiced by any Devotee. The Janite Order is open to all Deanic priestesses and those female devotees who would like to join the sisterhood.

The candidate who will succeed the Prima Madria will fill the office of First Daughter or Prima Filia. In order to exemplify the close bond between the Prima Madria and the Prima Filia, a spiritual adoption ceremony will take place. The Prima Filia or First Daughter will become, through ceremony, the spiritually adopted daughter of the Prima Madria or First Mother.

Madrina Dini’s spiritual adoption ceremony will occur directly after her ordination as priestess.

On Our Calendar

We are finishing up the last touches to our calendar before it is set in stone for our prayer book. We have restored the name Kala for 28 Moura/March 19 as Kala means dark (and also, time) and so, this time honored name of the holy day is most appropriate.

I have restored Anima Mundi as the name of the Fourth Mystery which we celebrate on Eastre. We were initially concerned about the fact that some people were confused by “World Soul”. They thought that this meant that the Earth is the literal body of the Holy Daughter, which is incorrect and so we felt we should change the name of the Mystery.  However, we must stay with Tradition. Janites model the Mythos of the Holy Daughter on the Shekinah/Sophia and in that Mythos, the Divine Shattering (of Kala) led to Her becoming the (Holy) World Soul. This has nothing to do with the Earth being Her literal body and so we will be sure to properly educate devotees on this matter in the future.

The Feast of Coronation has been restored to 14 Maia/May 1.

There may be a few other minor changes or additions as we prepare the calendar for publication.


May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.






Bits and Pieces/News/Updates and The Divine Shattering


16 Columbina/April 4


O, Madria Vicka, Jana of Courage, Strength and Valor, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Amen.


Bits and Pieces posts are usually a mish-mash of the latest news, updates and sometimes a brief, relevant article and today’s will be no exception.


It’s important to clarify that the Janite Order of Priestesses and Sisterhood  (the JOP), is open to all Deanic women over the age of 18 no matter from which Tradition they may hale. One does not have to practice the Janite Tradition in order to belong to one of the three sub-Orders, i.e.: the Agoran, Hestian and Iremian. The Janites are simply the hostesses of the Order. Nor does one need to be ordained as clergy to be a member. Those who are non-clergy devotees may join our sisterhood. Further development of the Order will commence during the Sacred Season of Summer.


I would like to mention that Madrina Dini, who will be working closely with me in the further development of the JOP, has been a student of Shaktism and a practicing Deanic devotee for many years.

Madrina Dini will have rather a unique place within the Deanic Faith. Upon her upcoming ordination into the priestesshood during the Sacred Month of Flora, she will, simultaneously, function as both a Janite priestess and an independent Panthean priestess. Both the Janite and Panthean Traditions, which Madrina is developing, will be connected. As she, herself has stated re: the Panthean Tradition: (Though still in the development stage) Pantheacraft is something unique  in that it bridges East and West – Ancient and Modern – Hindu and European.

She was my first named successor and has graciously agreed to return to that position. She is listed on our contact page.  Please visit her lovely blog:


Each day, morning and evening, many Janites greet and thank the Seven Janati. Some of us do so by bowing in the Five Directions during Aurora and Evensong devotions. But, members may also practice the Seven Bows. Bowing is an essential devotional practice in many religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity (especially Orthodox Christianity), etc. It is also important in our Tradition. Rather than facing each direction and reciting the prayers of the Auroran and Evensong rites, a devotee may simply bow seven times while greeting the Janati. Please see our Seven Bows page under our Prayers and Rites drop-down menu.


The Fora is an equi-distant solar cross whose vertical and horizontal rays extend beyond the circle.

Tracing the Fora (Solar Cross) upon yourself:

Hold the thumb, forefinger and middle finger together on your right hand while curling under the ring and pinkie fingers.

Touch your forehead and then you heart chakra and say: In the Name of the Mother. This ray symbolizes the Celestial Mother as being Transcendent. Then, touch the right shoulder and then the left shoulder and say: and of the Daughter. This ray symbolizes the immanence of the Holy Daughter. Finally, draw a clock-wise circle over heart-chakra and say: and of the Great Mother. This symbolizes the Great Mother as the Still Centre of All Being.

Bowing: Fold hands in prayer, resting tips of fingers on forehead and bow from the waist.



ArchMatrona Georgia, of the Lady of Light Chantry, has given permission to share a picture of her lovely Eastre altar.


The next section of Bits and Pieces will address the question as expressed on the blog of Madria Erin,, what is the full thealogy of the day of Moura/Kala if the Daughter is not dead?


May Our Lady bless you.




Bits and Pieces/Filiadi/Lustration/Deanic-Filianic


7 Columbina/March 27

O, Madria Candra, Jana of Reflection, Reason and Purity, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed are You.



As we place the finishing touches on our calendar, I have decided to adopt the name for Daughter’s Day (the day of Yule) as proposed by Moxxi, formerly of  deastarseed on Tumblr, now This link will be added to our links section this evening.

She came up with the absolutely most brilliantly inspired idea of naming Daughter’s Day, Filiadi! That is absolutely perfect for the Deanic religion! Thank you, Jacqueline for such a stellar idea!



I have long been toying with the idea of Lustration. It means purifying. The ancient Romans/Greeks had a day/period of lustration. Unfortunately, it often also involved animal sacrifice, but that was due to the the religious/social culture of the times.

I feel this idea is very fitting for female Deanic clergy and devotees. Many ancient religions held rites of Purification, modern religions do, as well, in the form of baptism, Mikvahs and other purification rites.

Purification baths are inherently feminine in nature. Water is feminine and powerful. It is a carrier of information and energy.

Madria Candra is the Mistress of Purity, the Guardian of Spirit and Ruler of Moura and so it is quite fitting that Lustration would occur during the Sacred Month over which She rules.

The day of Lustration on the Janite Calendar will occur on 28 Moura/March 19, the day of the Divine Shattering. On this day, the members of the JOP and any devotees who are so inclined, are encouraged to take a ritual, purifying bath with essential oils and salts, in addition to the practice of veiling, in honor of the Divine Mystery of this day and in preparation for the symbolic sharing of the life-giving Soul of the Holy Daughter on Eastre.

This is one day that I think a fast might be considered, but never mandatory. Fasting comes in different modes. This will be addressed in the future.


Blog Updates

The Lady of Light Chantry is now accurately described as a Feminine Religious Society (Sacred Sorority or Devotional Sisterhood) dedicated to Dea Matrona (Divine Great-Mother).  Please see all updated pages on

A reminder that Sorella Sophia continues to have a very active blog on :

And, Madria Erin wrote a beautiful post fo Kala in her Auroran Tradition:

I understand that there are also some very lovely Deanic and Filianic Tumblr posts. If you would like your Tumblr link included here, please contact us. Thank you.



Our religion has certainly evolved since its inception in the 1970’s. Though the Deanic/Filianic expression of the Faith may be closing in on 50 years(!),  the core of the religion, the belief in the Divine Mother, harkens back through the ancient mists of matriarchal times, back to the belief in the Great Mother Goddess of our far ancestors. This religion once spanned tens of thousands of years. We find streams of this most revered Faith within Hinduism, principally, Shaktism.

Just as Madrianism and Filianism differed in many ways, modern Deanism does not always mean the same thing as Filianism. There is a saying in the neo-Pagan community: not all Pagans are Wiccan, but all Wiccans are Pagan. And within Wicca we discover a plethora of Traditions. The above saying may be applied to all the different denominations of Christianity, for instance: Not all Christians are Episcopalian, but all Episcopalians are Christian.

By the same token, not all Deanics are Filianics, but all Filianics are Deanic. Janites are Deanic, but we are not Filianic. There are differences between Janites and Filianists just as there are between Baptists and Catholics. Filianism, the Luciennes, the Aurorans, the Madrians, the Janites, the Pantheans, to name a few, are all small, but differing Traditions or denominations within the growing Deanic religion.

All Deanics share the same basic belief in the Supreme Godhood of Our Mother God in Her Triple Form, whether that Form is understood to be a Trinity or a Triplicity (the latter in its archaic form meaning the ‘state of being triple’).

Deanics and Filianics tend to worship Forms/Images of Our Lady according to each, their own culture. Quite often, these Living Stream Images/Forms are being released from clear Patriarchal mythical demotion and restored to their Primordial status.

Each devotee must worship Dea under the Living Stream image that speaks to their soul whether it be Mari, Anna, Kore, Sophia, Shekinah, Bridget, Isis, Tara, Quan Yin, Amaterasu, or the Hindu Goddesses. The Living Face of Dea which tugs at the heartstrings of a devotee is most often an image either of their ancestral or spiritual ‘blood’, so to speak.

Most religions have differing sects within its mainstream. Judiasm has three main branches, Orthodox, the Conservative and Reform. The four main denominations of Hinduism are  Vaishnavism, Shaivism, Shaktism and Smartism. There are also six sub-types of Hinduism. There are schools of Buddhism. Not only does Christianity have many, many widely differing denominations, but the very date of Easter is celebrated at different times between Eastern Orthodoxy and Western Christendom!

A majority of Deanic Traditions revere the same scriptures, have similar creeds, share certain prayers, follow the same Basic Wheel of the Year (though the names of the holy feasts,days, months and seasons may differ), and believe in the Seven Janati.

But, as with the denominations of other religions, we might also have some core differences. Some Traditions might tend strongly towards the liturgical, others not so much. Some might take the Mythos of the Divine Daughter from one source while others might be inspired by another source, both authentic. We are all gazing at the One Same Diamond, but through different colored Facets and this should never be a reason for discord.

All that matters is the worship of Dea, Our Divine Mother God and the knowledge that the Holy Daughter suffered a supreme sacrifice out of Her Most Pure Love for us. Whether this Mystery has been expressed through  the Mythos of Inanna, as in the Filianic Deanic Tradition, or through the Mythos of the Shekinah/Sophia as in the Janite Deanic Tradition, She is the One Divine Holy Daughter.

Each of us must dance to the tune and sing along with the melody which most enchants our hearts, captures our souls and entrances our minds.

Our religion teaches Order, Harmony and Amity. These are the core principles by which we must ever strive to live. This is the teaching of our scriptures after the Love of Dea and Her children.


May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.


ArchMadria Candra Sophia