Sacred Season of Fall/Madria Thame/Apple Moon

1 Abalon/Sept.5


Day of Madria Mati (Sophia)

O, Madria Mati, Jana of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us.

Today marks the beginning of the Sacred Season of Fall.

It is also the Feast Day of Madria Thame’ and either tonight or tomorrow night may be considered the night of the Full Apple Moon.

Clergy may serve the liturgy for Madria Thame’ over the next three nights or on the upcoming weekend. If served on one of the next three nights, that liturgy may take the place of the Rite of Sacrifice for the Full Apple Moon.

The same applies for those who would like to serve the RoS in honor of Madria Thame’. If served within the next three nights, that will also suffice for the observance of the Apple Moon. It is not necessary to serve two separate Rites.

The upcoming feast day for the holy Month of Abalon, in addition to the Feast of Madria Thame, will be the major Feast of Matralia on 17 Abalon/Sept. 21. This feast day, in honor of the Holy Trinity, is also known as the Feast of Divine Life.

Later today, there will be a brief article on Madria Thame. Tomorrow, we will finish up our three part series which ends with the Seven Janati.

Please note the following correspondences for the Sacred Season of Fall and, as always, if any devotee has questions, please feel free to contact me at or you may contact one of the sisters listed on our contacts page. You do not need to be a member of the JOP in order to contact us or to ask questions about the Faith.

May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.


Season of the Celestial Mother as the Apple of Wisdom.


Jana: Madria Thame.

Sacred Symbol: The Apple.

Element: Earth.

Elemental Color: Green.

Liturgical colors: Blue and Purple.

Direction: West.

Time of Day: Twilight.

Mystery: Terram: The Mystery of the Celestial Mother as the Ground of All Being.

Pendants: Apple


Apple, Fora, Sun.


Abalon (Old Welsh meaning Appleland.): Sept. 5 – Oct. 2

Feast Days:

1 Abalon/Sept. 5- The Feast of Madria Thame *.

17 Abalon/Sept. 21- Matralia.  (Feast of the Divine Feminine Trinity.)

Full Moon: Apple Moon.

Ourania: (Meaning Heavenly, Cosmic): Oct. 3 – Oct. 30.

Full Moon: Cosmic Moon.


Samhain: (Older form of Samhain meaning Summer’s End. For the Celts, summer ended in October.): Oct. 31- Nov. 27.

Feast Day:

1 Samhain/Oct. 31: Shimovane: (Older form of Samhain meaning Summer’s End.)  Feast of the Dead. (Liturgy or the RoS is optional, not mandatory.)

Spirit Moon.


Bits and Pieces

15 Vespera/Aug. 22


Exciting New Madrian Info/ECE//Janyati Names/Anthea/Moira Day/

Dear Sisters and Devotees,

There is so much happening, it’s been hard to keep up with it all! There have been and continue to be new Madrian documents being discovered which are shedding a greater light on the original beliefs of the Deanic religion. There will be additional new material being made public shortly.  As Serene Mother Ghrian recently commented, if only some of this material had previously been made known to us, we would have had a much greater understanding of the Madrian religion. I second that sentiment. It has long been my own desire to have a greater understanding of the foundations of our Faith other than what had previously been available to us.

This is, indeed, a joyful, exciting time and it is thanks to the hard work of Mr. David Kay and Sorella Sophia who have faithfully kept many documents and the recent work of archivist, Race MoChridhe.

We have added links to the Oxford Goddess Revival archive to our resources section under Madrian Archives I and II and Madrian Resources. Please note our important disclaimer under description.

 The Eastminster Critical Edition of the Clear Recital

  This is the latest edition of our scriptures as arranged and edited by Race MoChridhe. Personally, I appreciate having each edition of the scriptures and the ECE is no exception. In addition to a fine rendering of the text, the appendixes and critical apparatus are invaluable. This edition may be found through his blog,

Janati Names:

We are currently researching the origin of the Aristasian names of the Janati. New evidence has surfaced that the Madrians may have been aware of the higher translation of the Greek  names. If so, this would be very important information for us. I’m so grateful that all of this exciting information is coming to us now. In relation to the Seven Janati, please see this entire article on the Seven Planetary Principles:

And note the following fragment, the one on the right of the Crystal Tablet, it appears to be quite old, but has not been professionally examined, to my knowledge. If you magnify it, you are able to read it and it mentions Sai Raya/Madria Theia.

(Please note, rayin means queen).

Other evidence has come to light about the Madrian knowledge of the Sanskrit names of the Janati. As such, the issue of whether or not to restore the Sanskrit names within Clan Jana is currently being discussed within the JOP.


Lady Anthea

Please note that under geniae, we are using the original name of Lady Anthea rather than Lady Thalia for the geniae of blossoms.


Moira Day

Tomorrow is Moira Day, or the Day of Werde’.

We  will offer a Madrian meditation for this day of contemplating personal fate.


May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.







Bits and Pieces/Music of the Spheres/Janati/geniae

8 Vespera/Aug. 15

Music of the Spheres/Janati/geniae/Odin’s Cross vs Celtic Fora/Altar set up. 

Great Dove of the Waters, Rose of the World, Help us to aspire to the heart of the flame.

You are the Music of the Spheres, You are the Meaning of all words, You are the end of every road and also its beginning.

Help us to know You. (From the Madrian Rite of Sacrifice.)

20) Yet, within the seed is the essence of a tree, and from the seed, the whole tree may unfold. 21) So, from essential Truth unfoldeth all other knowledge as the music of the spheres unfoldeth from a single note. (From The Seed of Truth, vs 20 and 21). 

The Music of the Spheres, the idea of which originated with the renowned mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras, (1) also has a place within our religion. It represents the sublime harmony of Creation or, as in the Lucienne Tradition (Lady of Light Chantry), it represents the Oran Mor or the Great Melody of Creation. {See this beautiful article (2)}.

Astoundingly, and yet, perhaps not too surprisingly, scientists have found proof of this heavenly music; they found that the Music of the Spheres, of the stars and of the planets is real!  To listen to the Music of  the Spheres, please see the articles under :(3-5)

Janati/geniae in the Janite Tradition.

The Seven Living, Intelligent Streams of Dea, Who are the planetary powers or the rulers of the planets, were originally known, by the Madrians, as Geniae, plural or Genia/singular. It was later that the Geniae became known, through Filianism, as the Janyati.

Because the ‘y’ has a special meaning that is not relevant or appropriate for Janites, we spell it as it is in Sanskrit: Janati for the plural and Jana for the singular. 

Aside from the Seven Who are Living Streams of Dea in angelic form, there were also lesser geniae/janati, who were considered to be the ‘daughters’ of the Seven.

In the Janite Tradition, these lesser geniae/janya are not considered to be the daughters of the Janati per se, but they are considered to be divine beings in angelic form. To differentiate them from the Seven Janati, we refer to them as geniae (with a lower case g). We give them the title of Lady as opposed to Madria/Mother as with the Janati.

The geniae of the Janite Tradition are:

Lady Annya: genia of fire, the reflection of the Sun.

Lady Chara: genia of joy

Lady Charis: genia of beauty, splendour, glory and adornment.

Lady Herthe’: genia of hearth and home.

Lady Kala: genia. She is the cutter of fate. (The three fates are said to be a reflection of the Holy Trinity on manifest plane of flux and change. (Gospel of Our Mother God.)

Lady Maia: genia. She is the spinner of fate.

Lady Ouranya: genia of the sky.

Lady Thalia: genia of blossoms. (Also known as Anthea).

Lady Vaya: genia of wind spirit or spirit of breath.

Lady Werde’: genia. She is the weaver of fate.

The feast day of the geniae, which included the Janati in the Madrian religion was held on Dec. 25, as their date of Nativity differed from that of the Filianists. The Janites assign individual feast days for the Seven Janati according to Their Season. And so, the feast day for the geniae shall be celebrated on 1 Maia/April 18.


‘Odin’s Cross’ vs Celtic Knot Cross

It is absolutely reprehensible when hate groups misappropriate sacred symbols as being symbolic of hate, genocide and racism such as the Nazi swastika which was and still is a symbol of great holiness within Hinduism. The very word, swastika comes from the Sanskrit word, svastika which means, good fortune. It was first used in Neolithic Eurasia in honor of Dea in Her form of Sunna, a Form and Image of the Supernal Sun. She was the primary Goddess in Germanic society for thousands of years. (7)

The pentagram is another example. Always a sacred symbol since time beyond memory, it also came to signify the five wounds of Christ! Now, anyone who walks around wearing a pentacle with be met with averted eyes and airs of suspicion.

Now, what is being called Odin’s Cross (it is a Celtic solar cross) is used as a symbol of White Supremacists groups. .

I, for one, refuse to allow our most sacred symbol be overtaken by these people. We know the depths of meaning this symbol has for the Deanic religion. And it has meaning in Celtic Christianity, too.

Image result for Celtic solar cross pendants

Odin’s crosses tend to be very rugged looking and very straight. I wear one that is very Celtic looking and is probably closer to the Celtic knot cross.

Yes, we could change our main symbol. But, how many times do we have to change symbols because some evil group decides to use it to represent them?

To those who are concerned about wearing a symbol that has been taken over by evil, and I do understand, then I suggest a Celtic knot cross such as the following. Not all have the inner circle which represents the Still Centre of Being, but, they are close enough.



Janite Altar Set Up

Janite hestia altars are to be found everywhere:  a corner table; the top of an hope chest; a bureau, an icon corner, or a specially made altar. Some have room for  seven candles, others have room for one central candle.

Right now, as I have recently moved and we are still renovating the interior of my hestia, I am actually using an antique vanity table. I have a picture of the Holy Daughter on my altar and images of the Celestial Mother and the Great Mother up above the altar.

The altar is placed in the East. When the Mistress of the Hestia or the madria/madrina is facing the altar, she is facing East.

So, the number of candles to be found on a Janite altar would be one of of sacred numbers: one, three, five or seven. They can be arranged any way.

The altar cloth or scarf is the color of the Season and so right now, the altar cloth would be red.

When I had my main altar set up, I had the five directional candles and two main altar candles for the sacred number seven. For safety sake,if using the seven, these candles may also be lined up along the back of the altar. Today, I have two antique globe lights as my main altar candles, two pillar lights and a central tea light.

The scriptures should be on a side-table, to the left. (If they fit on the altar, great!)

If not allergic to incense, there should be an incense holder, which is placed to the back-right-hand side of the altar, along with a bowl of holy water, which is placed to the right and  a vial of holy oil which is placed on the left of the altar.

We use wands to bless in the five directions, to stir the water when making holy water and for other liturgical reasons. A fresh evergreen  branch, that has been found on the ground, may be used instead of the wand. The wand is placed on the right side of the altar, near the holy water.

If the altar is small, then the central candle is moved to the back of the altar and the chalice and patene’ are placed in the center of the altar.

A statue, icon or image of Our Lady may be placed in the middle of the altar (behind the chalice and patene’) or above or near the altar. Of course, images of the entire Trinity and the Janati may surround the altar as well. Look up icon corners and see how many images Orthodox Christians have in their home shrines!

The Madrians had a ritual to consecrate an altar or home shrine which will be found in the prayer book. For now, simply following the Blessing Rite and bless (with holy water), consecrate (with incense) and anoint(with holy oil) your altar.

The blessing with holy water is done through the Grace of the Holy Daughter, Kora.

The consecrating with incense is done through the Energy or Force of the Celestial Mother, Mari. (If allergic, this step may be skipped.)

The anointing with holy oil is done through the Power of the Great Mother.

The Blessing Rite may be found here:


Eternal is the Light of the Mother,

Eternal is the Love of the Daughter,

Eternal is the Life of the Great Mother.

Glorious is the Eternity of Dea.


ArchMadria Candra Sophia









  1. For an easy to understand article:
  4. Sound recording of the stars:
  5. The planets (scroll down to video). (Do your own search…there are a lot of them from NASA.)
  6. See under etymology:
  7. Madria Dini and

The Triple Moon

3 Vespera/Aug. 10



Day of Madria Thema, Symbol: the Apple.

O, Madria Thema, Jana of Justice, Order and Harmony, be with us.

I see the fullness of the moon reflected perfectly in the stillness of the lake and I think, how beautiful.

I look up and see the the Full Moon rising in the twilit sky and I think, how breathtaking.

I look beyond the Full Moon to the Supernal Moon beyond the Veil and I think, how glorious.

Hail, Kore, Our Supernal Moon. Blessed are You!



Bits and Pieces

2 Vespera/Aug. 9


O, Madria Sofia, Jana of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us.

In this Bits and Pieces:

New posts by ArchMadria Ghrian and Madria Gwenevere; A Christian chasuble which looks remarkably Divine Feminine; and my own experience of the Veil of Illusion. 

New Posts

There are a couple of important new posts:

ArchMatrona Ghrian has written a post explaining the titles and personal Names of the Divine Trinity for the Lucienne Tradition which are Rose/Celestial Mother, Lily/Holy Daughter and Flo:

And, while this might not be suitable for the young due to the subject matter, Madria Gwenevere has written a post from her heart which shows how Dea can rescue us from the most dire moments in our lives. Very magickal and inspiring ending to this story. And may all those who suffer from depression, seek not only Dea’s help, but professional help, as well.


Divine Feminine Chasuble:

While, at times, the pre-Vatican Church might depict the Christ-child as looking very feminine, this chasuble is remarkable in that it seems to depict the Divine Mother and Daughter. Many of the angels look feminine.  Research seems to indicate that it was embroidered by Marie-Anne Leroudier. Thanks to Sorella Barbara for coming across it: 


Image result for image of the veil of Illusion

The Veil of Illusion

Last night, when I was serving the Rite of Sacrifice (RoS) shortly before the rising of the Full Evening Moon, I opened the scriptures to

Thoughts of the Mind verses 28-37. I love this passage of scripture. It reminds us that beneath the Veil of Matter, Our Lady is the Essence of the All.  At the end of the RoS, during the time of contemplation/meditation we read: Let us consider that the earthly things we see about us are but illusion, and that we could see with clearer eyes, a more glorious vision would appear before us. 
And so, I was reminded how often my beautiful lake and trees, perhaps more and more, lately, seem like an illusion.
I used to play a couple of video games with my boys when they were younger and one was a very famous car racing game. You could choose from a variety of cities, each of which was faithfully reproduced. As you raced your car through the city, whether it was San Francisco, NYC or Seattle, the landscape would appear as you drove…it would appear just as you were at the spot of observation.
   There are some scientific theories which believe this is true of our world, that the world only exists when it is being observed by consciousness. It is, as our religion teaches, an illusion.
  Oftentimes, when I am driving my car along the road or even sitting in my yard watching the treeline across the lake, I have a very strong sense that it is all an illusion, like in that video game.
 When I am sitting in my yard by the lake; when the landscape seemed less real,, when it appears to be an illusion like in the video game, it actually makes me sad. It’s such a beautiful, peaceful spot, I hate to think that it is all an illusion. That is until I read that passage near the end of the Sacrifice.  I realized that though the world around me might well be an illusion, it is only a thin veil that hides the Glories of the Real. And so, I remember that this lake, these trees are but an imperfect mirror of the Reality Above. It’s like seeing a rainbow reflected in a lake and not realizing that the real rainbow is arcing over the lake, in all its vivid magnificence.
Now, when I sit and gaze at the lake and the trees beyond, I will remember that, yes, it is an illusion as it sometimes appears to be, but if the veil of illusion was cleared away, I would see a wondrous vision, a wondrous realm….our True Home.
 There are many Near Death Experience stories… where …if they are in a room or an hospital when they die, it’s like everything just opens up right there…….. the veil of the illusion of the room opens up to the glory and light beyond (or the tunnel).
And so, it is true, the veil of illusion in our world can simply open up like a curtain and reveal the Glory of the Real.
May Our Lady bless you.
Blessed is She.
A. M. Candra Sophia


Vespera/ Full Evening Moon

1 Vespera/ Aug. 8


O, Madria Vicka, Jana of Courage, Strength and Valor, be with us.


Today begins the Sacred Month of Vespera (also known as Vaskaras or Hesperis in the Filianic/Madrian calendar). The calendar page may be found below.

Vesperas means Evening and it is named for the last month of the Sacred Season of Summer. For those of us here in the North-Eastern U. S., the secular month of August (named, of course, for Augustus Caesar), is truly the evening of the summer months as things begin to cool quickly here in Abalon/Sept.

On the Janite calendar, for the month of Vesperas, we have added Moira’s Day, from the Madrian calendar. This day is known to Filianists as the Day of Werde. It is observed on 16 Vespera/Aug. 23 and we will be posting an article about its meaning in the upcoming weeks.


According to my moon ap, tonight is the Full Evening Moon, although it says it is 98%. Oftentimes, the moon is literally full in the wee hours of the night. However, the Deanic/Filianic day begins as dawn, not at midnight and so the Full Evening Moon is tonight.  In the Lucienne Tradition (Lady of Light Chantry) it is the Spinner Moon which is another apt name considering the Moirai were spinners of fate as was the Goddess, Moira.

For the Evening Moon, the Rite of Sacrifice may be served by devotees and clergy up until three days after it is Full.


On another note:

I am supposed to be on a ‘pseudo-vacation’ this week and so rather than working on a weekly article, I will devote my extra time to the prayer book project. The weekly articles will resume, next week.


Calendar Page:

Unfortunately, I am not tech-savvy enough to be able to reproduce this the way I have it in my word-doc, which is in color with lovely pictures at the top and title page properly aligned.




Evening Moon

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May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.


ArchMadria Candra Sophia