An Official Statement on Who We Are/Our Creed

20 Sunna/Aug.27

Rosadi/Tues. Day of the Sacred Rose.

The Janite Deanic Ekklesia is neither Madrian nor Filianic, nor are we associated with their history.  Members of the former two Orders of the Madrians (some of whom went on to found present-day Filianism) are the founders of the Deanic religion as we practice it, but just as there are many Christian denominations which are very different from the founding religion of Christianity, so it is with the Janites.

It is similar to the difference between say, Baptists and Roman Catholics. Though there were several groups who were the first followers of ‘The Way’ of Jesus (who were Jewish),  Christianity, as it has been handed down to us today, is the product of the combined Roman Catholic (RCC) and Orthodox Christian Churches. These two churches were one, undivided Church for over the first 1,000 years of Christianity.

The Christianity that has been handed down to us today, is the result of centuries of debate, argument and discussion of doctrines and practices. The core doctrines of Christianity slowly evolved over those centuries.

All Christians received their New Testament scriptures through the undivided Church (RCC and Orthodox Christian), though many don’t like to admit that.

There were many gospels and writings circulating at that time. Some were spurious, yes, but many had the same antiquity and acceptance as the gospels which were finally chosen, by the leaders of the undivided Church, to be included in the canon of the New Testament. Others were rejected if they did not meet the doctrinal requirements of the RCC.

So, in a nutshell, Baptists and Catholics share the same God (the Trinity), core doctrines, beliefs, scriptures and the prayer of Christianity, the Our Father. However, in practice, culture and in the interpretation of many of the doctrines and  scriptural verses, they could not possibly be further apart. Though they are both Christian, essentially they are not the same religious expression of Christianity, they do not share the same history and they are not in communion or formal association with each other.

By the same token, though we share a belief in most (not all) of the fundamental doctrines of Madrianism/Filianism and share some of the same prayers, the same scriptures and the belief in the Divine Feminine Trinity/ Janati, we are very far apart from Madrianism and Filianism in certain fundamental doctrines, culture and practice and we do not share the same history.

Nor are we in communion with or in association with Madrianism and Filianism, nor are they with us. And though we are both exceedingly and eternally grateful for the work of our founding mothers and fathers, we do not represent them and they do not represent us.

The Janite Deanic Ekklesia consists of Clan Jana, the Janite Order of Priestesses (JOP) and the Iremian Deanic Sisterhood (IDS). In addition to the foundational doctrines and scriptures which we inherited from the founders of Madrianism and Filianism, we have our own way of interpreting some of the scriptures and we have our own culture, practices and doctrines.

Clan Jana is made up of those hestias (sacred homes which have been blessed and consecrated to Dea) whose members consider themselves to be Janite devotees.

The JOP is the Order of our priestesses, including those archsorellas, (high sisters), who have begun priestess training.

The Iremian Sisterhood is open to all female Janite devotees.

We are hoping that a future Brotherhood will be formed, as well.

I will end with our Creed, which is a slightly adapted form of the Filianic/Secret Order Madrian with the additional verse in honor of our belief in the Seven Janati:

I believe that I am created from before the Dawn of Time,
by the Eternal One, Madria Dea.
And I believe that She is One and Three and Seven.

I believe in the Celestial Mother, She Who is Pure Light;
The Creatrix of the Earth and of the Heavens,
and of all the infinite Cosmos.

And I believe in Her Holy Daughter, born of the Celestial Mother;
She Who rules all the energies of Creation,
Whose Nature is Perfect Love.

And I believe that there is She, Who stands beyond these Two,
Whose Name has not been spoken upon this Earth;
For She is the Beginning and the end,
The First Principle and the Final Cause,
The unoriginated Origin of Being;
The Great Mother of all that is and all that is not; She, Who Is.

I believe in the Seven Janati, the Seven Great Powers of Dea.
I believe that they are the Living Streams of Virtue who flow from the Mother
and that, together, these Living Streams form the River of Life.

I believe that it is through the Holy Daughter,
that my soul shall rise renewed in its Perfection,
that I may return to Eternal Communion with the Eternal One,
Madria Dea,
In the Completion of the Wholeness of Her Will. Blessed is She.

Thank you.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides, founder of the Janite Deanic Ekklesia/Clan Jana/Janite Order of Priestesses and the Iremian Sisterhood.

Blog: Priestess of Holy Wisdom; Demotion Myths

15 Columbina/April 4


O, Madria Sage, Jana of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us.

I would like to draw your attention to the following About Page:

This is an excellent introduction to what the authoress calls Sophian Filianism.

I’m not sure the About Page is listed on her menu, and so we will be including this particular link in our links section.

The Janites might also refer to themselves as Sophian Deanic as the Janite Tradition, like the Kyrian Tradition before it, was created to honor Sophia as Our Mother/Daughter God.

I am in complete agreement with this well written article and I, too, have come to understand the Barbelo, ( though some Gnostics tried to claim She was either male or androgynous), as being Absolute Deity. She is understood by many scholars to be the Higher Avatar or Form of Sophia.

Both Monad and Monogenes, terms used by Gnostics to describe the Absolute, were originally feminine nouns. This is why Janites often refer to the Absolute, the Great Mother, as the Monas, the original form of Monad.

The teachings on this priestessofholywisdom website are perfectly compatible with Janite Tradition. Zoe is an acceptable Form for the Holy Daughter and the authoress does a fine job of tying in the story of Zoe-Eve with the idea of the Filianic Sacrifice. In fact, there is a connection here, with our communion rite, something which we received from the Madrians and known to our priestesses both past and present, if they could but make the connection.

It must be remembered that like Christianity, Gnosticism is more of an umbrella term for different schools of Gnostic thought which oftentimes resulted in the variations of the myths.

In Sophian Filianism, we are merely restoring Sophia to Her original Glory because only in Gnosticism is there the idea that the Divine Daughter of Wisdom could possibly commit an huge error by choosing to create by Herself and so, just as the powerful Roman Church blamed a human female, Eve, for the Fall of Creation, so Gnostic Christians blamed the Divine Female for the Fall of Creation and through their myths, raped Eve.

This is why I left Gnosticism. I had enough of the extremely misogynistic, evil teachings of Catholic (I am a former Catholic) and Gnostic Christianity where females are blamed for the plight of humanity and creation and thereby needing a male saviour. In Gnosticism, the Divine Sophia, Who is trapped here, is forced to beg, through singing many songs of repentance, for Her male savior to allow Her to re-ascend through the realms .

I have lived the results of these false teachings as have my fore-mothers before me. It results in women becoming second class citizens in their churches, taking part of the blame for Eve’s ‘fault’ and, at times, being considered spiritually inferior but saved through childbirth or obeying their husbands. This might sound farfetched, but it was the experience of females in my former church for almost two millennia until just a few short decades ago. It has yet to be completely eradicated.

Let me make clear that here, I am not speaking about women becoming priests in the Catholic Church. I am a firm believer that males should liturgically channel the Divine Masculine while females should liturgically channel the Divine Feminine.

I feel that those who have resurrected the Gnostic Churches since the finding of the Nag Hamadi texts should stop and think about what they are doing when they perpetuate an ancient MYTH which, perhaps without meaning to, demonizes, degrades, traps, rapes and humiliates the Divine Female. Even if they consider Her to be the lowest Aeon, She is still Divine and on the same level as Christ, the Logos, Her Twin. Imagine if all of this stuff was taught about the Christ Aeon!

And what is even worse, this time, it is not just an human female, the mother of all humanity on Earth, but the Divine Female, the Mother of the Cosmos, Wisdom, Herself, Who is degraded blamed, ultimately forcing the Divine Daughter of Wisdom to beg for mercy from Her male consort.

If modern Gnostics can veer away from the Gnostic belief that manifest creation is evil, why can’t they realize that the demotion of the Divine Feminine is just as erroneous. It is clear that some Gnostic Christians re-wrote some of the pre-Christian texts to suit their inherent bias.

Why don’t they restore Her to Her original place and reveal Her to be the Sacrificial Heroine that Kabbalists see in Her counterpart, the Shekinah? ( See especially the second paragraph under Shekinah and Creation.)

In Gnostic Christianity….it is ok for a Male to create without His Female consort, but, apparently, a Female may not do the same without wreaking havoc, destruction and causing immense suffering.

We do not accept such teachings. And certainly, the Russian mystics did not and do not see Sophia that way nor do those Christians, both ancient and modern, who understood Her to be the Holy Spirit, Whom, in Gnostic texts, Jesus referred to as his MOTHER.

And so, in summary, the male theologians took our human mother and blamed her for the Fall and all the evils and sickness of creation.

They blamed her for ‘enticing her husband to sin’. And the Roman Church went so far as to say we all had to inherit this sin….that we are literally born with the stain of Original Sin on our souls which is why Jesus had to be tortured and killed so that the stain could be removed through baptism and the gates of heaven be re-opened.

So, in other words, ultimately, according to mainstream Christianity, the male savior had to come because the female Eve sinned against the male god and caused her husband to sin. So, they demoted and demonized our human mother, the mother of all the Living.

The Gnostics did the exact same thing to Our Divine Mother, Sophia,  Divine Wisdom, the Mother of all the Cosmos, Who as part of the Godhead, cannot make such an error.

And, they went so far as to have our human mother, who had the Light of the Daughter, Zoe-Sophia within Her, raped and defiled! (Though, I believe the Light of Zoe first departed from Eve)!

Let us remember that these were myths that  were  written by men; they were not historical  events. We do not have to accept parts of myths that defile and demote the female whether human or divine. This is what gives religious zealots, both past and present, the idea that it is ok to treat women as being spiritually inferior.

At the same time that the Gnostics defamed, demoted, trapped, raped and defiled the Divine Feminine, the Roman Church, took Her away completely by making Her into a male with the erroneous teaching that both the Logos and His Twin, Wisdom, incarnated forever as the male, Jesus and further  teaching that the Holy Spirit is male, thereby  leaving us with only the human mother, Mary, who must never be considered divine, because only the male can be considered divine.

(And I don’t want to hear any excuses as to how the Church really believes that God is either genderless  or that God is both male and female. The Traditional Catholic Church clearly taught that God was male and explained why.)  And this human mother, Mary, was dependent upon her son for her immaculate conception. (There is an excruciating attempt to explain this in Catholic theology where this was preordained for her through the future merits of her son.)

So, again, thanks to male theology, we have yet another female who, though this time is not blamed for the Fall, she is still dependent on a male saviour and cannot be divine. So, we can have a divine Father, but not a Divine Mother.

Thankfully, there is a school of Russian thought where Mary is considered to be the incarnation of Sophia.

I say that there is no place in the 21st century for these antiquated, misogynist in the extreme, harmful teachings. And I am not making these statements as a radical feminist. Quite the contrary, I am a traditional, conservative woman. But, I am a woman who has the Divine Spark of my Mother residing within the temple of my soul and it is for Her, for Our Very and True Mother, that I fight.

I fight for Her right to be recognized as being Divine in Her Own Right; Who is not dependent on a male consort or a male saviour in order to be part of the Godhead.

She is Supreme. She gave birth to the Male. She is God in Her Own right. She did not sin, or error, or cause the Fall. She did not get raped or create the half aborted demi-urge or half-maker. She is not trapped here against Her Divine and Powerful Will. Nor is She the Ruler of the Seven Hebdomas who are evil archonic planetary powers. This is an inversion of the truth.

Why must we accept these awful myths that were written by men, not women…..  thousands of years ago? Especially when we have the evidence that they changed some of the original texts to suit their narrative? (More on that to come in the near future.)

This is why, decades ago, I sought to somehow become a valid priestess and form an Order through which She could be honored and worshiped as God in Her Own Right, just as did the Collyridians of old. (Evidence has recently come to light that the Collyridians were more far-reaching than previously thought and may have lasted for centuries).

This is also why Janites believe that the worship of the Mother must be kept separate from Divine Masculine worship because, as many of us have experienced, She is all too quickly subsumed by the Divine Masculine. The painting of Sophia and Jehovah in the Sistine Chapel is a clear illustration of this experience. Jehovah is huge, mighty, strong while Sophia is tiny and shadowed beneath his arm.

Through the blessing of the Deanic/Filianic religion, whose roots may go back further than I initially thought, we have the tools to take Sophia, Our Divine Mother God, out of the shadow of the Divine Masculine and restore Her to Her proper place.

We can free Her from being raped, demoted, trapped, demonized, humiliated and restore for Her, the recognition of Her Glory, Her Divinity…..

Her very GODHOOD.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides








How to obtain a Deanic Sun Wheel & when to use it as a prayerful act

How to obtain a Déanic Sun Wheel & when to use it as a prayerful act.

We prepare our hearts for the coming of Kore Di-Jana through unselfish acts, devotion, contemplation, scripture readings and prayer. We cook special foods for the season. We set our homes aglow with candles and colorful bulbs (which represent the Eternal Light and the Janae powers) in the midst of the ever-growing darkness while awaiting the One who reflects our Mother’s Light to us.
ArchMadria Pamela

The Sun Wheel, a beautiful prayerful act which was incorporated into the Déanic Faith, designed and originated by ArchMatrona Ghrian of the Lady of Light Chantry, [1] is very much like an Advent Wreath (which has pre-Christian origins) [2], except we use different coloured candles which represent our Five Great Mysteries, symbols and elemental seasonal colours.

lolly pop stick candles and paper plate
Toilet Paper Roll Advent Wreath
5 card candle advent wreath

This does not have to be expensive. Use paper or card to make a sun wheel, 1 or 3 dimensional. Just google images with the wording “paper candle advent wreath”
A small selection of tutorials that I have picked out:
or draw it

An actual evergreen Advent Wreath may be made [3] or bought and the fifth candle placed in the centre; or you may simply buy five pillar-style candles and place them in a circle and decorate the circle as you please. In the footnote below is an amazing array of five candle advent wreaths that are available as well as examples of home-made wreaths. [4].

Old jar, salt and candles
Old tin cans, candles
Advent Wreath in Cake Tin
Wine glasses baubles or scrunched up paper electric tea candles

Found household objects can be used.

Battery Operated LED Tea Light Candle Warm White Flame

Those with a fire phobia or with pets may substitute a white battery LED tea light or table lamp either a wreath or an altar cloth in the appropriate elemental seasonal colour (as in the candle colour).

When to use it as a prayerful act

Either on the first Sunnadi/Sunday on 27 Samhain/November 26th.
(Janites have 3 Holy Days, Sunnadi/Sunday is symbolic of our Celestial Mother).
Or the Feast Day of Jana Madria Sage on Rosadi/Rose Day, (Tuesday), 1 Astrea/Nov. 28. This is a choice for each individual depending upon their weekly commitments.
The Green candle of Wisdom is lit.
This is symbolic of Dea Matrona, Great Mother God as the Source seeds of Wisdom. The Holy Feminine Trinity are all connected to the Apple of Wisdom. The Revealing and Refreshing Fruit growing on the (Evergreen) Tree of Life, atop the (Blue-Violet) Sacred Mountain, on the Mystic Isle. [5]

The second Sunnadi/Sunday on 6 Astrea/December 3rd, we light the Yellow candle of Hope. This is symbolic of Dea Filia, Daughter God as the Star of Hope. As Soteria (Saviouress) She Shines Her Light of Hope amidst the Sad and Lonely Blue-Black Darkness of Despair. [5]

Third Sunnadi/Sunday on 13 Astrea/December 10th: the Purple/Lilac candle of Faith is lit. This is symbolic of Dea Matrona, Great Mother God as the Fora of Faith. The word “fora” means “foundation” or “fundamental” because it is a symbol of the “foundational form” or “fundamental pattern” of the “foundational-fundamental principle of the Cosmos”. [6]

Fourth Sunnadi/Sunday on 20 Astrea/December 17th: we light the Blue candle of Peace. This is symbolic of Dea Filia, Daughter God as the Dove of Peace, the Comforting Presence hovering (in the Blue Sky) above the (Blue) Primal Waters of Creation. [5]

On Madria Noctis: Mother Night, 23 Astrea/December 20 (Yule Eve / Winter Solstice Eve) [8]: we light the Red candle of Joy. This is symbolic of Déa Madria, Mother God, as the Rose of Joy. As the Red Rose of Joy, the Celestial Mother is our assumption into the inner Heavenly realm which we call the Real or the Pleroma, visualised as a Rose Garden (as opposed to the outer realm which our Faith calls Avala the Apple Orchard).

(A Rite of Sacrifice/Veneration [7] is served in honour of the Celestial Mother as She awaits the Appearance of the Holy Daughter.)

Very similar to the use of the Christian Advent wreath, each candle is first lit on a Sunnadi/Sunday and then each night thereafter during dinner time. It is extinguished after dinner.
Keeping it alight is not mandatory, as we may not all be able to afford candle (wax or led) replacement. I replace with card candles.

[2] It is believed that pre-Christian Germanic peoples used a wheel of evergreens upon which they placed lit candles. This evergreen wheel was said to have represented the cycle of the seasons. Prayers were then offered to the gods, asking them to ‘turn’ the Wheel back to a season of increasing light and warmth.
Sorry, I have lost the reference website.
[5] Symbolism by ArchMatrona Ghrian of the Lady of Light Chantry.
[8] Madria: Mother.
Latin noctis night Gender: feminine
Greek νύχτα (nýchta, “night”)καληνύχτανύχτα#Greek
[8] “Norse mythology …the night before the Solstice which they called the Mother Night…for it was in the darkness that the goddess Freya labored to bring Baldur, the young son (light) to birth once more. It was also a night for spirit contact and celebration with one’s ancestors in much the same way that the Celts did at Samhain.

The festival itself was called Yule, derived from the Norse word Jul, means wheel, a symbol of the Sun revolving across the sky. It was traditionally held for 12 days or more, beginning on Mother Night and ending on January 6th. The most important symbols of Yule continue to live on in our modern Christmas celebrations. For example, the evergreen tree and holly which remain green throughout the long months of cold and darkness, were widely used in in the Pagan celebration of Yule because they hold promise that spring will once again return to the land.

Because ancient Norwegians believed the sun was returning, as part of their Winter Solstice celebration, the Vikings would cut a huge log, drag it back to the village and set it on fire. This Yule Log was supposed to drive away the evil spirits and bring good luck to the people as well as welcome back the sun. From Scandinavia, the Yule log custom spread through the European content and England. Some decked out their Yule log with greenery, ribbons, and paper flowers and sang Yuletide songs as they dragged it home.

Thousands of years ago, the Scandinavian god, Odin, rode through the world at Midwinter bringing reward or punishment, and Thor, his son, came from the far North. His color was red, and at Midwinter, he fought the gods of ice and snow …conquering the cold. The elves connected with our current Santa Claus are remnants of the supernatural nature folk of the Old Religion, and our modern custom of leaving cookies and milk for Santa is most likely a modern continuation of leaving offerings for the Alvar and other nature folk. Although usually associated with Santa, many believe that the reindeer, northern animals, actually represent the stags that drew the chariot of Freya, the Sun Goddess of the North.”


Foradi 5 Samhain / Saturday Nov. 4 – Spirit Full Moon Rite

Nov. 4th: Spirit Full Moon. (For the Celestial Mother).
The Rite of Sacrifice (RoS) may be served by anyone of the Janite Tradition.

It would be nice if the RoS is served by the members of the J.O.P. Sisterhood at least on the Full Moons.
On the Trinity days (Foradi/Sunnadi/Lunadi) if they so desire, although this is not mandatory.

Exceptions may be made for the members of the Iremian Order who have difficulty with these types of rituals. In that case, they may compose their own prayers, hymns or a more informal method of worship.


What this ritual is all about

Nov. 18th: Dark Moon. (For the Great Mother).

Nov. 22nd: (4 days after the Dark Moon): Crescent Moon. (For the Holy Daughter).

Sacred Month of Samhain October 31st – November 27th

Nov 1 / Samhain 2

Stelladi or Star Day. (Wednesday).
Day of Madria Sage.

Sacred Month of Samhain October 31st – November 27th

Autumn colors by Martin

The elemental green of the sacred season of Autumn. Decaying and dying to sprout again. Life time after life time, until our souls are perfected enough to rejoin Mother God. The lesson of Madria Thema.


For my predecessors in the Deanic Faith this month was also named Samhain (pronounced Sa-Win or Sow-in).

ArchMatrona Ghrian has mentioned that another pronunciation for Samhain (usually pronounced Sow-en) is also Shah-vin. And I have found this here: (

It is also the Irish for November.

Samhain: (meaning Summer’s End. For the Celts, summer ended in October.)
For those devotees of Dea residing in the British Isles, our clocks have fallen back 1 hour, leaving Summer Time behind us on the last Saturday of October.

This is the last month in the sacred season of Autumn. Because of the dark evenings and increasingly cold weather, I spend time reflecting upon and praying to Madria Thema. How can I add order and harmony to my blessed sacred hestia, relationships and life? So I tidy and sort items for donation to charity shops, clean and delight in small daily achievements. I smile at and acknowledge strangers in the street.

I find seasonal recipes with either apples or pomegranates or green coloured foods.

Kale and Pomegranate Salad
400g/14oz kale, trimmed, washed, shredded and excess water squeezed out
2 pomegranates, seeds removed
1 lime, juice only
3 tbsp rapeseed oil

Spiced Bean and Kale Pot

Cannellini Alubias by kendyll hillegas

These are affordable and vegan
Kidney bean and peanut butter burger (I am allergic to peanuts therefore I use more expensie almond butter)
Carrot, cumin & kidney bean burgers
Irish Colcannon

Beans are a symbol of being manifest on Dea’s created earth, whom we Deanists respect as our sister.

On Pomedi or Apple (or Pomegranate) Day. (Thursday). The Day of Madria Thema, we say:
O, Madria Thame, Jana of Order, Harmony and Justice, be with us.
May the Pure Stream of your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

Madrina Sophia

Feast of The Dead Reflection

Oct 29/Ourania 27

The month of Ourania is slowly coming to an end and in the next few days Shimovane will be here. Back in my Goddess Pagan days, Samhain was a day rather than a whole month. Samhain was the one day when the veil between our world and the spirit world were the thinnest. This was an important time for magic spells to be worked as a witch.

Now, that I am a Deanist I find that Shimovane holds a similar yet different meaning. We do not have a set belief for what happens to the soul upon death. Madrians did have a concept of Avala, or a paradise with the Daughter. From my understanding, Avala is a temporary abode that the soul lives. Deanists typically hold that from Avala the soul can either reincarnate on earth or continue its journey to the mother. This concept is very similar to that of samsara in Buddhism or Hinduism.


During this time I found it very helpful to pray that the souls that have passed make it safely to the Daughter’s abode in Avala. I pray that the souls in Avala have made it to reuniting with Dea above.

I also like to make little donuts for my altar to represent the turning of the wheel of time (plus I like donuts). I change the flavor for each day of Shimovane. I believe apples and pumpkin flavors are perfect for this time of year!

This time of year is a time to reflect on Dea, the Mother’s mercy. That is what I like to think of it as. As Samhain comes and the three day festival of Shimovane, keep the Mother close and remember she loves you dearly.

In the eternal Love of Dea and the Light of her Heart,

Sorella Ayako Hibayashi