Eastre, Rejoice the Divine Daughter God is Risen

1 Columbina / March 21

Pomedi or Apple Day. (Thursday). Day of Sai Thema.

To all devotees and friends,

REJOICE, She is Risen.
Our Holy Daughter is with us.
All Praise to our Saviouress.
Blessed is She.

Daffodils – Isabel Florrie Saul. Daffodils are a symbol of a trumpet announcing success

May She bless all the Children of Déa,
during a year governed by Jana: Agia Thema and Her virtues of Justice, Order and Harmony.

Devotees offer a Rite of Veneration

All praise be to Déa. Blessed is She.
ArchMadria Sophia

Happy Flora-Maia!

Columbadi/10 Flora

Today is Flori-Maia, the Feast of Flowers. This is one of the (many) things I love about our religion….that we have a feast day which expresses appreciation to Dea for her bounteous gift of varied-hued flowers.

Though not mandatory, Madria Sophia has provided us with inspiring readings for this day in our previous post, Floralia, Feast of Flowers for those who would like to celebrate the RoS in Thanksgiving for flowers.

Image result for the Ghost OrchidGhost Orchid

Amazingly, there are over 400,000 known flower species in the entire world! The Ghost Orchid is said to be one of the rarest. There are about 2,000 of them which grow in South Florida. They may also be found in Cuba and the Bahamas.  These  elusive flowers only bloom about one or two weeks out of the year. Poachers are one of the problems which endanger this delicate plant, but thanks to scientists in Florida, they are successfully restoring these ‘frog-like’ plants to the wild. http://hort.ifas.ufl.edu/ghost-orchid-facts/


The Kadupul flower of Sri Lanka is so rare, it is literally priceless. It blooms only at night, surviving just a few short hours. They are known for their exotic scent.

Image result for pansies

Even the most common of plants can fill our memories with those we love or remind us of happy times. The humble pansy has always been one of my favorites because my grandmother’s garden was never without them raising their cheerful faces to the sky.

One of the best ways to express our appreciation for flowers is to learn about endangered wildflowers and plants. There are currently almost 10,000 species on the endangered list. Other studies show that 22 % of known plant species are endangered. Plants are the basis of all life on Earth. And everything that we need for our health….all medicines that we need are provided by Dea here on Earth, especially in the Amazon rain forest which continues to be clear cut. In fact, since 1978, almost 300,000 square miles of rain forest have been destroyed.

For info on the rain forest: https://rainforests.mongabay.com/amazon/amazon_destruction.html.

For info on endangered plant species: https://planetsave.com/2011/05/20/endangered-plants-list/

How can you help in your area. Here is an example from my own state of Massachusetts: https://www.mass.gov/rare-plant-conservation.

And to help protect all endangered species in your area: http://www.endangered.org/10-easy-things-you-can-do-to-save-endangered-species/

Tess Whitehurst-Magical and Metaphysical Properties of Flowers

Each flower, as with everything in the Cosmos, has it’s own vibration. And each are associated with certain things. Here are two sources, one from the Victorian era and one from the modern era, on the secret language of flowers and their magick: https://magic-spells-and-potions.com/files/flower-language-dictionary.htm and https://tesswhitehurst.com/the-magical-and-metaphysical-properties-of-flowers/.

Related image

So, for those of us who will be offering the RoS in appreciation for the bountiful gift of flowers which grace our amazing planet, let us also say a prayer that we may all learn how to protect those species that are in danger of becoming extinct.

artwork by Sulamith Wulfing: http://artpassions.net/wulfing/wulfing.html

“And as She walked, the children of the Earth threw blossoms before Her, and though Her feet rested on them, yet, they were not bruised. 2 And She reigned over all the Earth, bringing all Nature back to life and all life back to the true law and rhythm of Nature.  And the whole world knew Her as its Princess.” The Mythos of the Divine Maid, Chapter VII, verses 1-2 (SMR edition).

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

Making a floral crown and Hymns for the Feast of Coronam

Sunnadi of the Great Moon.

The Deanic custom of the crowning of the Holy Daughter, like many of our holy days and customs, was inspired from the Catholic Church Marian devotional cult, in this case, specifically the yearly May Procession and Crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Image result for images of make a floral crown for mary

Please see this link to make a crown for Our Lady:


And to make one out of floral wire:


Please note that if you do not have a statue or your statue is too small for a crown of flowers, the crown may be placed on or over an icon of Our Lady or it may be placed before the statue.

Image result for images of may processions of the blessed virgin mary

Before the Vatican II Council of the early 1960’s, which largely Protestent-ized the Church, devotion to Mary was common to every Catholic household and parish.

Families would pray the daily rosary together and the faithful would gather in large numbers for the yearly May Procession and Crowning of Our Lady as Queen of Heaven, while sweet smelling incense would waft through the air and gentle hymns were sung in Her honor.

Girls would wear white dresses with crowns of flowers in their hair. Everyone wore their Sunday best, men and boys in their sharp looking suits, girls and women in their finest dresses. Back then, people did not dress disrespectfully when going to church. They were very aware of the Divine Presence,  of Mary and the angels and dressed accordingly.

To make a flower wreath for yourself see:

While devotion to Mary may have waned in the U. S. and Europe since the Vatican Council, many around the world still hold these time-honored processions for Our Lady.

Image result for images of may processions of the blessed virgin mary

The main hymn that is sung to her is Bring Flowers of the Rarest (O, Mary We Crown Thee). Click on this link and the song will appear.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld4FNjK4IEQ

And, Hail, Holy Queen, the first four stanzas: http://www.catholictradition.org/Mary/hail-holyqueen.htm. During liturgy, I always sing this hymn. I think that if you click on the top link, you can hear the hymn. (Sorry, I do not have access to speakers right now, so I’m not sure.)

On This Day, O, Beautiful Mother: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x18UfKCnli4

And, of course, Daily, Daily sing to Mary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oTnqZjthck

You can simply substitute the Name Sophia or Zoe for Maria.

Image result for images of may processions of the blessed virgin mary


Bring flow’rs of the fairest,
Bring flow’rs of the rarest,
From garden and woodland
And hillside and vale;
Our full hearts are swelling,
Our Glad voices telling
The praise of the loveliest
Rose of the vale.

O Mary! we crown thee with blossoms today,
Queen of the Angels, Queen of the May,
O Mary! we crown thee with blossoms today,
Queen of the Angels, Queen of the May.

Related image

Hail, holy Queen enthroned above, O Maria.
Hail, Queen of mercy and of love, O Maria.

Triumph, all ye cherubim, Sing with us, ye seraphim,
Heaven and earth resound the hymn:
Salve, salve, salve Regina!

Our life, our sweetness, here below, O Maria!
Our hope in sorrow and in woe, O Maria!

Triumph, all ye cherubim, Sing with us, ye seraphim,
Heaven and earth resound the hymn:
Salve, salve, salve Regina!

Image result for images of may processions of the blessed virgin mary

Rose of Sharon, Lovely flow’r,
Beauteous bud of eden’s bow’r;
Cherished lily of the vale,
Virgin Mother’ Queen we hail.

We worship You; We magnify You; We adore You.

Blessed are You.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides


1Maia/April 18


O, Sai Mati Sage, Messenger of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us.

Today, in the Janite calendar, we have added the Feast of MariMaia for what is traditionally  the Month of Mary or Lady Month, as it was known, centuries ago.

(Please note that Janites celebrate the Feast of Flowers, Floralia, on 10 Flora/May 25.)

The month of May has long been celebrated in honor of the Motherhood and the Queenship of Mary. Originally, this consisted of 30 days of various devotions to Mary during Aug./Sept. This was later transferred to the lovely month of May.

Now that we are officially Sophian Deanic, something that we have been unofficially for quite some time, Marian devotions, traditions and culture takes on an even greater significance. As I have mentioned in past posts, not only do we have Marian roots stemming from the beginning of Madrianism, but in some areas of traditional Russian Christian Culture and in present-day Goddess Christian Culture, along with many Sophian Traditions, Mary is believed to have been the incarnation of Divine Sophia. It is significant that the feast day of Sophia, in the Gnostic calendar, falls on Aug. 15, which is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary.

Additionally, Sophia has appeared to many and to one mystic She has said, ‘those who have prayed to Mary have been praying to Me’ And, so, many of the images we have of Mary may authentically be understood to be Images of Sophia.

Though the month of Maia is part of the Season of the Holy Daughter, it has traditionally been the month of the Mother. And, of course, the purpose of the Holy Daughter is to restore us to Our Divine Mother.

As it says in the Oral Tradition of the Secret Gospel of Mary, (not the fictional novel by the same name), “If you know the Woman of Light, you will know your Mother and be reborn of the Mother Spirit as a child of light.  Because the light is bornless, you will have eternal light.

“The body is born of the earthly mother, but the soul of light is born of the Heavenly Mother, and it is the Mother Spirit that awakens the soul of light.” (1)

Christos Sophia by Hikaru

In Janite Tradition, on the Feast of Coronam on 14 Maia/May 1, we crown the Holy Daughter, Our Princess of the World, as the Queen of Heaven.

Traditionally, going back many centuries, the Blessed Mother (Mary) was crowned as Queen of Heaven  And so, in Janite Tradition, on the Feast of Coronum, we may crown the Holy Daughter, Zoe (Daughter Sophia) as Queen of Heaven and, since it is the month of the Mother, we may crown the Celestial Mother, Mari/Maria (Mother Sophia) as Our High Queen.

So, each day of the month of Our Divine Mother, we may strive to do a little something in Her honor.

Plant marigolds, one of several flowers named after Our Lady.

Start a Mary Garden or outdoor shrine. Plant a flower pot and place an appropriate-sized statue of Mary inside or next to the pot for an apartment or windowsill or balcony. This site lists traditional Marian flowers.  https://www.slideshare.net/mobile/TheCatholicCompany/mary-garden-49004828 https://www.reallifeathome.com/how-to-start-a-mary-garden-in-7-easy-steps/

Marian houseplants suitable for the blind due to their form, texture and fragrance:
Mary’s Rose – Miniature Rose – Rosa hybrida
Mary’s Tresses – Asparagus Fern – Asparagus plumosus
Our Lady’s Fringes – Star Begonia – Begonia heracleifolia
Mary’s Bouquet – Rosemary – Rosmarinus officinalis
Mary’s Sword – Apostle Plant – Neomarcia gracilis
Mother of Thousands – Strawberry Geranium – Saxifraga sarmentosa
Beautiful Lady – Geranium (scented) – Pelargonum crispum

Recite Her litany, rosary, psalms or other of Her prayers.

We will be composing 9 day novenas to Her.  Each day of the nine day novena, light a devotional candle to Our Lady and pray the prayer. When your prayers are answered, make an offering to Our Lady in Thanksgiving.

Offer Her flowers, incense, milk and honey.

Sing Her hymns. You do not have to be Catholic to sing these hymns. If you are devoted to Mother Sophia, these hymns are yours to sing. A beautiful hymn which needs no adaptation may be found here: https://www.songandpraise.org/daily-daily-sing-to-mary-hymn.htm. To hear it sung: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4oTnqZjthck

On this day of MariMaia, let us begin Lady Month by fostering True Devotion to She Who is the Mother of All the Cosmos. Blessed is She.

A. M. Pamela Lanides

1) Excerpts from the Secret of Gospel of Mary, http://sophian.org/secret%20gospel%20of%20mary.html . This is the Gnostic Christian Order of Tai Malachi.





5 Columbina – March 25th Feast of Madria Grace

Dear Devotees and friends,

Tomorrow, 5 Columbina, is Lady Day and for this year, is the Feast of Sai Sushuri Grace. A brief article shall be posted, tomorrow. The RoV may be served by devotees, clergy shall celebrate the Great Liturgy.