The Quest of the Soul

Stelladi/15 Flora

Day of Sai Mati Sage.

24: And she who loveth her true self, seeketh to progress in Spirit and make pure her soul; 25: yet, if she know not (Dea) as her Mother, or if she despise Her children, then is this love but emptiness and illusion. (The Three Loves, SMR edition).

We often talk about Dea and how to worship Her. We speak of the Mythos of the Holy Daughter and how She is our saviouress. We focus on the daily practice of the 21 Virtues of the Janati. But, we have not, in our posts, been focusing on the soul, which is the main body of teaching in our scriptures aside from the love of Dea.

Alongside getting to know Dea and loving Her, the care and nurture of the soul is the fundamental basis of the body of teachings as found in our scriptures. This is where our focus should be. This is how we serve Dea. We don’t serve Dea by constantly arguing about our Faith or by judging others in our lives or by taking on an ‘holier than thou’ attitude. Humility, harmony and kindness are the outward signs of a soul that is striving to be ever closer to Dea. These signs often signify a mature, aware soul; one that lives in service of Dea through service to Her children, the children of Earth.

Our scriptures are chock full of these teachings, these guidelines, these admonishments.  And we would do well to pay great heed to them and take these words into our hearts.

In the Madrian catechism, there are two chapters on the soul, alone. In the Teachings of the Daughter, I counted at least 41 verses which reference the soul. And, of course, the Crystal Tablet is all about the soul.

This is one of many things which differentiates our religion from that of neo-Paganism, Wicca and many New Age religions. Ours is a cosmic, salvific religion. Our scriptures and our catechism teach us deep spiritual principles. They explain to us what steps we need to take in order to help save our souls through the Holy Daughter. It is a full-bodied religion, not one which focuses on how to work with different goddesses or how to perform magick. It is not about the feminist movement nor is it a religion of the world, so to speak. It is the religion of the hidden life of the soul in Dea. And when we truly take the scriptures to heart, we cannot help but find humility and we begin to realize that we really need to work on ourselves, let alone worrying about or judging others.

12) ” Of no single maid (person) shall ye say anything, for it is given to ye to see but the outward part and in the outward part lieth not the truth, but only in the inward being. 13) Therefore, set yourselves not as judges over any maid (person), for there is One alone that seeth all things and She alone hath power to judge. The Light vs 12 and 13, SMR edition.

Not judging others can be one of the hardest things to do and is something that I am trying to work on for my Soul Path. When I am tempted to judge another, I try to remind myself that this isn’t about ‘us and them’, this is about self and other self. That person is One with me in Dea and I cannot judge that person because I don’t know his or her soul; I don’t know his or her reasoning; I don’t know what has occurred in his or her life; I don’t know their mind or their heart or their soul. Only Dea knows. Only Dea has a right to judge. Not me. This attitude can be difficult and humbling. But, it is the right attitude before Dea.

Taken together, the Deanic Scriptures are an exegesis on the inner life of the soul. And so, rather than focusing on perceived differences, perhaps it is time to look to our scriptures and start practicing what they teach us.

We are admonished to live in harmony, in thame’. I know that I am one to talk, believe me, but we are at the point where we should be able to leave our differences behind us and be real witnesses to our Faith through our actions, our words and even our very thoughts.

If we read the Deanic Scriptures with proper care and attention; if we truly take the words into our hearts and allow them to grow in the interior gardens of our souls; if we focus more on serving Dea rather than judging, condemning and being hurtful of Her children, then we are truly practicing our religion.

Our religion teaches modesty in manner, amity towards others, pure thought forms, Love, the proper nurturing of our souls, purity and chasteness of heart, elegance, refinement, the importance of femininity, being virtuous, being mindful of the power of words and that if we do not have Love for the children of Dea, we do not have True Love for Dea, Herself.

I know that I am ready to start changing my soul life. I am ready to let all else go and really begin concentrating on the teachings in our scriptures. I wish to focus inwardly so that  I may become a shining beacon of Dea or as it states in both our liturgy and the RoS, a torchbearer: Send us forth upon the world as torchbearers of Your delight. 

Let us be torchbearers by focusing inwardly in the garden of our souls, while keeping our eyes on Our Heavenly Mother.

The Three Loves clearly illustrates that if we don’t love the children of Dea, if we don’t live in harmony with others, then our love for Dea is false.

Let us begin by a careful reading of this the Three Loves and trying to put these teachings into daily practice. This is what our religion is all about.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

FAQ: Spirit/Soul Part I


12 Astrea/Dec. 9

Lady Tethys

O, Madria Grace, Jana of Compassion, Love and Mercy, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and it all the worlds to come.


Jacqueline asks: One thing I have long been curious about I think is alluded to here- that the Celestial Mother manifested our individual spirits, and that the Daughter “covers our spirits with souls so that we are able to enter manifest existence.” What is the distinction here between souls and spirits? If we originally emanated from Dea, then what is the purpose of the Daughter’s sacrifice and our resulting souls? I hope this makes sense.

And, further,

I guess the quote itself states that the purpose of the Daughter giving us souls is so that we can “enter manifest existence,” but I think that is the piece that I am unclear on; I don’t really know what that means.


Dear Jacqueline,

Thank you for these important, fundamental questions.

I think it might help if I first explain why our teaching concerning the sacrifice of the Daughter is a bit different than that found in our scriptures. The Mythos of the Daughter bases the Passion and Death of the Holy Daughter on the myth of the goddess Inanna. In fact, in the Madrian edition of the scriptures, you will find that the Holy Daughter is actually named Inanna. It was later shortened to Anna.

When I first entered the Faith, I was troubled by the fact that the goddess Inanna was a married and promiscuous goddess of sex and war, and did not die for altruistic reasons. I was also bothered by the fact that the goddess Inanna is not a Living Stream goddess. So, for these reasons, it was hard for me to accept her as an appropriate Form or Image for the Most Pure Daughter.

My other area of concern was that I truly struggled with the idea that Daughter God could die if She had not incarnated into material manifestation.

While the myth of Inanna, in part, might be an illustration of the suffering the Holy Daughter endures as She descends down through the Seven Realms, the literal death of the Daughter did not make sense for me. If the Holy Daughter did not incarnate as an human being with a flesh and blood body, and where She is God, how could She actually die?

God cannot die, the soul cannot die and the spirit cannot die. God is eternal. Once God dies, God is no longer eternal and is therefore, not God. And so it follows that if the Holy Daughter had truly died, then She was not eternal. If She was not eternal, then, it stands to reason, that She was not God. I couldn’t find any way around this conundrum.

One explanation that was presented to me was that the Holy Daughter gave Her Essence to Her Mother before descending through the realms. Ok, well, again, the more I thought about it, the more it did not make sense to me. If the Daughter emptied Herself of Her Essence, which is Her God-Nature, Her God-Spirit, Her Spirit Energy, then, what was left of Her? Was it empty Form? Without Her Essence, was the Form still the Holy Daughter? This and many more questions arose in my mind.

Another area of confusion for me was exactly why the Daughter had to actually die in order to sustain Creation. Exactly how did the Daughter’s Death lead to the sustaining of all Creation? The explanations offered to me did not satisfy me on a thealogical level.

I’m not implying that the scriptures are wrong. The Mythos is not meant to be taken literally. The Mythos is a story that is meant to point us to an unknowable Reality. But I felt that it made more sense to me, that rather than modeling the Holy Daughter on the Goddess Inanna and her descent and death,  the Holy Daughter should be modeled on the True Divine Feminine of our Age and Her Descent as the Holy Soul.

In our Age, the ending of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the Divine Feminine God would be the Hindu and Buddhist goddesses, the Shekinah, the Divine Sophia and many would include Isis. These are Living Stream Images/Forms of Dea. The Hindu Goddesses, The Shekinah and the Divine Sophia are considered to be God or having the Nature of God. There are valid reasons for the Deanic mandate that Images/Faces/Forms of Dea should be Living Stream Images. Living Stream Images are those Whose worship has never been broken.

So, for the Janite Order, the Holy Daughter, in keeping with the Living Stream mandate, is modeled on Shekinah (as in the True Sabbath Queen, She is not just the Presence of the Father) and Sophia. In other words, for the Janite Order, the Divine Sophia and the Holy Shekinah are the Images/Forms which we use for the Holy Daughter.  The Divine Sophia is not limited to Christianity. She is worshiped across a wide-range of spiritualities, Traditions and religious denominations.

Both the Holy Shekinah and the Divine Sophia are known as the World Soul or the Holy Soul. {The Title, Divine Sophia, is here used to differentiate the non-Fallen Sophia, the Primordial Sophia from the Gnostic fallen Sophia who was in need of a saviour. (Typical demotion of a goddess.)}

Before we get into the Holy Shekinah and Sophia as the World Soul/Holy Soul and what that means, first we need to answer the question as to what is the distinction between souls and spirits:

We can say that we emanated from Dea, yes, but it is probably more accurate to say that She created our spirits from the Breathe of Her own Spirit. And, there is a difference between soul and spirit.

   The spirit is our essence, our essential selves. It is our light energy selves. I like this definition: The spirit is that part of you which is the direct creation of God. Your spirit is the highest aspect of who and what you are. It is a direct fragment of the Divine Life of God.

In studies of life between lives undertaken by certain psychologists  and as reported by those who have had NDE’s, after we die, we often appear as pure light energy, almost like brilliant balls of light energy. If true, this is what I think of when I think of our spirits, our energy selves. We can also take soul-form.

But, what about the soul? For human beings on this planet, in this realm, our souls are that part of us which has human character and which links with the human experience. And so, because it links with the human experience, it is necessary to have a soul in order to enter manifest creation. And so our spirit and our rarefied soul forms are our True Selves or Higher Selves.

The soul is a rarefied or ethereal or energy body. Many believe that the soul is where our personality and our emotions reside.

I like the following Kabbalistic definition of soul: People are really made in the image of God, which means that each of us are essentially divine beings. Each soul is a miniature version of God, like a fragmented holographic image. (Remember, Sophia’s Soul was ‘shattered’ so to speak, into myriad ‘fragments’.)

    We are not victims of original sin, but rather are covered up with ‘shells’ that need to be removed so that the original spark may be uncovered. Salvation comes when we are enlightened, when we remember the truth of what and who we really are. (Gnosis.) The Fall of Man is really a metaphor of our pre-existent soul wanting to descend in order to re-ascend. (Which is what the long version of our Creed essentially teaches.) (1)

We live in a state of ignorance and limitation. When we clear out the obstructions which cloud and obscure the Divine Spark within us, when we continuously choose to move towards Dea rather than away from Her (as our scriptures teach), then our souls evolve, the obscurity melts away and the Divine Spark within shines, again. It’s like our souls, which are the temple of spirit, are diamonds in the rough that must be refined and polished in order for the True Light to shine from within.

Plato taught that our souls pre-existed in the ideal Realm of Forms before we entered manifest creation and forgot from whence we truly originate. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, which is echoed in our scriptures as the story of the of the race of maids who lived in the cave as told in, The Light, (Madrian edition title), along with  the Gnostic Hymn of the Pearl, aka, the Robe of Glory, illustrate that we must attain Gnosis, we must awaken to our True Selves, in order to return Home.

Our Lady guides us to this awakening. Some Gnostics teach that the Divine Sophia is the Divine Spark who resides within a secret chamber of our hearts (similar to the scriptural teaching of Dea residing in the Temple of our Hearts). She continuously strives to uncover the Divine Spark hidden within us.

A final note: The Deanic Faith is based, in part, on Platonic and Gnostic concepts, especially in the areas of Divine Forms, Primordial Ideas and the Pleroma. There are many forms of Gnosticism. Some older than others. We must remember when we are researching or referring to Gnostic Christianity, a latter form of Gnosticism, that Sophia was by then, demoted and in need of a male savior. Again, I refer you to the articles by Max Dashu which are found in our links section.

Tomorrow, we will continue with Our Lady as the Holy Soul and Her connection with our souls.

For now, I leave you with this lovely painting and prayer to Our Lady of the Divine Spark:

May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.


ArchMadria Candra Sophia (Please note, this is a Jewish site and this article explains the Jewish perspective of salvation.)




The Origins of the Creation Mythos


11 Astrea/Dec. 8


O, Madria Thema, Jana of Justice, Order and Harmony, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.


There have been a number of articles posted this week, beginning with Sorella (Sister) Sophia’s articles on the interpretation of the Creation Mythos.


As we know, our scriptures were compiled from a variety of sources, mostly of Greek origin. These sources were adapted and applied as a Feminine Mythos in order to explain the Cosmic Truths of the Divine Mother and Holy Daughter.

We also know that many pre-Patriarchal age, pan-European myths were originally about a Great Mother Goddess, who later became demoted. The same thing happened with the myths of the Divine Sophia.  (1-2).

While it recently came to our attention that the Creation Mythos was based, in part, on the Kosmopoiia, an obscure ancient Greek text, research proved to be impossible.

However, our Sorella Sophia managed to locate a French translation of the document, which she then used various online translators to obtain the English version.

Here, for those who are very familiar with the Creation Mythos text and who understand its inner meaning, we find many of the main characters (though some are male rather than female), along with the order of Creation. We also find that according to the Kosmopoiia, Creation came about from laughter.

We must keep in mind that the Creation Mythos was also based upon the Pelasgian Mythos. (The Pelasgians were pre-Classical, pre-Olympian).

My own opinion is that the Creation Mythos was also based, in part, on Gnosticism (the Pleroma, Primordial Ideas, etc.). Of course, Gnosticism has Greek, Egyptian and Hebrew origins. (Along with Syrian, Babylonian, etc.)

The following is the English translation of part of the text of the Kosmopoiia with commentary by Sorella Sophia.

Again, we thank Sorella Sophia for her meticulous research.


After translating The Kosmopoiia itself, which is very concise, along with the article about the Divine Names in Kosmopoiia, I have managed to determine all the primary concepts and characters of the Madrian Creation Mythos: but with the addition of one note in another book, it becomes clear that with each creation, Helios experiences a different emotion. This gives the characters a different role than the Madrian.



In other cases, Creation has been the result of an utterance, for instance the seven guffaws with which the divinity created the world according to the hermetic text “Leiden Kosmopoiia”, whose precedent is the seven creating words of Neith in the cosmogony of the Temple of Esna (61)
Note 61
Greek  Magical  Papyri  (=PGM),  cit.,  pp.  282-284  and  294-297.  Vid.  S. Sauneron, “
La lé gende des sept paroles de Methyer au Temple d’Esna”, in Bulletin de la Société Française d’Égyptologie (BSFdE) 32 (1961), pp. 43-48. The first part of the PGM XIII mentions an “account of the creation”. Its resemblance to the cosmogony of CH I is amazing: “When the god laughed, seven gods were born (who encompass the cosmos…).
1). When he laughed first, Phōs  -Augē  [Light – Radiance] appeared and irradiated everything and became god over the cosmos and fire…
2). Then he laughed a second time. All was water. Earth, hearing the sound, cried out and heaved, and the water came to be divided into three parts. A god appeared; he was given charge of the abyss of primal waters, for without him moisture neither increases nor diminishes. And his name is Eschakleo…
3). When he wanted to laugh the third time, Nous or Phrenes [Mind or Wits] appeared holding a heart, because of the sharpness of the god. He was called Hermes; he was called Semesilam.
4). The god laughed the fourth time, and Genna [Generative Power] appeared,  controlling Spora [Procreation]
5). He laughed the fifth time and was gloomy as he laughed, and Moira [Fate] appeared. And she was the first to receive the scepter of the world…
6). He laughed the sixth time and was much gladdened, and Kairos [Time] appeared holding a scepter, indicating kingship, and he gave over the scepter to the first-created god, [Phōs]…
7). When the god laughed a seventh time, Psyche [Soul] came into being, and he wept while laughing. On seeing Psyche, he hissed, and the earth heaved and gave birth to the Pythian serpent who foreknew all things…”.
It has all the primary concepts and characters of the Madrian Creation Mythos.
Summary by Sorella Sophia:

Helios was the personification of the Sun in Greek mythology. Creator in The Kosmopoiia “The divine light of the world”. (For us, of course, the Celestial Mother is the Supernal Sun. A. M. Pamela) Divine Laughter creates, it also allows the Divine and human to communicate. From the divine names article: Greek Demeter and Egyptian Hathor being cited as influencing reconciliation stories for this part of Kosmopoiia.

Genna, divine personification of the seed. (My opinion about the meaning: the Note 61 states “Genna [Generative Power] controlling Spora [Procreation]” which is not in this version of The Kosmopoiia. Perhaps seed means all the potentials of manifest life as this creation leads to Moira [Fate] being created next.)
“« the soul of the statue, the god” » The ritual contexts of this logos generally evoke the appearance of a divinity in the light of a lamp.” (article on the divine names) In my opinion this is why The Catechism of The Children of The Goddess has a lit classical Roman/Greek oil lamp on the cover. (Interesting as the oiled lamp is my personal symbol. A. M. Pamela)

There is the goddess of justice – righteousness Moira created, with balancing scales. Hermes becomes her rival.
God said, “Of you two shall be righteousness, but the man shall be under the dominion of Moira.” (The Kosmopoiia)

Hence the concept of the feminine being higher than the masculine becoming the root of Madrian doctrine, perhaps this inspired The Heart of Water scripture. God creates from laughter and great joy Kairos; Time and Royalty.

The creation of Psyche / soul leads directly to God causing the earth to produce a snake who knows beforehand all things.

God terrified by the snake creates 2 further gods who seem to be duality.

God gave one of them Iaô the power over 9 gods and “the same for the seven planets”. (The Kosmopoiia)


There seems to be a magickal spell only mentioned in the divine names article, which is “the recipe to attract the god: three greek words, which obviously transposes the seven fragments to laugh at the Kosmopoiia.”
[Which in my opinion lead the Madrians to include the Pelasgian creation myth with the associated creation of the Titanesses].
1. Light is created first. “…(the Light) appeared and illuminated the universe.” (The Kosmopoiia) / “luminous ray” (divine names article). Within the notes there are many solar references.
2. “God burst out laughing a second time and everything became water.” (The Kosmopoiia)  / Earth is folded to partition the primordial waters into 3. Could mean « Iaô (in anagram), House < of god > » (divine names article)
3. Laughing mingled with anger created “(Mind) holding in his hands a heart. He was called Hermes,…(the atmosphere)” (The Kosmopoiia) / “Its signification seems set as: « Eternal Sun ».”

Comment “Serge Sauneron saw the birth of Thoth coming from the heart of Re in a moment of bitterness. This myth is represented on column (2) of the hypostyle hall of the temple of Esna: from the seven words of the goddess Methyer-Neith, the primordial cow, emerge seven primordial divinities whose names are pronounced as a result.” (divine names article)

4. Genna appeared, holding the seed. “(one that still retains or reborn)” (The Kosmopoiia) / “Its meaning would be “Chief Justice”…

“This collaborator assumes the appearance of a Horus-Soleil with the face of a lion, which must be reproduced on a stone serving as a talisman, a whip and a globe in the hand and surrounded by an ouroboros. Below the image, on the basis of the stone, is transcribed the recipe to attract the god: three Greek words, which obviously transposes the seven fragments to laugh at the Kosmopoiia.”

“The ritual contexts of this logos generally evoke the appearance of a divinity in the light of a lamp. …in relation to its ritual use would be the copte bain touwt vnou, « the soul of the statue, the god ».” (divine names article)

5. “God laughed for the fifth time and, laughing, darkened (became gloomy) and Moira appeared holding a scales in her hands to show that in it resides justice. But Hermes entered into rivalry with her, saying, “It is in me that righteousness dwells.”

God said, “Of you two shall be righteousness, but the man shall be under the dominion of Moira.”

And it was she who received the scepter of the world, whose name in the form of anagram is great, holy and illustrious… (The Kosmopoiia) / “As for the darkening or tears of the god when creating Moïra, it is possible that there is an allusion to the distance of his eye and to a provisional management of cosmic justice, to which Thoth is opposed.” (divine names article)

6. Laughter with great joy creates Kairos holding the scepter that signifies royalty (The Kosmopoiia) / “« The mouth of fire », « I am the eye of Horus », The other magic words, on the other hand, remain obscure. …could refer to the verb copt brbr, “bubbling” …the creator god fears that the earth is deaf to a god” (divine names article)

7. Creation of “…Psyche, and while laughing God wept. At the sight of Psyche, God whistled and the earth rose in a round mass and bore the Pythian serpent who knows beforehand all things… (sparkling light)” (The Kosmopoiia).

“According to version B of the Kosmopoiia, the god who is in charge of the role of guide to Psyché, the soul, born of the seventh burst of laughter, is, as it should be, Hermes. With the birth of Psyché, the universe fills with pneuma and between moving. Psyché does not have a barbaric name, but its creation recalls the sequence of events evoked in the fragment of Stobee XXIII, in other words the Korè Kosmou. Hermès is the mediator between the demiurge god and the divine beings. All these, in effect, are immersed in inactivity and ignorance. It is the same for the world inferior in the grip of despair and tears, when he contemplates beauty of the higher world and the sky,  « image of the god still unknown  ».

This situation of impasse is resolved when the demiurge, by an act of his will, decides to confide the secrets of heaven to the soul of Hermès. The revelation of these mysteries, contained in the books written and hidden by Hermès, triggers the triple rhythm of  « research, discovery and success  » desired by the demiurge.

Proceeding then as an alchemist, the demiurge produces Psychôsis, a substance from which the souls of all beings are formed. He fabricates it « by wishing that the higher world no longer remains inactive, that is to say by having decided that everything will be filled with pneuma, so that the things do not remain immobile and inactive even in part ».

The hypothesis advanced by Michel Tardieu to see in the young Psyche a representation of the  « mistress of the house » Egyptian, Nephthys, is very interesting.

…this same Psyche may well also be Hathor, whose name signifies precisely « house of Horus. »

…A tradition attested in Denderah gives rise to Hathor’s tears in the eye of Re in the midst of a lotus in the primordial waters, which would explain the bursting of the god’s sobs in the Kosmopoiia when Psyche was created (Version A)”
(divine names article)

There are 2 further gods created;
“At the sight of the dragon, God, seized with terror,” (The Kosmopoiia) / “the god again slams the tongue and whistles. …the warrior Phobos …« Almighty, Master of the Masters, Master of the house »” / …which would mean « god of the gods (repeated three times), eye of Horus, shining splendor, great serpent, spirit of darkness ».” (divine names article)

“At the sight of the warrior, God was again seized with terror, as if he had seen a stronger being (than he): he feared that the earth had excreted a god. Casting his eyes toward the earth, he said Iaô, and from the echo (of the name) was born a god, who is the lord of all.” (The Kosmopoiia)

“Is the appearance of the armed Phobos and the sonorous divinity (Iaô) constructed on the schema of the myth of the quarrel between Seth and Horus?” (divine names article)

[My comment: Is this the appearance of duality?]

I would like to mention that in the Divine Names article, (not published here), I noticed several names of Gnostic Aeons, which I found interesting.
It is good to know the sources for our scriptures. Knowing the sources lends authenticity to them rather than taking away their integrity. (A. M. Pamela)
Thank you, Sorella Sophia. This is valuable knowledge. 



More on the Mythos of Creation


10 Astrea/Dec. 7

angel_of_the_air_by_erindowning1989-d6xlezm (Angel of Air by Erin Downing).

O, Madria Sofia, Jana of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us. May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.


Long time devotee, our Sister, Sophia, has more to share on the Creation Mythos. These posts on the Creation Mythos are taken from private correspondences between Sophia and myself. I have felt it best to leave these teachings just as she wrote them, with only minor editing and a few of my own comments. (Please note that oftentimes words that have a z in the U.S. are spelled with an s instead of a z in certain other countries.)

As Sophia confirmed, in verse 10 of the Mythos of Creation, 10. And as She laughed, the image rose up from the water and stood before Her. And this was the first of Her daughters. And she was filled with love for Her, and therefore was the first creature of Spirit, this is the creation of the first human female (humanity).

From Sophia:

Verse 4. And the white force of Her superabundant joy grew so great that it must take shape in laughter; and Her laughter was the shape of all things.

Please note in the Creation Scripture, that it states all things were created by and from portions of Divine Laughter. It is Dea’s delight which animates. All are Pure Essence, Divine Light, Ideas and Life. Without form or substance, although living with Dea in unity.

The Creation myth could end at verse 8, but there are then detailed, a series of 3 emanations/creations:

1. plants, trees, animals, insects, birds, fishes and sea creatures. Living but not Spirit
2. humanity. Living with Spirit. Because the first daughter chose to return Mother Mari’s Divine Love to Her, to closely reflect that aspect of Creatrix as Love.

3. nature spirits. Living with Spirit.

These are to distinguish between those with spirit from those without spirit.
Those without spirit are still Divine in origin.
Honestly I am not sure what to think of the above. (I agree with Sophia. I would tend to think they have spirits. A.M. Pam).Verse 11. And wise and skilled, she [humanity] ran about the earth with love of all things, giving a name to every thing and creature, each in the order that She [Dea] had shaped them.

Love of Dea and Love of all things, shows that humanity has a Dea-given purpose. It also demonstrates that humanity can recognise the Divine Essence in everything, therefore being able to name it in harmony with Dea.
(Beautiful teaching. A. M. Pam)
Verse 14. And the trees and rivers were filled with nymphs and every kind of sprite. And all were Her daughters. And Her love for each was inexhaustible, for each was a reflection of some boundless fragment of Her unbounded Spirit.

The Madrians, from Greek mythology, and my own maternal family, from living and farming our ancestral lands, believe in nature spirits. I believe that although in the Celtic lands, we had different names, we are still referring to elementary/Elemental beings belonging to the Earth elements.

Verse 16. And to each was given the governance of some earthly thing.
Clearly states that the sprites and nymphs – nature spirits are emanated/created by Dea to govern/control the 4 sacred Elements of the realms of Mother and Daughter. This is part of Dea’s Harmony and Order, nature spirits/Elementals clearly represent that aspect of Dea.
4 Earth Elementals:
In his 16th-century alchemical work Liber de Nymphis, sylphis, pygmaeis et salamandris et de caeteris spiritibus, Paracelsus identified mythological beings as belonging to one of the four elements.Correct name (translated): Nymph Alternate name (Latin): Undina (undine) Element in which it lives: Water
Undines are almost invariably depicted as being female, and are usually found in forest pools and waterfalls. The group contains many species, including nereides, limnads, naiadesand mermaids.

Correct name (translated): Sylph Alternate name (Latin): Sylvestris (wild man) Element in which it lives: Air
They are often depicted as fairy like.

Correct name (translated): Pygmy Alternate name (Latin): Gnomus (gnome) Element in which it lives: Earth
The chthonic, or earth-dwelling, spirit has precedents in numerous ancient and medieval mythologies, often guarding mines and precious underground treasures, notably in the Germanic dwarves and the Greek Chalybes, Telchines or Dactyls.[2]

Correct name (translated): Salamander Alternate name (Latin): Vulcanus Element in which it lives: Fire. (1)The 5th element is Spirit, God, Herself, Who is the Essence of everything.

How nature spirits and humans journey into incarnation:

The Madrians spoke about 2 “creations”, the first Creation of the world of Divine Ideas – The Pleroma which the Filianics then labeled Golden, as in the Solar realm of Mother Mari.
(Gnostic Christianity also defines the world of Primordial Divine Ideas as the Pleroma. A. M. Pam.)

The “second” Creation of human/other-nature spirit passing through the Silver Lunar realm of Daughter Kore – astral/soul to reflect upon the manifest world.

So human and nature beings, emanated/created as Spirit by Mother Mari, journey out into the Silver Lunar realm of Soul Daughter Kore and from there into more and more dense material planes. I was never sure whether this was the same as Avala/Avalon.

(I’ve been using the name, Avalon, but I like the use of Avala, because it means “breath of life” and it is called Avala in the catechism. According to the catechism, it is the realm where we go to rest in-between incarnations and it is the Silver Lunar Realm of the Holy Daughter. The catechism states: in chapter IV- 67: What will happen when you die? +If I have lived a good life, I shall go after death into the paradise of the Daughter, called Avala, to rest in happiness. Later, in question 76, we read: Shall you remain forever in Avala? + No, eventually I shall continue my journey toward the Mother. So, in other words, and this would be in accordance with Janite teaching and this is a different way of expressing what many have taught about life in-between lives and that is, between incarnations, we return to our home in Avala, which, for Deanics, is the Silver Lunar Realm of the Holy Daughter. When we have completed our incarnations, we go on to the Golden Solar Realm of the Celestial Mother, which some call the Core. A. M. Pam.)

Holy Daughter, Kore, as Princess of the World, is the title of Her as the sustaining Presence in all of Nature, Who directs/rules us (both humans and Elementals) to live harmoniously, in right order, seeing Dea in all things and loving all things as Dea Herself.  (This is beautiful. A. M. Pam)

From: The Temple of The Heart

12. For the Spirit is one, and I am the Spirit. 13. And you are the spirit also, in the innermost temple of your heart.

This Teaching of the Daughter reminds us that as humans we are the microcosm of the universe. The Sun, as symbolic centre of the macrocosm, is equivalent to the heart in the microcosm of the human body and the hearth-fire, in the microcosm of the house. Intelligence of our Solar Dea is within our spirit/heart.

(Interesting that there is now what is called Heart-intelligence. I have spoken often of how there is the IQ and the EQ or emotional quotient. The EQ is said to have its center in the heart. 

Heart intelligence is the flow of awareness, understanding and intuition we experience when the mind and emotions are brought into coherent alignment with the heart. A. M. Pam). 


How we were in union with Dea and how we return to Dea
1. Perceiving only Dea
2. Perceiving Dea in ‘things’
3. Perceiving only ‘things’

(I believe these were the stages we underwent from our origins as being in Union with Perfection, i., e., the state of living in union with the Celestial Mother) and the Silver Age of when we still had a correct sense of things, to now, in the Iron Age, when we have forgotten how to perceive Dea in all things.)


I would like to thank Sophia for these illuminating interpretations. We are blessed to have her experience and knowledge in these matters. I can easily see a concordance of scriptural commentary in the future. These teachings are truly beautiful and show how blessed we are to have such a religion. 






The Creation Mythos

Rosadi/9 Astrea

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The following is an interpretation of certain passages in the Creation Mythos, which is said to have originally been based upon the Kosmopiia. The interpretations, following my teaching on emanation, are by our Sister, Sophia, a long-time Deanic devotee and reflects Janite thealogy.

Over-all, as ArchMatrona Georgia of the Lucienne Tradition has pointed out, the Creation Mythos is a symbolic story or narrative of events that takes place beyond time, space and the imaginings of the finite human mind and so the following is but one way to understand this symbolic narrative:

We can say that all human spirits ultimately emanated from the Source, from the Great Mother, through the Holy Mother. The Celestial Mother as the Matrix, takes all the Potentialities, all the Primordial Ideas and manifests them into existence, including our individual spirits. The Holy Daughter then covers our spirits with souls so that we are able to enter manifest existence. In this way, all is ultimately One with the Great Mother, with Source, with the One. (A. M. Pamela)
pillars_of_creation_2014_hst_wfc3-uvis_full-res_denoised (Pillars of Creation).

Title 1, Chapter 1
Verse 1-2

1. Before and beyond all things is the Mistress of All Things. When nothing was, She was.
2. Having no solid place that Her feet might rest upon, She divided the sea from the sky,
and made a dance of solitary splendour upon the crested deeps.

From our Sister, Sophia:

“Before and beyond”, sets this myth outside of time and space, it also states that Dea is the Unoriginated Origin of being and Absolute Deity.

Verse 1 in my understanding, is expressive of the unity of Dea Matrona the Great Mother (alluded to as before and beyond all things), as the Life and Veiled Origin of Eternity, Dark beyond the light and the Light beyond the Darkness, WITH “Mistress of All Things” a title of Dea Madria, our Celestial Mother, Creatrix, Light, Essence and Spirit.

Verse 2 in my understanding is the emanation from Dea Matrona, the Great Mother (sea) of Dea Madria, the Celestial Mother (sky).

Title 1, Chapter 1
Verses 4-5 and verse 8

Creation of all life forms apart from humans and nature spirits

4. And the white force of Her superabundant joy grew so great that it must take shape in laughter; and Her laughter was the shape of all things. 5. For each peal of Her voice became a silver fragment, broken from the Whole and yet complete in itself. And She loved each fragment with all the joy of Her being.

And She laughed
8. And each fragment was filled with Her delight, and therefore was living.

From our Sister, Sophia on Verses 4 – 5:
Her Divine Joy expands and emanates out of Herself so that it becomes Godly Laughter. There is now something of Her, external to Her. Sound is the primary cause of Creation linked to Spirit, the first element from which the other four flow.
Dea Creatrix is Spirit, Light, Essence.
In the creation of plants, trees, animals, insects, birds, fishes and sea creatures, these are all fragments of Her.

Verse 8:
It is Her loving delight that imparts life into plants, trees, animals, insects, birds, fishes and sea creatures.
I think that the way that this is stated means as a part of God/Dea they should be respected.


Verses 9 – 10 are the creation/emanation of humanity, specifically females. (Axial beings)

9. And at the edges, where the waters had been parted, they lay still and shallow; and there She cast Her gaze. And She saw an image of Herself, all suffused in the light of love and energy.
And She laughed.
10. And as She laughed, the image rose up from the water and stood before Her. And this was the first of Her daughters. And she was filled with love for Her, and therefore was the first creature of Spirit.

On Verses 9 – 10:
Godly Laughter animates Her reflection in the primordial water.
This is a way of stating the creation of beings that reflect Mother Dea most closely because we are an image of Her Divine Self.

It is the love of humanity towards their Creatrix that signifies that humans are Spirit.


Creation/manifestation of nymphs & sprites. (Axial beings)

12. And the Mistress of All Things was filled with delight, and ran laughing through the forests of the earth. 13. And every peal of Her voice became the image of a silver fragment of Her Spirit. 14. And the trees and rivers were filled with nymphs and every kind of sprite. And all were Her daughters. And Her love for each was inexhaustible, for each was a reflection of some boundless fragment of Her unbounded Spirit. 15. And all their multitude did not exhaust the number of the fragments of Her Spirit.

On Verses 12 -15:
Nymphs – “Greek: Different from other goddesses, nymphs are generally regarded as divine spirits who animate nature, and are usually depicted as beautiful, young nubile maidens who love to dance and sing…”

Sprites – “A sprite is a supernatural entity. They are often depicted as fairy like creatures or as an ethereal entity . The word “sprite” is derived from the Latin “spiritus” (spirit), via the french “espirit” Variations on the term include “spright” and the Celtic “spriggan”.”

So these creations are being explained as ethereal spirits who animate nature.

On Verse 13.
Godly Laughter becomes a fragment of Her Spirit.
The colour of God’s Spirit is either Silver of the Lunar
or Golden of the Solar depending upon which version of the Scriptures is being read. (Note: Janites would accept Golden being the Color of the Mother’s Spirit and Silver being the color of the Holy Daughter’s. We believe that the original color of creation was Silver, symbolically speaking. Silver contains within itself the potentiality of all color and so, Primordial Creation contained within itself the potentiality of the manifestation of all Primordial Ideas).


Thank you, our Sister, Sophia, for these profound thoughts for contemplation.


The Trinity and the Apple Tree Part 3/The Roots of Life

4 Ourania/Oct. 6Abaldi/Thurs.

O, Sai Thema, Jana of Justice, Order and Harmony, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

13) and still beneath the branches and the bole (trunk) lie the roots in darkness, like unto She that is beyond both being and unbeing. 14) and even as the tree’s roots are not seen, so can there be no knowledge of the Absolute; for to know is to have passed beyond knowledge. The Seed of Truth.

As the canopy of the tree represents the Love of the Daughter and the trunk represents the Light of the Mother, so do the roots represent the Life of the Great Mother Who is Absolute Deity or the Monas (One). The Great Mother is the Ground of All Being, the Divine Source of the All. Our Celestial Mother and the Holy Daughter find Their completeness within Her.

Some Traditions understand the Great Mother to be similar to the goddess Kali, a goddess of both life and destruction and that is perfectly acceptable from a more Eastern approach to the Divine Feminine Trinity, principally from Shaktism. As such, certain Traditions are careful to not approach the Absolute, directly.

As Janites (along with the Lady of Light Chantry, headed by ArchMatrona Ghrian), we tend to be more Western in our approach to the Great Mother. We are Trinitarian-focused in our prayers and rites. We do not fear to approach the Great Mother.

In the same manner, in certain denominations of Christianity, God the Father is understood to be the Ground of All Being/Absolute Deity and yet, the Father is known through His Son and He is worshiped. Christians do not fear to approach the Father.

Though the Great Mother is the Darkness beyond the light and the Light beyond the darkness and as such, there is much that we cannot know about Her, She is revealed to us through the Divine Mother, the Holy Daughter and especially, through Madria Rhea who represents the Great Mother.

The Great Mother is the Source of the All and so what flows from Her helps us to know Her. She is the Eternal Wellspring of the River of Life and the Eternal Source of the Celestial Mother, of the Holy Daughter, of the Janae and all the living.

Though there is much that is unknowable about the Great Mother, as Our Mother who gave us Life, She knows us, intimately. Though we call Her by Name, that Name is Mystery: Mysteria. (Thanks to ArchMatrona Ghrian.)

The roots in the dark soil, such a fitting analogy for the Great Mother Who is the Root of All Life in Her Shimmering Darkness. In Her Twilight time of day, She is the Sheltering Stars above us.  In Her time of the Darkest Hour before the Dawn. She brings us the Light.

12 )Life is the life of the spirit- the First Principle; beyond being and unbeing. Life Was before existence. Life is the cause of existence. 

16) Let her (the soul) not trust the ground her feet are set upon and doubt the Ground upon which that ground stands. Rather, let her doubt the sea, the sky, the fingers of her hand and the breath of her mouth; for all these things may be illusions, as, in some sense, they are.

17) But, let her know Life Divine as the Truth beyond truth and the Faith beyond faith and doubt. The Crystal Tablet.

In our day and age, in this time of troubled confusion, many have given up on the idea of faith. They feel it is an outmoded idea and tend to forget the strong roots that Faith can bring into our lives and into our hestias (sacred hearth-homes). But, the tree cannot stand, the tree does not have life without the roots that cannot be seen. So deep into the ground do they go, but, they are there.

Some believe it is folly to believe in that which cannot be seen and yet, we learn from quantum physics that the unseen is the source and potential of all that is seen and so it is with the Great Mother.

The One Absolute Root remains buried deep within the cosmic soil. Hidden. Beyond the soil. Beyond the cosmos. Beyond manifest creation. And yet, without that One Root there would be no manifest creation. There would be no Life.  The Great Mother is that Still Centre Point of the great Cosmic Fora from Whom the All flows.

Though She is hidden, though She is Mystery, like the Holy Daughter and the Celestial Mother, we may approach Her as we would a beloved Grandmother. In Her quiet Stillness, in Her luminous Darkness, She is always there, waiting.

The Holy Daughter gives us our soul through Her Love.

The Celestial Mother gives us our spirit through Her Light.

The Great Mother gives us life for She is Life.

And that is enough for us to know. As the scriptures state: 15) And from this tree of all knowledge and of the boundaries beyond which knowledge cannot pass, I have given you but the seed of one apple.  18) But, I am not sent to discourse with you upon these matters, but to lead you to deliverance in Perfection. 19) And all the knowledge that shall bring you to deliverance is contained within the seed of an apple. 22) Therefore, when you think upon the questions of life, of time or of the spheres, contemplate first, the seed of Truth and let your thoughts unfold from that seed. 23) Let the pure and single note of Truth attune your souls. Then, shall mind rise up into soul and soul breathe the breath of Spirit. (The Seed of Truth.)

Blessed is Our Mother God, the Holy One.

She Who Mari,

She Who Jana/Anna,

She Who is Mysteria,

Dark beyond the light and Light beyond the Darkness.

Blessed is She.

May Our Lady bless you,

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides.

Scripture:  The Sacred Myths and Rites of the Madrians, edited by Philip P. Jackson. SMR


The Trinity and the Apple Tree/Part 2: The Trunk of Light

3 Ourania/Oct. 5




O, Sai Mati Sage, Jana of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us. May the Pure Stream of your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

12) Like to the bole (trunk) is that Spirit Herself, from Whom all creation flows. (The Seed of Truth).As the canopy of the tree represents the Holy Daughter, so the Trunk represents the Divine Mother, the Genetrix of all Creation. And, just as the trunk is the strong core, bringing life to and supporting the swaying and dancing branches of the tree, so, too, is the Holy Mother the life-giving Core of the All. All creation flows out from Her and dances to Her Divine Melody.

This is further exemplified by those who teach about life between lives and near death experiences and that is that the Divine Mother is understood to be the Divine Core of Creation. She is truly the Genetrix of All Being and as the trunk of the tree swirls with life-sustaining energy, it is within Her that all energies flow.

18) Light is pure force, or energy or delight. It is the joy of the Goddess and Her breath and Spirit. 19) Light is the outpouring of Life into existence….

20) Though an existing thing appear ever so solid, yet its body is made of light. All material things are but consolidated force; and the vibration of force is their whole being. The Crystal Tablet.

Though the trunk looks solid and dense, all matter is merely consolidated light and all Light is energy as is borne out by quantum physics.

The solidity of the trunk, like the solidity of all matter, is an illusion. It is truly made up of light and the Holy Celestial Mother is Supernal Light.

When I was a child in Catholic School, we would look up at the blue sky and pray that Our Lady would keep Her Mantle of Protection over us. As a young mother, I would ask Our Lady to spread Her Mantle of Protection over my home and my family.

The protective armor of the outer bark of the tree protects the life within, so, too, have I always believed in the power of Our Lady’s blue mantle to protect my home and loved ones. The power of Our Lady’s mantle has long been a tradition within Catholicism just as it is a tradition within the Deanic Faith.

  1. Ye that are weary with the world, ye that are lonely, ye that have suffered hardship, that have suffered hurt, come, gather about Me and be ye enfolded in my mantle. 4) Come, seek protection in My mantle, for I have turned no creature from Me; be thou sheltered in the folds of my garment. The Mantle.

Like the strong core of the tree that is made of light, the Holy Mother, Supernal Light, is the strong Core of all manifest Life. Like the bark which covers and protects the inner tree, Her Hallowed Mantle, Her Mighty Mantle, enfolds us all within Her loving, protective Force. With out the trunk, the tree could not stand. Without the Heavenly Core, Creation would collapse in and of itself. (3)

Praise be to the Celestial Mother, She Who is the Supernal Light and the Core of All Being.


Silver Star of the Waters, Who has fashioned all the cosmos into being, beyond all knowing is the Splendor of Your Light. Enfold our spirits, beneath your Hallowed Mantle and may the Pure Stream of Your Grace flow with me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

Eternal is the Light of the Mother.

Eternal is the Love of the Daughter.

Eternal is the Life of the Great Mother.

Blessed is She.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

Scriptures taken from The Sacred Myths and Rites of the Madrians, edited by Philip P. Jackson. SMR


The Trinity and the Apple Tree/Part I, the Canopy of Love

1 Ourania/Oct. 3



(Please note that, unfortunately, the pictures for this series of articles have been lost.)

O, Madria Candre”, Jana of Reflection, Reason and Purity, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

The Seed of Truth has always been one of my favorite Deanic scriptures. These are the fundamental scriptures for the Sacred Season of Fall, a time when the fruit of the apple tree has reached its fullness and the Seasons of the Celestial Mother (Summer and Fall) eventually give way to the first Season of the Holy Daughter (Winter).

As we know, when the apple is cut in half, five seeds appear in the shape of a pentagram. This pentagram represents the Seven Janati, the five cardinal directions, the Five Elements and so much more. The scriptures state that the apple seeds are symbolic of all the Wisdom that is reflected in the Order of the Cosmos.

But the tree itself, it’s canopy, it’s trunk and it’s roots, radiantly represent the Divine Feminine Trinity. The canopy: the Holy Daughter. The trunk: the Celestial Mother. The roots: the Great Mother.

Let us look first, at the Canopy:

Verse 11 from The Seed of Truth: Like to the spreading boughs is the Love that sustains all creation which is fallen from pure Spirit. Love is, of course, the Holy Daughter, Who eternally emanates from the Divine Mother just as Sophia emanates from the Barbelo; Lower Shekinah emanates from Higher Shekinah

The Holy Daughter, as Divine Love, rules and sustains all of Creation. Like the spreading boughs or the canopy of the World Tree, the Love of the Daughter covers all of the Earth. The Energy of Love shelters the All.

As we read in The Crystal Tablet

30) Love is the force of Harmony by which all existence is made possible. 

33) It is Love that holds the drop of dew pendent upon a blade of grass…

34) It is Love that holds the stars within their courses and all the worlds of the immeasurable cosmos within the harmony of the celestial music.

35) Truly, all the cycles of the times and the seasons; all the rhythms of the soul and of the mind and of the body; truly all these flow from the love of our Lady, the Maid, that creation may not decompose, each several member flying away into black eternal chaos.

36) ….Love is the form. And it is by Love that the essence of a tree remains a tree. 

In every single place where we read Love, we may substitute the Holy Daughter. The Holy Daughter is the Force of Harmony by which all existence is made possible. It is the Holy Daughter Who holds the drop of dew. It is the Holy Daughter Who holds the stars and all the worlds in harmony. The Holy Daughter is the Form and it is by Her that the essence of a tree remains a tree.

Jewish Alexandrine philosophy teaches that Lower (Daughter) Sophia formed and ordered the natural universe and beneath Her are the Seven Planetary Powers.

Rudolph Steiner taught of Sophia: In this regard She is much more than the Creatrix and the Creation. She is the very substratum of the Cosmos and foundation of the Universe. She is the ground of being and the very beingness of existence itself. Just as Shakti is the divine consort of Shiva in this ever-unfolding Play of Consciousness*, Sophia is inseparable from Her Creation much like a tapestry is indistinguishable from the fabric and its threads. The highest understanding illuminates Anthroposophia as the weaver and the weaving, the thread and the fabric, the spinning wheel and the loom, the warp and the woof, as well as the tapestry itself and the space that it occupies. She is both the form of Creation and formlessness from whence it emerged. (1)

Of the Shekinah, we read: The Shekinah is the primordial Light of Creation… the Shekinah is the manifestation of the Feminine Divinity from the unnamed Wisdom Goddess of the Old Testament found in the Jewsh mystical systems known as the Kabbalah and Merkavah mysticism. (2) And, like Sophia, She is the World Soul. As Binah, She is the Pillar of Form. (3) And, as this Form, the Holy Daughter orders the Cosmos through Her great love, a love so great, that like Sophia/Shekinah, it caused a great ‘shattering’ of Herself in order to give of Herself.

for She has given a portion of Herself in order for each human to come into being in this world. In giving of Herself to humans, in this state of physical density and isolation, the World Soul becomes shattered. This shattering can be metaphorically grasped in considering what might happen to a glass alembic or flask when too much pressure is put upon in the alchemical works. Thus, the Shekinah represents the ultimate archetype of selfless sacrifice. All Her sacrifices have been for the benefit of creation so that humankind may experience this life in order to fulfill its destiny and purpose. (3). And, this is exactly how we understand the Sacrifice of the Holy Daughter. 

The inner beauty and underlying harmony of our religion is amazing. This is the time of year that is ruled by Madria Thema, Jana (Divine Gate) of Justice, Order and Harmony. In our religion, Fall is a time when we are reminded of the essential Harmony of the Cosmos. It is the time of Twilight when the first stars begin to appear in the skies.

These themes are especially reflected in the names of the first two months of our calendar, Abalon, for the sacred apple of Wisdom or Apple Land and Ourania, which means heavenly or cosmos. Ourania signifies the harmony and order of the universe.

The Holy Daughter is the Divine Canopy which over-shadows and spreads itself over the All. It is only through Her Sacrifice, a Sacrifice that entailed the suffering of Her Descent through the Realms which resulted in the Shattering of Her Being as She becomes the World Soul  (as is said of both the Shekinah and Sophia) in order to give a portion of Herself to each of us.


This Shattering of Herself, in order to give each of us a portion of Herself, is celebrated with solemn reverence in our Great Liturgy and is the basis for our Communion Rite. It is the action of Pure, Sacrificial Love which sustains not only the Order and Harmony of the Cosmos, but also our very souls and which raises us to eternal life. The Holy Daughter, as the Form, Ruler and Sustainer of Creation, She Who has given us a Portion of Herself, is truly our Soteria, our Divine Canopy of Love. Blessed is She.


Eternal is the Light of the Mother.

Eternal is the Love of the Daughter.

Eternal is the Life of the Great Mother.

Glorious is the Eternity of Dea.


May Our Lady bless you.

Blessed is She.


ArchMadria Pamela Lanides.



2) The Cosmic Shekinah by Sorita D’Este and David Rankine


Scripture source: The Sacred Myths and Rites of the Madrians, edited by Philip P. Jackson. SMR