Newsletter/Book Club/Sacred Season of Fall.

1 Abalon/Sept. 5
Pomadi/Wed. (Apple Day).

Day of Sai Thema, Foundation of Justice, Order and Harmony.

1. From the branch of a tree Kore plucked an apple, and She split the apple in two halves, so
that the five-pointed star formed by its seeds might be seen. 2. Then She removed the seed
representing the topmost point, and held it in the palm of Her hand. And She spoke, saying: 3.
“Like to this apple seed is all the teaching I have given and shall give to you.

[From the Sermon of the Apple Seed, New Celestial Union edition, vs 1- 3. Kore means Divine Daughter. (1) ]



We are very pleased to announce the launch of our monthly online newsletter, The Agora Gazette, published and edited by ArchSorella Minna! Each month will feature Seasonal articles, poetry, crafts, recipes, resources, devotions, Deanic customs, entries from our readers and much, much more!

Stay tuned as tomorrow, 2 Abalon/Sept. 6, is the formal launching date. Free online subscriptions will be available. We thank ArchSorella Minna for all of her outstanding work!

Book Club reminder:

Tonight is the first meeting of  Hypatia’s Grove Book Club, hosted by ArchSorella Minna. We will begin reading Women Who Run With the Wolves, by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. It is also available on Kindle and may be purchased here: Women Who Run With the Wolves.

It’s not too late to sign up for those who are interested. You may sign up here: Hypatia’s Grove. 


Each Season, each month and each day are considered to be sacred in the Deanic religion because each Season, month and day are symbolic of our Sacred Mysteries and the 21 Divine Virtues. They are ruled over by the Janati, who are the Seven Angelic Powers of Dea, Our Divine Mother God. Each Season, each month and each day are gifts to be lived, celebrated and honored.

Today, in the Deanic Calendar, marks the first day of the Sacred Season of Fall. Fall happens to be my own favorite Season and here in New England, there is so much to celebrate! Apples, pumpkins, perfect weather, deep blue skies, air that turns almost a golden hue during the incredible, breathtaking beauty of the Fall foliage.

It’s a time of Fall festivals, scarecrows, chrysanthemums, sunflowers and that first slight chill hovering over the morning dew. It’s a time when we gather the garden harvest, light our first hearth-fires and treasure the last remaining moments before the blanket of Winter snows brings slumber to the land.

Spiritually, for Janites, it marks the second Season of Our Heavenly Mother and is the Time of the Mystery of the Ground and Matrix of All Being or Terra, as this First Mystery is known to Janites, which means Earth.

Janites believe that while the Great Mother, Absolute Deity, is the Source of All Being, but it is Our Divine Mother, Herself, Who is the Ground and Matrix of all manifest Creation. It is She Who takes the Primordial Ideas/Blueprints/Essence which stem from the Great Mother, Who is the Absolute, the Dark beyond the light and the Light beyond the darkness, and manifests them into Creation.

Johfra Bosschart

Etymologically speaking, Matrix is a derivative of  Mother. It also means, womb. And so just as the ground of the Earth is the matrix/womb of all life on our beautiful and astoundingly diverse planet, so Our Divine Mother is the matrix/womb of all life in the Cosmos.

Fall is the time of both life and death. It is the time of the Feast of Divine Life and thanksgiving for the Harvest on 17 Abalon/Sept. 21 and it is the time when we remember our ancestors with the Feast of the Dead on 1 Samhain/Oct. 31.

The Sacred Symbol for Fall is the Apple, the symbolism of which is best recounted in The Seed of Truth aka The Sermon of the Apple Seed, from our Deanic scriptures, which may be read in full, below (1).

The Jana of the Season is Sai Thema, who has worked countless miracles in my life.  Her Correspondences may be found here. (Scroll down to Sai Thema, same picture as above.)

The Correspondences for the Sacred Season of Fall are:

Season of the Celestial Mother as the Apple of Wisdom.


Jana: Sai Thema.

Sacred Symbol: The Apple.

Element: Earth.

Elemental Color: Green.

Liturgical colors: Blue and Purple.

Direction: West.

Time of Day: Twilight.

Mystery: Terra: the Matrix of All Being.

Abalon, which means Apple Land. Full Moon: Apple Moon.
Ourania, which means, Heavenly or Cosmos. Full Moon: Cosmic Moon.
Samhain, (Janite pronunciation: Sah-vin), which means Summer’s end. Full Moon: Spirit Moon.

O, Dea Madria, we thank you for the Gifts of Your Creation and for the Blessings of the Harvest. We praise You for the Beauty of this Season. We glorify You for all that is Sacred and Holy in this Land. Blessed are You.

ArchMadria Pamela 

1) Title 3, Chapter 5 From the New Celestial Union Edition
1. From the branch of a tree Kore plucked an apple, and She split the apple in two halves, so
that the five-pointed star formed by its seeds might be seen. 2. Then She removed the seed
representing the topmost point, and held it in the palm of Her hand. And She spoke, saying: 3.
“Like to this apple seed is all the teaching I have given and shall give to you. 4. Like to the full
apple is all the knowledge relative to your sphere of being, 5. Like to all the other apples of the
tree is the knowledge relative to all the numberless spheres. 6. But behind these spheres lies a
deeper reality; changeless, beyond the impermanent flux of time. 7. For even as the apple turns
from bud to bloom, from blossom to the fruit, ripens, matures, decays and is reborn; 8. so also
shall the spheres and galaxies, the subtle realms, the sure and solid earth; so shall all these in
their season pass away, and in their season be reborn again. 9. Thus has it been ten thousand
times before, and countless times again, thus shall it be.
10. But knowledge of the truth beyond this flux is like to knowledge of the tree itself,
which does not change while the fruit is born and dies. 11. Like to the spreading boughs is the
love that sustains all creation which is fallen from pure Spirit. 12. Like to the trunk is that Spirit
Herself, from whom all creation flows. 13. And still beneath the branches and the trunk lie the
roots in darkness, like unto She that is beyond both being and unbeing; 14. and even as the
tree’s roots are not seen, so can there be no knowledge of the Absolute; for to know is to have
passed beyond knowledge. 15. And from this tree of all knowledge and of the boundaries
beyond which knowledge cannot pass, I have given to you but the seed of one apple.
16. For I have come that you may have deliverance. 17. There are many questions
concerning the nature of things and of being whose answers you may know, or partly know;
and many whose answers lie beyond the understanding possible to you. 18. But I am not sent
to discourse with you upon these matters, but to lead you to deliverance in perfection. 19. And
all the knowledge that shall bring you to deliverance is contained within the seed of an apple.
20. Yet within the seed is the essence of the tree, and from the seed the whole tree may unfold.
21. So from essential truth unfolds all other knowledge as the music of the spheres unfolds
from a single note.
22. Therefore when you think upon the questions of life, of time or of the spheres,
contemplate first the seed of truth, and let your thoughts unfold from that seed. 23. Let the
pure and single note of truth attune your soul. Then your mind shall rise up into soul, and soul
breathe the breath of Spirit. 24. Do this, and your thoughts shall be in harmony with the
universal music of eternity. 25. But let your thoughts grow from lower or from lesser or from
merely accidental things, and they shall wax rank and dissonant; 26. For it cannot be that the
tree of life shall grow from a nettle. 27. If her thoughts are bound to accidental thing, the soul
cannot attain liberation. 28. Dissonant and jarring with eternal harmony, the little sphere is
severed from the great.
29. Seek not for certainty in anything beyond the seed of truth. 30. That the sky is
above you and the earth below; that you breathe and eat and move; to these and to many things
must you give your assent that the life of the world may proceed. 31. Yet even of these there is
no certainty, for the world is but a dream from which you must some day awaken. 32. Within
the world you may be certain only of that truth which my Mother has given from beyond the
33. Therefore know well the sacred mythos and the words that I reveal to you, 34. and
let your knowledge dwell not only on the surface, but go deep into the inner soul; and let this
knowledge be the seed of all your knowing. 35. For the sacred word does not cry in the
marketplace, but whispers in the heart of every soul that truth which she alone may
understand. 36. It is not necessary that you should seek knowledge of the highest things
outside the sacred mythos and My words. 37. For I have revealed to you all that is necessary
that you should attain liberation; and what I have not revealed, that is not needed. 38. But if
you shall discourse on that which is unnecessary, I give to you three words. Let you not become
forgetful of them:
39. that there can be no certainty beyond the seed of truth, therefore you may speak of
likelihood only;
40. that you shall let your speculation be in harmony with the seed of truth, for speculation
that is dissonant does not give knowledge, but leads to the abyss of those that have rejected
41. and you who have care of My children, do not let them become confounded by dissonant
thought and work.
42. But beyond all else is this word: that the purpose of speculation is that mind and soul shall
grow with the seed of truth, 43. and any discourse that leads away from inward love of truth;
be that discourse high and pure, be it even harmonic, yet it is the spawn of kear, and you, My
children, shall turn from it. 44 Yet do not be afraid, for the seed of truth shall be your guide
and your protector and shall bring you deliverance.
45. And I give to you one word which shall conquer every danger. 46. That word is
love, and the humility that flows from love. 47. Receive with love the seed of truth and all
things shall be well.


1Maia/April 18


O, Sai Mati Sage, Messenger of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us.

Today, in the Janite calendar, we have added the Feast of MariMaia for what is traditionally  the Month of Mary or Lady Month, as it was known, centuries ago.

(Please note that Janites celebrate the Feast of Flowers, Floralia, on 10 Flora/May 25.)

The month of May has long been celebrated in honor of the Motherhood and the Queenship of Mary. Originally, this consisted of 30 days of various devotions to Mary during Aug./Sept. This was later transferred to the lovely month of May.

Now that we are officially Sophian Deanic, something that we have been unofficially for quite some time, Marian devotions, traditions and culture takes on an even greater significance. As I have mentioned in past posts, not only do we have Marian roots stemming from the beginning of Madrianism, but in some areas of traditional Russian Christian Culture and in present-day Goddess Christian Culture, along with many Sophian Traditions, Mary is believed to have been the incarnation of Divine Sophia. It is significant that the feast day of Sophia, in the Gnostic calendar, falls on Aug. 15, which is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary.

Additionally, Sophia has appeared to many and to one mystic She has said, ‘those who have prayed to Mary have been praying to Me’ And, so, many of the images we have of Mary may authentically be understood to be Images of Sophia.

Though the month of Maia is part of the Season of the Holy Daughter, it has traditionally been the month of the Mother. And, of course, the purpose of the Holy Daughter is to restore us to Our Divine Mother.

As it says in the Oral Tradition of the Secret Gospel of Mary, (not the fictional novel by the same name), “If you know the Woman of Light, you will know your Mother and be reborn of the Mother Spirit as a child of light.  Because the light is bornless, you will have eternal light.

“The body is born of the earthly mother, but the soul of light is born of the Heavenly Mother, and it is the Mother Spirit that awakens the soul of light.” (1)

Christos Sophia by Hikaru

In Janite Tradition, on the Feast of Coronam on 14 Maia/May 1, we crown the Holy Daughter, Our Princess of the World, as the Queen of Heaven.

Traditionally, going back many centuries, the Blessed Mother (Mary) was crowned as Queen of Heaven  And so, in Janite Tradition, on the Feast of Coronum, we may crown the Holy Daughter, Zoe (Daughter Sophia) as Queen of Heaven and, since it is the month of the Mother, we may crown the Celestial Mother, Mari/Maria (Mother Sophia) as Our High Queen.

So, each day of the month of Our Divine Mother, we may strive to do a little something in Her honor.

Plant marigolds, one of several flowers named after Our Lady.

Start a Mary Garden or outdoor shrine. Plant a flower pot and place an appropriate-sized statue of Mary inside or next to the pot for an apartment or windowsill or balcony. This site lists traditional Marian flowers.

Marian houseplants suitable for the blind due to their form, texture and fragrance:
Mary’s Rose – Miniature Rose – Rosa hybrida
Mary’s Tresses – Asparagus Fern – Asparagus plumosus
Our Lady’s Fringes – Star Begonia – Begonia heracleifolia
Mary’s Bouquet – Rosemary – Rosmarinus officinalis
Mary’s Sword – Apostle Plant – Neomarcia gracilis
Mother of Thousands – Strawberry Geranium – Saxifraga sarmentosa
Beautiful Lady – Geranium (scented) – Pelargonum crispum

Recite Her litany, rosary, psalms or other of Her prayers.

We will be composing 9 day novenas to Her.  Each day of the nine day novena, light a devotional candle to Our Lady and pray the prayer. When your prayers are answered, make an offering to Our Lady in Thanksgiving.

Offer Her flowers, incense, milk and honey.

Sing Her hymns. You do not have to be Catholic to sing these hymns. If you are devoted to Mother Sophia, these hymns are yours to sing. A beautiful hymn which needs no adaptation may be found here: To hear it sung:

On this day of MariMaia, let us begin Lady Month by fostering True Devotion to She Who is the Mother of All the Cosmos. Blessed is She.

A. M. Pamela Lanides

1) Excerpts from the Secret of Gospel of Mary, . This is the Gnostic Christian Order of Tai Malachi.






27 Moura/March 18


Day of Sai Raya Theia, Lamp of Illumination, Joy and Benevolence. O, Sai Raya Theia, be with us. Blessed are You.

Tomorrow, within marks the most somber day of the year. In Janite Tradition, these next two days are called Tenebrae, which means Darkness.

On this day, Janite females are veiled while Janite male devotees wear a hat. Veiling for females make take the form of a wide headband, scarf, kerchief, veil, hat, mantilla. Normally, a silk rose would be included in this list, but not for Tenebrae. The colors should be black, indigo or purple/violet.

There should be no lit candles on the altar and all statues and icons removed.

Janites do not have mandatory fasting laws because everyone’s health and circumstances differ. At the very least, we recommend abstaining from alcohol and sweets. The rest is up to the devotee. However, we caution against being overly scrupulous. Fast with moderation.

On the first day of Tenebrae, 28 Moura/March 19, we preform a lustration. This is a ritual bath or shower of purification.

This is the time when the Celestial Mother, in Her Daughter Form, descends down through the Seven Realms. Each Realm is a lower vibration and each becomes more dense. This causes excruciating suffering for She Who loves us so much, to the point that in Janite thealogy, which is based upon that of Sophia/Shekina,  Her Most Pure Soul Shattered as a crystal chandelier might shatter should it fall to the floor from the ceiling.

The Mythos of Shekinah/Sophia.

Sources for this Myth of the Divine Shattering of Shekinah/Sophia may be found within certain traditions of Kabbalism, in Gnostic schools of thought and in ancient Syrian Gnostic Christianity.

In Kabbalistic teaching:For, it is the Shekinah that is ascribed by Kabbalists to be the Middle Pillar of Balance that unites the opposites, just as the soul allows for the opposites of body and spirit to unite, so too does the Shekinah play this role for us. Indeed, the Shekinah is the Soul of Man, what Kabbalists call the Neshamah, for She has given a portion of Herself in order for each human to come into being in this world. In giving of Herself to humans, in this state of physical density and isolation, the World Soul becomes shattered. This shattering can be metaphorically grasped in considering what might happen to a glass alembic or flask when too much pressure is put upon in the alchemical works. Thus, the Shekinah represents the ultimate archetype of selfless sacrifice. All Her sacrifices have been for the benefit of creation so that humankind may experience this life in order to fulfill its destiny and purpose.

The Shekinah plays another very important role in the story of creation, and in particular in the Great Plan of humankind.  It is believed that in man’s fall to a denser, less perfect state of being in the physical, the Shekinah stayed with us as we separated from God or were exiled from the ‘Garden’.  Thus, the Shekinah, once again, was voluntarily removed from God/En Sof in order for us to have our experience.  She has always stayed with us, wherever we were exiled or isolated or shut out, the Shekinah was always there in exile and isolation with us.” [1]

The following is, what I think is the best definition of Sophia as the World Soul as written by an Episcopalian Priest:

“As the living centre or Soul of all creatures […] She includes the manifoldness of living souls; She is all of humanity together in one, or the Soul of the World. She is ideal humanity, containing all individual living creatures or souls and uniting them through Herself […]. Her task is to mediate and unify the manifoldness of living creatures, who constitute the actual content of Her life and the absolute unity of God.

She contains all living creatures, She is the unity that binds them, and Her work in the world is to unify outwardly that which is already one in essence—in Her.” (Episcopal Priest, Father Matthew Wright.) [2]

The hauntingly beautiful Mari-Anna chant, as found on the Chapel of Our Mother God, is most especially appropriate for these two days of Tenebrae, of Darkness. Two days that are both in and out of time. This solemn and gentle chant has always reminded me of the  the Traditional Catholic Stabat Mater, an hymn that was sung in honor of the sufferings of the Blessed Virgin Mary during the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday. Please note that Traditional Catholic refers to the pre-Vat. II Church and those modern Chapels and Societies which follow the Traditional  Catholic religion. We are not referring to the post-Vatican II Church known as the Novus Ordo or New Order.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides





Sacred Month of Samhain October 31st – November 27th

Nov 1 / Samhain 2

Stelladi or Star Day. (Wednesday).
Day of Madria Sage.

Sacred Month of Samhain October 31st – November 27th

Autumn colors by Martin

The elemental green of the sacred season of Autumn. Decaying and dying to sprout again. Life time after life time, until our souls are perfected enough to rejoin Mother God. The lesson of Madria Thema.


For my predecessors in the Deanic Faith this month was also named Samhain (pronounced Sa-Win or Sow-in).

ArchMatrona Ghrian has mentioned that another pronunciation for Samhain (usually pronounced Sow-en) is also Shah-vin. And I have found this here: (

It is also the Irish for November.

Samhain: (meaning Summer’s End. For the Celts, summer ended in October.)
For those devotees of Dea residing in the British Isles, our clocks have fallen back 1 hour, leaving Summer Time behind us on the last Saturday of October.

This is the last month in the sacred season of Autumn. Because of the dark evenings and increasingly cold weather, I spend time reflecting upon and praying to Madria Thema. How can I add order and harmony to my blessed sacred hestia, relationships and life? So I tidy and sort items for donation to charity shops, clean and delight in small daily achievements. I smile at and acknowledge strangers in the street.

I find seasonal recipes with either apples or pomegranates or green coloured foods.

Kale and Pomegranate Salad
400g/14oz kale, trimmed, washed, shredded and excess water squeezed out
2 pomegranates, seeds removed
1 lime, juice only
3 tbsp rapeseed oil

Spiced Bean and Kale Pot

Cannellini Alubias by kendyll hillegas

These are affordable and vegan
Kidney bean and peanut butter burger (I am allergic to peanuts therefore I use more expensie almond butter)
Carrot, cumin & kidney bean burgers
Irish Colcannon

Beans are a symbol of being manifest on Dea’s created earth, whom we Deanists respect as our sister.

On Pomedi or Apple (or Pomegranate) Day. (Thursday). The Day of Madria Thema, we say:
O, Madria Thame, Jana of Order, Harmony and Justice, be with us.
May the Pure Stream of your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

Madrina Sophia