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22 Columbina/April 11


Mnemosyne. Alternately titled: Lamp of Memory. Alternately titled: Ricordanza. Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 1876-1881 (circa)

O, Madria Sage, Jana of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us.

Dear Devotees and friends,

The Tradition of the Janites has been merged with that of Sorella Roselyn on

Sorella Roselyn’s Tradition and the Janites are both the same Sophian Déanic Tradition. We are on the same page thealogically. Together, we are an Independent Déanic Tradition which stems from the Divine Feminine side of Gnosticism.

Divine Sophia Icon

We will continue to focus on Déa as we have been. But, we are making it clear that we do not deny the Divine Masculine as long as it is understood that Déa is Supreme.

It is also important to know that Sophian Deanism is specifically a Déanic Order. Those of our devotees of Déa who also worship the Divine Masculine come from different religious denominations and many practice a Blended Path.

It is interesting to note, for those who are also Christian, that in Gnosticism, Jesus calls the Holy Spirit, His Mother. He acknowledged the Divine Feminine.

This Sophian Déanic Tradition will be strong because the Sophian Trinity is a perfect Form for Déa, for Janites, with the Barbelo or Sige, which means Silence, as the perfect Form for the Great Mother. Maria Sophia, who is Mother Sophia for the Celestial Mother, and Who, in Gnosticism, is known as the original Creatrix and Zoe Sophia as the Form for the Sacrificial Daughter. She is known as the Daughter Incarnate. All of this has an authentic base for a Déanic Order. We need not look to Pagan goddesses when we have our Own Divine Mother.

And there are very many beautiful scriptures in addition to the Madrian Scriptures that are available to us . And I have just discovered, through Sorella Roselyn, a beautiful oral tradition where Mary Magdalene speaks about the Mother Spirit in ways that sound like they come straight out of the Déanic religion. I have written to Tau Malachi to request permission to post some of those verses on the Janite blog.

In fact, those who practice a blended path with Christianity may choose to follow what many are beginning to do and that is, instead of saying Holy Spirit, say Mother Spirit. ( Also, research the many online articles and books which explain how the Holy Spirit is the Divine Feminine as She was explicitly acknowledged in the liturgy of the early Syrian Church.)

Like Goddess Judaism, which honors their fore-mothers such as Ruth, Naomi, Sarah, etc., we will also have our own fore-mothers in the form of Gnostic goddesses and women like the Gnostic Mary Magdalene and Eve, Nora, etc.,  from whom we take inspiration.

In fact, during the ordination ceremony in the Catholic Church, it is said … are a priest forever according to the Order of Melchizedek. When I was ordained as a priest of Sophia, it was stated to me that I am a priest forever according to the Order of Sarah. We will honor Sarah, as well.

A few years ago, ArchMatrona Ghrian made the decision to follow the goddesses of her pre-Christian ancestors. By doing so, she created the beautiful Deanic Tradition that we know today as the Lady of Light Chantry , otherwise known as the Lucienne Tradition.

I am now following the complete goddess Tradition of my own ancestors.  Sophia has always been worshiped in one form or another. She’s been worshiped as the Holy Spirit ; She has been worshiped by many Russians as as well as by many modern Goddess Christians as being incarnate in Mary and She has been worshiped in Gnosticism.

Now, She’s becoming known in mainstream religions like the Episcopalian Church, some (though rare) Baptist churches and in certain Catholic and other Christian circles. She is recognized as the True Divine Sophia, as Mother, Daughter and Holy Soul, as Mary-Isis-Sophia and as the Holy Spirit as opposed to the Fallen Goddess as some Gnostic schools would come to later portray Her. We, of course, know Her as Absolute Deity, Mother and Daughter.

She has appeared in visions to Russian mystics and to others. And She was known to Saint Hildegarde of the 12th century.

The Divine Sophia has said to one of the seers, ‘When they have prayed to Mary, they were praying to Me.’

She is the Great Goddess Who was hidden under the guise of Mary. She and no other.

This is an incredibly exciting time for us and one which brings me full circle to the beginning of my own Soul Path and to my greatest Desire.

I love you. Love me. I am Sophia. [1]

ArchMadria Candra

[1] (Sophia to the seeress Aurora Terreness in the New Forest of England, 1971).


Blog: Priestess of Holy Wisdom & Sophian Filianism & Demotion Myths

15 Columbina/April 4


O, Madria Sage, Jana of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us.

I would like to draw your attention to the following About Page:

This is an excellent introduction to what the authoress calls Sophian Filianism.

I’m not sure the About Page is listed on her menu, and so we will be including this particular link in our links section.

The Janites might also refer to themselves as Sophian Deanic as the Janite Tradition, like the Kyrian Tradition before it, was created to honor Sophia as Our Mother/Daughter God.

I am in complete agreement with this well written article and I, too, have come to understand the Barbelo, ( though some Gnostics tried to claim She was either male or androgynous), as being Absolute Deity. She is understood by many scholars to be the Higher Avatar or Form of Sophia.

Both Monad and Monogenes, terms used by Gnostics to describe the Absolute, were originally feminine nouns. This is why Janites often refer to the Absolute, the Great Mother, as the Monas, the original form of Monad.

The teachings on this priestessofholywisdom website are perfectly compatible with Janite Tradition. Zoe is an acceptable Form for the Holy Daughter and the authoress does a fine job of tying in the story of Zoe-Eve with the idea of the Filianic Sacrifice. In fact, there is a connection here, with our communion rite, something which we received from the Madrians and known to our priestesses both past and present, if they could but make the connection.

It must be remembered that like Christianity, Gnosticism is more of an umbrella term for different schools of Gnostic thought which oftentimes resulted in the variations of the myths.

In Sophian Filianism, we are merely restoring Sophia to Her original Glory because only in Gnosticism is there the idea that the Divine Daughter of Wisdom could possibly commit an huge error by choosing to create by Herself and so, just as the powerful Roman Church blamed a human female, Eve, for the Fall of Creation, so Gnostic Christians blamed the Divine Female for the Fall of Creation and through their myths, raped Eve.

This is why I left Gnosticism. I had enough of the extremely misogynistic, evil teachings of Catholic (I am a former Catholic) and Gnostic Christianity where females are blamed for the plight of humanity and creation and thereby needing a male saviour. In Gnosticism, the Divine Sophia, Who is trapped here, is forced to beg, through singing many songs of repentance, for Her male savior to allow Her to re-ascend through the realms .

I have lived the results of these false teachings as have my fore-mothers before me. It results in women becoming second class citizens in their churches, taking part of the blame for Eve’s ‘fault’ and, at times, being considered spiritually inferior but saved through childbirth or obeying their husbands. This might sound farfetched, but it was the experience of females in my former church for almost two millennia until just a few short decades ago. It has yet to be completely eradicated.

Let me make clear that here, I am not speaking about women becoming priests in the Catholic Church. I am a firm believer that males should liturgically channel the Divine Masculine while females should liturgically channel the Divine Feminine.

I feel that those who have resurrected the Gnostic Churches since the finding of the Nag Hamadi texts should stop and think about what they are doing when they perpetuate an ancient MYTH which, perhaps without meaning to, demonizes, degrades, traps, rapes and humiliates the Divine Female. Even if they consider Her to be the lowest Aeon, She is still Divine and on the same level as Christ, the Logos, Her Twin. Imagine if all of this stuff was taught about the Christ Aeon!

And what is even worse, this time, it is not just an human female, the mother of all humanity on Earth, but the Divine Female, the Mother of the Cosmos, Wisdom, Herself, Who is degraded blamed, ultimately forcing the Divine Daughter of Wisdom to beg for mercy from Her male consort.

If modern Gnostics can veer away from the Gnostic belief that manifest creation is evil, why can’t they realize that the demotion of the Divine Feminine is just as erroneous. It is clear that some Gnostic Christians re-wrote some of the pre-Christian texts to suit their inherent bias.

Why don’t they restore Her to Her original place and reveal Her to be the Sacrificial Heroine that Kabbalists see in Her counterpart, the Shekinah? ( See especially the second paragraph under Shekinah and Creation.)

In Gnostic Christianity….it is ok for a Male to create without His Female consort, but, apparently, a Female may not do the same without wreaking havoc, destruction and causing immense suffering.

We do not accept such teachings. And certainly, the Russian mystics did not and do not see Sophia that way nor do those Christians, both ancient and modern, who understood Her to be the Holy Spirit, Whom, in Gnostic texts, Jesus referred to as his MOTHER.

And so, in summary, the male theologians took our human mother and blamed her for the Fall and all the evils and sickness of creation.

They blamed her for ‘enticing her husband to sin’. And the Roman Church went so far as to say we all had to inherit this sin….that we are literally born with the stain of Original Sin on our souls which is why Jesus had to be tortured and killed so that the stain could be removed through baptism and the gates of heaven be re-opened.

So, in other words, ultimately, according to mainstream Christianity, the male savior had to come because the female Eve sinned against the male god and caused her husband to sin. So, they demoted and demonized our human mother, the mother of all the Living.

The Gnostics did the exact same thing to Our Divine Mother, Sophia,  Divine Wisdom, the Mother of all the Cosmos, Who as part of the Godhead, cannot make such an error.

And, they went so far as to have our human mother, who had the Light of the Daughter, Zoe-Sophia within Her, raped and defiled! (Though, I believe the Light of Zoe first departed from Eve)!

Let us remember that these were myths that  were  written by men; they were not historical  events. We do not have to accept parts of myths that defile and demote the female whether human or divine. This is what gives religious zealots, both past and present, the idea that it is ok to treat women as being spiritually inferior.

At the same time that the Gnostics defamed, demoted, trapped, raped and defiled the Divine Feminine, the Roman Church, took Her away completely by making Her into a male with the erroneous teaching that both the Logos and His Twin, Wisdom, incarnated forever as the male, Jesus and further  teaching that the Holy Spirit is male, thereby  leaving us with only the human mother, Mary, who must never be considered divine, because only the male can be considered divine.

(And I don’t want to hear any excuses as to how the Church really believes that God is either genderless  or that God is both male and female. The Traditional Catholic Church clearly taught that God was male and explained why.)  And this human mother, Mary, was dependent upon her son for her immaculate conception. (There is an excruciating attempt to explain this in Catholic theology where this was preordained for her through the future merits of her son.)

So, again, thanks to male theology, we have yet another female who, though this time is not blamed for the Fall, she is still dependent on a male saviour and cannot be divine. So, we can have a divine Father, but not a Divine Mother.

Thankfully, there is a school of Russian thought where Mary is considered to be the incarnation of Sophia.

I say that there is no place in the 21st century for these antiquated, misogynist in the extreme, harmful teachings. And I am not making these statements as a radical feminist. Quite the contrary, I am a traditional, conservative woman. But, I am a woman who has the Divine Spark of my Mother residing within the temple of my soul and it is for Her, for Our Very and True Mother, that I fight.

I fight for Her right to be recognized as being Divine in Her Own Right; Who is not dependent on a male consort or a male saviour in order to be part of the Godhead.

She is Supreme. She gave birth to the Male. She is God in Her Own right. She did not sin, or error, or cause the Fall. She did not get raped or create the half aborted demi-urge or half-maker. She is not trapped here against Her Divine and Powerful Will. Nor is She the Ruler of the Seven Hebdomas who are evil archonic planetary powers. This is an inversion of the truth.

Why must we accept these awful myths that were written by men, not women…..  thousands of years ago? Especially when we have the evidence that they changed some of the original texts to suit their narrative? (More on that to come in the near future.)

This is why, decades ago, I sought to somehow become a valid priestess and form an Order through which She could be honored and worshiped as God in Her Own Right, just as did the Collyridians of old. (Evidence has recently come to light that the Collyridians were more far-reaching than previously thought and may have lasted for centuries).

This is also why Janites believe that the worship of the Mother must be kept separate from Divine Masculine worship because, as many of us have experienced, She is all too quickly subsumed by the Divine Masculine. The painting of Sophia and Jehovah in the Sistine Chapel is a clear illustration of this experience. Jehovah is huge, mighty, strong while Sophia is tiny and shadowed beneath his arm.

Through the blessing of the Deanic/Filianic religion, whose roots may go back further than I initially thought, we have the tools to take Sophia, Our Divine Mother God, out of the shadow of the Divine Masculine and restore Her to Her proper place.

We can free Her from being raped, demoted, trapped, demonized, humiliated and restore for Her, the recognition of Her Glory, Her Divinity…..

Her very GODHOOD.

ArchMadria Candra Sophia








The Sophia Pages

14 Columbina/April 3


Dear Devotees,

We have been learning and discovering so very much, it has been nothing short of stunning. There are some things that we must wait for further confirmation before sharing publicly. But, in many ways, we  are affirmed in our worship of Higher and Lower Sophia as the Transcendent Celestial Mother and the Immanent Holy Daughter along with the use of Marian imagery, iconography and prayers.

We take the stricture of using only Living Stream Forms for Dea very seriously. It is expressly forbidden for Janites to use non-Living Stream forms for any member of the Trinity.

We recognize the Hindu Goddesses and the Goddess, Tara as Living Stream Goddesses. And though She is not understood to be God, per se, Quan Yin is considered, by many, to be the Mary of the East and so is included in our list of Living Stream Forms. For various reasons, we also recognize Bridget and of course, the  Shekinah.

But, I believe that we could readily say that, the True Mother/Daughter Goddess of the West is Sophia. Her Mother or Higher Avatar is the Barbelo. In some Gnostic Schools, Her Mother is Siege or Silence.

Kore Di-Jana is a title which loosely translates as The Divine Daughter, the Divine Gate. Sophia is the Divine Gate to Her Holy Mother.

(Of course, we do not believe in the Patriarchal teachings which diminish Sophia’s sovereignty by claiming that She is ‘trapped here or that She needed a male savior. Please see Max Dashu’s articles.)

We are also very careful about which images we use to depict the Holy Daughter. (I am currently writing up the Canons of the Janite Ekklesia and the use of images will be covered in our Canons.) One requirement is that the images and depictions must always show Her as being modestly dressed and never posed in a sensual manner.

Sophia, the Daughter of Wisdom, is known as the Daughter INCARNATE. She is known as the Creatrix of the Cosmos. She is called Saviouress. She (along with Her Counterpart, the Shekinah) is the World Soul.  She is Wisdom and the Daughter of Wisdom. In Proverbs, She gives us Her Bread and Wine. She (along with Her Counterpart…the Shekinah) is known as the Holy Spirit. She rules over the Seven Planetary Powers. She is the Highest Ruler of the manifest universe and is the mediatrix between the upper and lower realms. She is the Mother of the Living and the Great Mother Principle Who rules over the Four Elements.

Her Mother, the Barbelo, was known as the Perfect Glory from Whom came the Father and the Mother and the Son. She might rightly be considered Absolute Deity.

And so, we will shortly begin a brief series on Sophia beginning with The Sophia of Creation. This series will be comprised of authentic teachings and sayings about Sophia or Sophia/Shekinah.

Please note, we agree with those who teach that Sophia is not derived or evolved from Pagan goddesses; nor is She to be equated with Pagan goddesses. Sophia, a member of the Godhead, is Supreme Being. The Pagan goddesses, for the most part, were not Supreme Being/God, nor were they ‘aspects’ of God. Those goddesses who were understood, by their devotees, to be the Great Goddess or the Great Mother, are not Living Stream goddesses.

Blessed be Our Lady.

A. M. Candra Sophia.


The Celestial Mother and the Holy Daughter are One Divine Person.

Pomedi or Apple Day. (Thursday).

Day of Madria Thema.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAO, Madria Thema, Jana of Justice, Order and Harmony, be with us.


Dear devotees and friends,

Over the years, we have spoken about the difference between Déa as being a Trinity/Tri-unity [1] of One in Three differing Persons/Aspects or a Triplicity in the archaic meaning of “the state of being triple” [2], of One becoming Three Forms and there is an important thealogical difference between the two concepts.

Janites fall somewhere in between Trinitarian and Triplicitarian concepts.
Triplicity also means threefold, a term we use when describing the Janae of the Threefold Heaven. We do not consider the modern pagan definition of Triplicity which may imply One in Three Persons.

For Janites, in our praxis, or devotional practice, meaning in our worship, our prayers, our devotion and in our feast days, we are very highly Trinitarian in focus. However, in our fundamental thealogy, we are Triplicitarian due to the teachings that we have privately received from an early source. I refer to these teachings with the acronym of LKM which means lesser-known Madrian teachings. These teachings do not come from Lux Madriana. It is from the LKM that we learned that Dea is one with Three Forms rather than being a Trinity of differing Persons/Aspects.

Janites interpret this thealogical teaching in the following manner:

Mother of the world by Nicholas Roerich 1924

Déa is Absolute Deity, whom both Janites and Luciennes refer to as Déa Matrona or the Great Mother God. She Who is Life. This is Déa’s Veiled Form.
In Christianity, it is God the Father Who is considered to be Absolute Deity and Ground of All Being. In Gnostic Christianity, it is the Monos Who is rightly Absolute Deity. In Janite thealogy, this Monos is rendered in its original, feminine form of Monas, for the Great Mother.

Icon of the Mother of God “Shroud” 2013 by Valentina Murenkova
Icon of the Mother of God “Shroud” 2013 by Valentina Murenkova

From Her Veiled Form as Monas or Absolute Deity, She manifests as Our Celestial Mother, Déa Madria or Mother God. She Who is Light. This is Déa’s Transcendent (Heavenly) Form.


From Her Transcendent Form, She takes on the rarefied Form of Soul, which, in Janite thealogy diffuses Celestial Mother’s Light into a more gentle brightness. This Soul Form is Her Heavenly-Earthly Daughter Form. Déa Filia or Daughter God. She Who is Love. This is Déa’s Immanent Form. (Definition of immanent: (of God) permanently pervading and sustaining the universe.) [2]

Where time is an illusion, an illusion which helps life to function on our plane of existence, and where the illusion of time does not exist on the plane of the Eternal Now, it is possible for Dea to be all Three Forms simultaneously. But because this is too difficult for our finite minds to fully grasp, Janites relate to Her, in praxis/devotions, as if She is a Trinity of Three differing Persons/Aspects though we know that She is not.

As an example of Her Oneness, there have been times when the Blessed Mother, as She is known in the Catholic Church, She Who is the suppressed and hidden True Mother God of the West (more to come on that subject in the future) has appeared to visionaries in Her Daughter Form. As we know, She also appears in Her Mother Form and yet, though She has appeared as both the Mother and the Daughter, She is One and the same Divine Person.

It is for this reason that we do not and cannot believe in the literal Death of the Holy Daughter because this would be impossible. If the Holy Daughter is the Celestial Mother in Her Immanent Form, then She cannot separate Herself from Herself and She cannot literally die because She is God. The Spirit of God cannot die, even for the tiniest fraction of a millisecond. If God was to die, for even the tiniest fraction of a millisecond, all of Creation would immediately cease to exist.

It is important to note that within both Filianism and most Greater Déanic Traditions, it is not mandatory that devotees believe in the literal Death of the Daughter, which includes Her Spirit, as long as they recognize the nature and function of the Sacrifice. How that Sacrifice was accomplished is open to interpretation. The Passion and Death of the Daughter in the Scriptures is one possible interpretation. Janites look to another source for our interpretation which does not require a literal death of Déa. This is why, rather than looking to the Mythos of both Inanna and Jesus, as is found in the Passion story of our Scriptures, Janites look to the Mythos of Sophia/Shekinah for our Moura-tide Mystery of Quassare, which means to shatter.

For, it is the Shekinah that is ascribed by Kabbalists to be the Middle Pillar of Balance that unites the opposites, just as the soul allows for the opposites of body and spirit to unite, so too does the Shekinah play this role for us. Indeed, the Shekinah is the Soul of Man, what Kabbalists call the Neshamah, for She has given a portion of Herself in order for each human to come into being in this world. In giving of Herself to humans, in this state of physical density and isolation, the World Soul becomes shattered. This shattering can be metaphorically grasped in considering what might happen to a glass alembic or flask when too much pressure is put upon in the alchemical works. Thus, the Shekinah represents the ultimate archetype of selfless sacrifice. All Her sacrifices have been for the benefit of creation so that humankind may experience this life in order to fulfill its destiny and purpose.” [3]

In this mythos, Sophia/Shekinah, in Her Lower Form, (Daughter Form) takes on the rarefied Form of Soul and suffers through a very painful and excruciating Descent down through the increasingly dense vibrational Realms in order to be Immanent with us and to provide for us the protective souls that we need in order to enter manifest Creation. Like a True Mother, She came to protect and provide for Her children.

In Janite thealogy, this Sacrifice was not like a Divine Father who sends His Son to incarnate in the flesh only to be brutally tortured and killed in order to satisfy the divine Justice of the Father; nor is this about an Heavenly Mother who allows Her only Beloved Daughter to suffer a terrifying Passion and Crucifixion (being hung on the Pillar) in order to save Creation, rather, Our Mother came to us, Herself, in Her Soul or Daughter Form, allowing no-one else to suffer in Her place… such is Her unimaginable Love for us.

Unfortunately, according to the Mythos, the density of our third dimension proved to be too much for Her delicate Soul and so It shattered like a crystal chandelier falling onto a marble slab. And due to this Shattering, each Piece of Her Soul became our soul so that we, through Her Sacrifice, are truly One with Her. We did not receive our own souls, rather, we are clothed with a Portion of Her Own Divine Soul. This is how intimately united we are with Our Heavenly Mother through Her Daughter Form.

We do not accept the Patriarchal Gnostic Christian teaching that She is trapped here and needed a Male Savior, rather we accept the teachings of the Shekina that She stays with us voluntarily. Rather then leave us, Déa, in Her Filia Form, has chosen to remain inherently with us and to sustain all of Nature by becoming the very World Soul, which is the Eastre Mystery of Aurora.

In Janite thealogy, and based on the LKM, we don’t believe that we turned away from Our Mother through selfish desires and therefore needed to be saved from this fault of our sovereign will, rather, we believe that we come here in order to learn that which we cannot learn in the Pleroma, in order to evolve and mature our souls, the souls that Our Mother gave us from Her Own Soul.

So, during this somber and yet most Sacred time of Moura, let us study those scriptural verses which teach us how to guard and care for our souls and let us study them with extra careful attention.

Let us bless the Holy One,
Blessed is She.

ArchMadria Candra Sophia


Trinity/Tri-unity “refers to one being with three distinguishable “persons” or aspects”.
Part 1 Goddess Triads, Triplicities, and Trinities by John Halstead
[2] Google definitions.

Prayer: Silver Star of the waters / Shining Star of the shimmering waters

I would like to take a moment to explain the recent changes in the Silver Star of the waters prayer. This prayer is very basic to our Faith. It is to the Order of Kore Di-Jana aka Janite Déanic religion, what the Our Father is to Christianity. It is our most sacred prayer.

The original Madrian prayer [1]:

Silver Star of the waters
that have laughed all the world into being,
beyond all knowing is the splendour of Your light.
Enfold my spirit in Your mighty hand
that the pure stream of Your force may flow within me
in this world and in all the worlds to come.

Silver Star of the waters, that have laughed all the world into being: this verse comes directly from scripture, from the Mythos of Creation chapter 6, verse 8 when the silver star represents Celestial Mother in Her descent to the underworld. However, this relates to the Inanna Mythos. The Order of Kore Di-Jana aka Janites base our Mythos on pre-patriarchal non-fallen Divine Sophia. Also within the Eastminster Critical Edition of scripture version 3, Critical Apparatus, 2.2.7 The Primordial Color, there is no single color for Celestial Mother white precedes supernal silver, gold, a supernal color unknown. Therefore we chose a verse directly from our Liturgy which is Shining Star of the shimmering and replace depths with waters clearly indicating the primordial waters of creation.

And yes, we believe that Déa created the Cosmos through Pure Joy, from the laughter of Her Heart. But further, the Janites and the Luciennes teach that Déa created the Cosmos through the Divine Song or the Oran Mor, which means the Divine Song of Creation. And so, laughed would also rightly be sung. However, we chose fashioned for the prayer to indicate that Déa not only sung creation into being, She designed it using the cunning of Her hands which gave shape to each fragment. 5) and Her hands knew cunning. 6) And She stretched forth Her hands and gave a shape to each fragment and no one was like any other. (The Mythos of Creation, Chapter I verses 4-6).

mary mantle of mercy

While Mighty Hand certainly expresses the Power and Might of Déa, Her Mantle of Protection is a much more potent, feminine and significant form of imagery taken from within both our scriptures and our Faith.

1) Ye, that are weary with the world, ye that are lonely, ye that have suffered hardship, that have suffered hurt, come, gather about Me and be ye enfolded in My Mantle.

2) In the inner silence thou shall hear Me, and in the inner darkness shalt thou see Me.

3) And the future shall be better than the past.

4) Come, seek protection in My mantle, for I have turned no creature from Me; be thou sheltered in the folds of My garment.

5) For the ills of the world shall pass away, even as the terrors of the night,

6) And the dawn shall be bright with splendour and sweet with the singing of the blessed souls.

7) And I shall be thy comfort in the darkness. (The Mantle, verses 1-7).

And finally, while the Pure Stream of Force means Energy or Grace, for some, it seemed to convey coercion or compulsion. For the Divine Feminine religion, Grace is a beautiful translation for Streams of Force or Divine Energy.

And so we have our final form [2]:

Shining Star of the shimmering waters,
Who has fashioned all the world into being,
beyond all knowing is the Splendour of Your Light.
Enfold my spirit, within your Mighty Mantle
and may the Pure Stream of Your Grace flow within me,
in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed is She.

Included under our Prayer menu here

Let us Bless The Holy One,
Blessed is She.

Let us thank the Seven Janae of Power.
Thanks be to the Seven Janae.

ArchMadria Candra Sophia & Madrina Sophia

[1] No copyright is claimed over any of the Madrian materials. These appear to be under orphan copyrights, and are reproduced under fair use/fair dealing provisions (where applicable), in the belief that this is consistent with the intention and desires of any likely authors.
[2] Copyright of the Order of Kore Di-Jana a.k.a. Janite/J.O.P. For personal use, only. Permission for the members of the Order of Kore Di-Jana a.k.a. Janite/J.O.P. to share on their media with all due crediting.

Living Daily – Sacred Day of Sunnadi or Sun Day

If you look at the main menu there is now a Sacred Daily Living section, with this guest post by ArchMadria Candra Sophia in the drop down menu.

20 Moura/March 11

Dear Devotees,

Recently, we spoke about Seasonal Living. Within Janite culture, there is also the practice of Daily Living.

Daily Living in Janite culture begins with a focus on the meaning of the Sacred Symbol and the ruling Jana of the day along with Her Stream of Virtues.

For example, today is Sunnadi. Sunna is a feminine name Janites give to the Sun rather than the more masculine Sol. Sunna is the Nordic goddess of the Sun. The Sacred Symbol is, of course, the Sun. Similar to how many refer to the Moon as Luna, who is the Roman feminine embodiment of the Moon.

abstract sun symbol of earth life made of human silhouettes and a home by Chantall

Sunnadi is our holy day of the week during the Sacred Season of Summer. During Summer, the priestess will serve the liturgy on this day. Hestians, (meaning members of our hestias. Hestias are Déanic homes which have been blessed and consecrated in the Name of Déa), might choose to serve the Rite of Sacrifice (meaning offering).


Icon of the Mother of God “Shroud” 2013 by Valentina Murenkova

The Symbol of the Sun represents Dea Madria, Our Celestial Mother, She Who is the Supernal Sun. She Who is Light. She Who is Brightness. The ruling Jana of the day, Madria Theia, is the Jana or Gateway of the Illumination which flows from this Brightness. She is a Living Stream of the outpouring of the Celestial Mother, shining and glowing in Her orange robes, bringing us Joy and teaching us Benevolence.

Madria Theia

On Sunnadi, we may recite the mantra rosary of Madria Theia. The Jana mantra rosary is very simple. It consists of one large bead and 35 small beads. (5 Mysteries of the Sacred Seasons x a septad or seven beads). The devotee may recite just seven beads or the entire rosary, it is the choice of the devotee. A five septad rosary may also be used, just skip all of the large beads except the first one.

On the first large bead of the mantra rosary, we recite the Blessed is Our Mother God prayer followed by the Shining Star prayer. The Shining Star prayer was formally titled the Silver Star prayer. The reason for this minor change will be explained in a future article.


On the small beads, we recite the mantra of the Jana of the day while envisioning Her, placing ourselves in Her Presence and contemplating Her Stream of Virtues in our lives. The mantra for Sunnadi is:

O, Madria Theia, Jana of Illumination, Generosity, and Benevolence, be with us.

We may also simply think about the Jana of the day and certainly pray to Her in our own words and ask Her to be with us and to guide us throughout the day.

We can also think about which of Her three virtues we wish to express in our lives that day and ask Her help in that endeavor. Illuminating in being informed relevant to our Soul Path and a joyous light filled presence on earth; Generosity in thought, word and action and Benevolence which is willing to do good for and to others.

And we may always express our gratitude to the ruling Jana during our Evensong prayers.

We might choose to light a candle or incense for Her and wear just a little something of Her color to remind us of Her throughout the day. For Madria Theia, this could be an orange colored gemstone pendant or other piece of jewelry, a hair ornament, a piece of clothing, a pen, badge, scarf, hat or whatever you may have.

See: which has a Madria Theia paragraph, verse from From the Seven Jeweled Rays copyright of ArchMadria Candra Sophia. Also Her correspondences.

There are many different ways to honor the Jana of the Day.  The key point to Daily Living, specially during this time of Moura, is the furthering and flowering of the 21 Virtues in our lives both for the benefit of others and for the growth and maturity of our own souls. And in this, the Janae will assist us.

Let us Bless The Holy One,
Blessed is She.

Let us thank the Seven Janae of Power.
Thanks be to the Seven Janae.

ArchMadria Candra Sophia

Med-Moura The Feast of the Trinitarian Janae of Spirit

14 Moura / March 5



O, Madria Candra, Madria Theia and Madria Rhea, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed are They.


Déa has Seven Faces, Seven Powers, Seven Living Streams. Today, we celebrate and honor three of Them.

So today we look at Their correspondences, take on Their virtues, devotionally recite Their prayers and mantras under our menu Seven Great Janae. Devotees serve a Rite of Sacrifice, Deaconesses and Priestesses serve a Liturgy. The candles on the altar (which should be object blessed) and the veil/hat that we wear during formal prayer and ritual should be either black or indigo [1]. (Keep in mind, the liturgical colors are the colors of the robes of the Janae. These are colors that are symbolic of Who They Are in Their Spiritual Essence.) The Moura altar cloth is the elemental seasonal color of violet. This can be a doily, hankey/handkerchief, table cloth. (Which should be object blessed). This is the only day during Moura when flowers are permitted on an altar in honor of the Trinitarian Janae of Spirit.


What this ritual is all about



I am Theia, the Orange Ray of Illumination. I am the Brilliant Light of the Supernal Sun.

The Three-Fold Heaven is where I reign and it is Spirit that I guard.

Come to me when you are in need of enlightenment and I will open your mind.

Learn of me the Diamonds of Joy and Benevolence and these shall be returned unto you, three-fold.

Seek me when you have sadness and are not able to perceive the joy in life and I shall uplift you.

Lend your downtrodden heart to me and I will return it to you overflowing with gladness.

I am Theia. 

From the Seven Jeweled Rays copyright of ArchMadria Candra Sophia

Madria Theia is the Face and Power of Dea Madria, our Divine Celestial Mother God. She, like the Holy Mother, is Brilliant Light. She is the Power of the Supernal Sun. She is Illumination and She illumines. She is all Joy with the promise of Eternal Bliss. Heaven shines through Her; its rays touch us, lightly. She is our Sun and our family’s Sun. She is the Light and Center of our life. She is the Power of Light. She is the Face of Radiance. She is the Divine Prism of the Resplendence of the Mother. She is with us every day and in every way. The charge of Madria Theia, is that we emit joy from our hearts in our everyday lives and mindfully strive to live a joy-filled day. When we radiate joy, we become joy. We are the reflection of the Sun of Dea on Earth. On Sunnadi, we honor Madria Theia and practice Her Virtues. 


I am Candra, the Violet Ray of Purity. I am the Brightness of the Supernal Moon.

The Three-Fold Heaven is where I reign and it is Spirit that I guard.

Come to me when you are in need of forgiveness and I will cleanse your heart.

Learn of me the Moonstones of Reflection and Reason and you shall be guided, always.

Those who are my priestesses, do naught without me; act only through me.

I shall transmute the Graces Divine through you unto the world and make of you a Living Prayer.

I am Candra. 

From the Seven Jeweled Rays copyright of ArchMadria Candra Sophia

Madria Candra is the Face and Power of the Holy Daughter. She is the Reflection of Her Purity and She imparts to us, the Holy Daughter’s Reason. She is the Power of Priestesshood and She is the Mistress of priestesses. Silver rays fall from Her hands, imbuing the soul of the priestess, the deaconess, the sister, with the secrets of the Mystery, that which is intuited by the feminine heart, but cannot be put into words. The Moonlit magick that is not spells, but Nature and Pure. That which draws us to the Moon and is tied to Water. That which fill us and overflows us, within and without, is that which only our souls can understand. We are Her handmaidens. The charge of Madria Candra is that we always remember, are always mindful of who we are and how we have been marked, in Her service, with every step we tred; with every act we make; and with every word we speak. As priestesses, deaconesses and sisters, we look to Madria Candra as our mentor. In the priestesshood, we are Her handmaidens who channel the Holy Daughter through liturgy and grace. We are a reflection of the Moon of Dea on Earth. On Lunadi, we honor Her and practice Her Virtues.


I am Rhea, the Indigo Ray of Steadfastness. I am the Fore-bearing Stream of the Supernal Cosmos.

The Three-Fold Heaven is where I reign and it is Spirit that I guard.

Come to me when you are in need of fortitude and resolve and I shall grant you strength of will.

Learn of me the Lapis of Temperance and Self-restraint and you shall conquer the world.

Whenever you are filled with self-doubt, I shall inspire you with confidence and earnestness.

If fear diminishes determination, I shall inspire you with perseverance and certainty of purpose and never lead you astray.

I am Rhea.

From the Seven Jeweled Rays copyright of ArchMadria Candra Sophia

Madria Rhea is the Face and Power of the Great Mother. She, like the Great Mother, is Dark beyond the light and Light beyond the Darkness. (From our liturgies). She is a Reflection of Mystery, Mysteria, She Who is the Great Mother. And yet, She is not distant; She is not unapproachable. In fact, She is the closest one, in a way. The Grandmother. The One Who loves you unconditionally and with Whom you feel the most comfortable. She is so Ancient, it is hard to fathom Her in your young eyes and mind, and yet, Her Great Maternal love envelops you and encompasses you. It’s ok that you don’t understand Her; She understands you. Do not fear to approach Her, She Who is the Ancient of Days, the Time before Dawn. Her planet, Saturn, means ‘to sow’. She is the Beginning; She is the Gardener;, She sows the Seeds of Life, the Sacred Apple Seeds of all the Living. These Seeds takes root in the Garden of All Being, the Holy Mother, the Matrix of Life. The Seed is given birth and is enveloped in a Soul by the Holy Daughter. Madria Rhea is the Great Mother’s Face, Her Power. She is our very beginning. She knows us more intimately than we know ourselves. She is not destruction; She is Life. Destruction is a natural part of physical life, but it has no reality in the Realm beyond this realm. Life, though, life is eternal. We are a reflection of the Saturn of Dea on Earth. On Foradi, we honor Her and practice Her Virtues.


Let us bless the Holy One.

Blessed is She.

Let us bless Madria Theia, Madria Candra and Madria Rhea.

Blessed be Madria Theia, Madria Candra and Madria Rhea.

Blessings and thanksgivings be.

Let us bless the Janae of the Four-fold Earth.

Blessed be the Janae of the Four-fold Earth.


ArchMadria Candra Sophia

Note: [1] Indigo appears between blue and violet in a rainbow. Purple grapes and blueberries are indigo. The deep blue of dark denim blue jeans is indigo.

Please see below, the correspondences for Madria Theia, Madria Candra and Madria Rhea.


Jana: Madria Theia.
She is of the three-fold Heaven and Guardian of Spirit and Center.
Greek Name: Theia: meaning Brilliant Light.
English Name: Lady Vision (Lady/Kyria as in noble.)
Sanskrit Name: Sai Raya.
Face/Power/Orange Ray/Spirit/Form of the Celestial Mother.
Mystery: Creation of Spirit.
Power: Illumination (Wellspring or main function, of each Jana.)
Virtues: Illumination, Joy, and Benevolence.
Chakra: Sacral.
Feast Day: 14 Moura/March 5 (4 if a leap year).
Planet: The Sun.
Weekday: Sunnadi/Sunday (Sunnadi-Sunday).
Metal: Gold.
Color of robes: Orange and Gold.
Madrian Appearance: An orange robe, either riding a lion or with a lion crouching at her feet.
Note: D (re).
Element: Spirit.
Cardinal Direction: Center.
Tarot Association: The Major Arcana.
Tarot Elemental Tool: The Bell.
Bird(s): Swan.
Lady of Light Chantry Transport animal: Two flying horses or two golden eagles.
Incense: Frankincense, Myrrh, Dragon’s blood, Cinnamon, Cedarwood, Rose,
Rosemary, Benzoin, Copal and Sandalwood.
Sacred Carrier oil: Sunflower oil.
Sacred Essential oil: Rose.
Sacred Herb: Rosemary.
Sacred Flower: Rose.
Sacred Tree: Ash, Birch.
Sacred Jewels: Diamond and Amber.
Sacred Symbol: The Sun.

Mantra: O, Madria Theia, Jana of Illumination, Generosity, and Benevolence, be with us.

Sunnadi Prayer (add to the Mantra:) May the Pure Stream of your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.


Lady Candre

Jana: Madria Candra meaning, of the Moon.
She is of the three-fold Heaven and is Guardian of Spirit and Center.
Greek Name: Phoebe.
English Name: Lady Clarity (Lady/Kyria as in noble.)
Sanskrit Name: Sai Candre.
Face/Power/Violet Ray/Spirit/Form of the Holy Daughter.
Mystery: Quassare (the Shattering of the Divine Soul of the Holy Daughter.)
Power: Priestesshood (Wellspring or main function, so to speak, of each Jana.)
Virtues: Reflection, Reason and Purity.
Chakra: Crown.
Feast Day: 14 Moura/March 5 (4 if a leap year).
Planet: Moon.
Weekday: Lunadi/Monday (Lunadi-Moonday).
Metal: Silver.
Color of Robes: Violet and Silver.
Madrian Appearance: A violet or silver robe, youthful appearance.
Note: A (la).
Element: Spirit.
Cardinal Direction: Center.
Tarot Association: The Major Arcana.
Tarot Elemental Tool: The Bell.
Bird: Nightingale.
Lady of Light Chantry Transport animal: Two flying reindeer.
Incense: Sandalwood, Amber, Cypress, Willow, Copal, Myrrh, Frankincense and Benzoin.
Sacred Carrier oil: Pomegranate Seed oil.
Sacred Essential oil: Ylang Ylang.
Sacred Herb: Angelica.
Sacred Flower: European – White Water Lily.
Sacred Tree: Willow.
Sacred Jewel: Moonstone.
Sacred Symbol: The Moon.

Mantra: O, Madria Candra, Jana of Reflection, Reason and Purity, be with us.

Lunadi Prayer (add to the Mantra:) May the Pure Stream of your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

She is the Patroness/Mistress of Priestesses.

Rhea and the lion

Jana: Madria Rhea.
She is of the three-fold Heaven and is the third Guardian of Spirit and Center.
Greek Name: Rhea meaning: flowing stream.
English Name: Lady Patience (Lady/Kyria as in noble.)
Sanskrit Name: Sai Rhavë.
Face/Power/Indigo Ray/Spirit/Form of the Great Mother.
Power: Faith. (Wellspring or main function, so to speak, of each Jana.)
Virtues: Steadfastness, Temperance and Self-restraint.
Chakra: The Third Eye.
Great Mystery: Terram (the Great Mother as the Ground of All Being.)
Feast Day: 14 Moura/March 5 (4 if a leap year).
Planet: Saturn: to sow.
Weekday: Foradi/Saturday. (Foraday- Solar Cross day).
Metal: Lead.
Color of Robes: Indigo.
Madrian Appearance: Indigo or black robe, old woman.
Note: G (so).
Element: Spirit.
Cardinal Direction: Center.
Tarot Association: The Major Arcana.
Tarot Elemental Tool: The Bell.
Birds: Crow, Raven and the Peacock.
Sacred Animal: Lion.
Incense: Frankincense and Myrrh.
Sacred Carrier oil: Hemp.
Sacred Essential oil: Cypress.
Sacred Herb: Hyssop.
Sacred Flower: Orchid.
Sacred Tree: Yew, Alder, Gorse.
Sacred Jewel: Lapis Lazuli.
Sacred Symbol: the Fora (or Celtic Eternal Knot Cross or Witches Cross).

Mantra: O, Madria Rhea, Jana of Steadfastness, Temperance and Self-restraint, be with us.

Foradi Prayer (add to the Mantra:) May the Pure Stream of your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.