4th December 2018 An Invitation to ask questions of Sister/Madria Julia author of the Madrian Filianic Deanic Scriptures

Sister Julia (become a “Donna” Julia meaning head of household at Easter 1981)  wrote articles in every issue 1976-1981:

“The Symbolism of the Divine Names a subject for contemplation”
The Coming Age periodical Issue 1, Winter & Moura, 1976

“The Cross”
The Coming Age periodical Issue 2, Easter Spring, 1977

“THE FEMALENESS OF GOD The image and essence of the Divine”
The Coming Age periodical Issue 3, Summer, 1977

“THANATOS the ultimate death-wish”
The Coming Age periodical Issue 4, Autumn, 1977

“PENANCE: WHAT IT REALLY MEANS a subject for Moura”
The Coming Age periodical Issue 5, Winter & Moura, 1977

“The Hanged One” (with Sister Angelina)
The Coming Age periodical Issue 6, Easter Spring, 1978

“The Mirror of Wisdom An Introduction to the Science of Symbolism”
The Coming Age periodical Issue 8, Autumn, 1978

“Being Human”
The Coming Age periodical Issue 7, Summer, 1978

“Walking With Our Lady”
The Coming Age periodical Issue 9, Winter & Moura, 1978

“Who is Our Lady Or Rather: Who Are We”
The Coming Age periodical Issue 10, Easter Spring, 1979

“With God As Our Princess”
The Coming Age periodical Issue 11, Summer, 1979

“Hail Inanna! How to meet God in your heart”
The Coming Age periodical Issue 12, Autumn, 1979

“The Gentle Way Offering Everything to God, we can find contentment in Her created world”
The Coming Age periodical Issue 13, Winter & Moura, 1979

“Childhood, Youth and Maturity A Study in Decadence”
The Coming Age periodical Issue 14, Easter Spring, 1980

“The Art of Adoration”
The Coming Age periodical Issue 15, Summer, 1980

“SPIRITUAL PARENTAGE And The Primacy of Matriarchy”
The Coming Age periodical Issue 16, Autumn, 1980

“The Fountain of Life The Care of the Young Soul”
The Coming Age periodical Issue 17, Winter & Moura, 1980

“Matriarchal History Haiela Cantré”
The Coming Age periodical Issue 18, Easter Spring, 1981

“Matriarchal History The Other Crusade”
The Coming Age periodical Issue 19, Summer, 1981

“Strength Through Serenity The Nature of Femininity”
The Coming Age periodical Issue 19, Autumn, 1981

When the Aristasians republished them or otherwise referred to her, it was as “Ranya Iulya” (meaning spiritual teacher).

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4th December 2018 – Origin of the Filianic Scriptures

An interview with one of the first Filianists.


The respondent was a Sister/head of household in The Coming Age articles and is now a Madria (Priestess).

The author of the blog and interviewer Suraline uses present-day terminology – Filianic originated by the Chapel.

The author of the blog uses interviews in the same manner as
Sister Angelina’s Interview with Bryony Evans
Free PDF download: http://filianicstudies.org/cms/items/show/85

An interview with Lady Aquila on the direction Aristasia, the Feminine Empire, is taking today. (Post Bridgehead”)

The author of the blog removed their name Suraline and avatar photo on 27th December 2018.

Research on the name:

Sura – a chapter or section of the Koran

Sura As a baby name: Sanskrit “a God”

-line names are used more often as feminine names.

2 Unlikely Meanings:
Sural – Of or relating to the calf of the leg

Sural a soft, twilled silk or rayon fabric.

Comments on the interview


Suraline identifies themselves as an interviewer.

The blog author and interviewer state that they have made a mistake using the title Madria (priestess) for Julia.

The author also uses the same image which appears on the AAV Aristasian Authorised Edition book cover (sold by the Chapel and Sun Daughter Press):


Discovered the source of a quote/Fragment of Lost Verses ECE 3

To all devotees and friends,

This quote: (4) Fear not the unknown, for I am the unknown. (Madrian Literature Circle, ‘Intellect Against Intellectualism’, p. 2)
has been included under the heading Fragment of Lost Verses in The Eastminster Critical Edition of the Clear Recital, Version: ECE 3rd Edition. [1]

I knew that this missing verse from the Madrian Scriptures chimed with me. I bought this book from F.O.I. founder Olivia Robertson when I returned home from Burtonport. I have been searching and today rediscovered the relevant information:

“Fear not the unknown: for I am the Unknown. From Me riseth suns and their children the planets: and when suns reach their appointed time, I take them to Me in My dark embrace: for I am both Birth and Death. And the sun that loses its brightness in My Abyss, returns to greater life in other spheres: for I am Mistress of the Spheres. I am the space within each atom: from its heart I give birth to new galaxies. I take to Myself that which is to be transformed into greater life. So is it with yourselves. I need each sun, each tree, each one of you: for without the least of you My starry body is incomplete. I know you. Learn to know Me.”

~ excerpt from Oracle of the Goddess Nuit, from
“Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess,” by Olivia Robertson
The 1st edition of Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess has a date of 1980. https://www.stickfigurebooks.com/shop/stickfigure/031944.html

Personally, I have always doubted that “Fear not the unknown, for I am the unknown.” was actual Madrian Scripture but was rather speaking to the wider Pagan community.

To me, it resonates as Absolute Deity/Great Mother.

May Déa bless you. Blessed is She.
Prima Madria Sophia


[1] (with thanks to the Madrian, independent Déanic & Filianic contributors and editor Mr Race MoChridhe)

November 2017
The Filianic Scriptures, The Eastminster Critical Edition of the Clear Recital
Version: ECE 3rd Edition

Free download as a PDF file, MOBI for Kindle, and EPUB for iOS and Android phones. http://filianicstudies.org/publishing/ece/

Our Scripture confirmed by quantum physics by Dr. Robert Lanza

The Madrian Catechism


1. From whence do you come and where is your first origin?
I was created from before the beginning of time by Dea out of the overflowing of Her divine love.


The Temple of the Heart

2. But within the innermost Temple of your heart shall you find the seas and the heavens and all the illimitable cosmos; 3. for the space within this Temple is as vast as all the manifest universe.

4. The ignorant eye shall not see this Temple from without, 5. for it is smaller than the seventh part of the seed of an apple, and the seventh part of a seventh part divided again until what part remains can be seen nor touched nor tasted.

6. The ignorant eye shall not see the Temple from within, 7. for it is as vast as the manifest universe.

8. Beyond life, beyond death is the Temple, for it is the Temple of the Spirit.


The Crystal Tablet

15. Let her not be held from herself or from her Goddess by any thing that exists, for all the things that are have come from nothing and to nothing shall return. But the Divine Life, and her life within it, Was ever and shall ever Be, though time itself shall only last a space.

16. Let her not trust the ground her feet are set upon and doubt the Ground upon which that ground stands. Rather let her doubt the sea, the sky, the fingers of her hand and the breath of her mouth; for all these things may be illusions, as in some sense they are.

17. But let her know Life Divine as the Truth beyond truth and the Faith beyond faith and doubt.

18. Light is pure force, or energy, or delight. It is the joy of the Goddess, and Her breath and Spirit.

19. Light is the outpouring of Life into existence. All things that exist come from Life; they are made and sustained by Light.

20. Though an existing thing appear never so solid, yet its body is made of light. All material things are but consolidated force; and the vibration of force is the whole of their being.

21. Yet material things are far from the Source of Light. They have become subject to consolidation and restriction.

22. Pure Light knows no bounds, but is perfect joy, and breathes its own perfection.

A new theory based on quantum physics says — there’s life after death. We are immortal and exist outside of time!

September 15, 2017

A new radical idea arrives to shake the very foundation of our understanding of life and the universe.

Prepare to get your mind blown:

Everything you see, along with the computer screen you are reading this article on. The chair you’re sitting on, the sounds in the background, all of it doesn’t exist — except as a result of an active process occurring in your mind.

The implications of this theory for what happens after death are profound.

For a better understanding of this theory, let’s put it this way:

Our consciousness is creating an awareness of an “out there” outside of ourselves. When in fact, the world we experience around us is a creation of our own consciousness. There is no “out there”.

This is the first principle of Biocentrism: “What we identify as reality is a process that involves our consciousness. An ‘external’ reality, if it existed, would—by definition—have to exist in space. Because space and time are not absolute realities but rather tools of the human and animal mind makes this meaningless”

What we identify as reality is a process that involves our consciousness. An ‘external’ reality, if it existed, would—by definition—have to exist in space. Because space and time are not absolute realities but rather tools of the human and animal mind make this meaningless.

Dr. Robert Lanza talks about this in his book Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the Nature of the Universe.

This new theory of everything and nothing claims that the universe emerges from life. And not the other way around. In his theory, he places biology above the other sciences to establish his theory of everything which comes to the same conclusions as a non-duality.

You’re not reading about the crazy introspection of just any philosopher:

Dr. Lanza is one of the greatest minds of our time.

He is a renowned scientist and foremost stem cell expert.

In 2014 he was listed on TIME’s one of the hundred most influential people in the world.

In 2015 he was chosen as one of Prospect Magazine’s “World Thinkers 2015”. He was voted as the third most important scientist alive by NY Times.

Biocentrism according to Lanza shows that space and time are simply the tools our mind uses to entwine information together into a coherent experience. They are the language of consciousness.

Here’s a key point:

When we dream, our minds use the same algorithms to create a spatiotemporal reality that is as real, 3-D and flesh-and-blood as the one we experience when we’re awake.

Upon death, there‘s a break in our linear stream of consciousness and therefore a break in the linear connection of times and places. Biocentrism tells us that it’s a manifold that leads to all physical possibilities. Much more physicists are beginning to accept the ‘many-worlds’ interpretation of quantum physics. It states that there is an infinite number of universes. Everything possible that can happen appears in some universe.

He continues:

“These scenarios do not include death because it does not exist. This is because all of them occur simultaneously regardless of what happens in any of them. The feeling of ‘me’  is just energy operating in the brain. Energy never dies; it cannot be destroyed.”

Here’s Lanza explaining his theory.


Added The Teachings of the Daughter: The Clew of the Horse +OM. OL

Dear friends and devotees,
With the assistance of others, I am slowly updating information and pages on the Kore Di-Jana Ekklesia blog.

The Teachings of the Daughter: Chapter 3 The Clew of the Horse from +OM. (Fora & Madria – Mother Priestess) OL (Olga Lotar).


May Déa bless you. Blessed is She.
Madria Sophia

Added The Teachings of the Daughter: The Pillar of Light +OM. OL

Dear friends and devotees,
With the assistance of others, I am slowly updating information and pages on the Kore Di-Jana Ekklesia blog.

The Teachings of the Daughter: Chapter 2 The Pillar of Light from +OM. (Fora & Madria – Mother Priestess) OL (Olga Lotar).


May Déa bless you. Blessed is She.
Madria Sophia

Updating Pages on deanic.com

Dear friends and devotees,
With the assistance of others, I am slowly updating information and pages on the Kore Di-Jana Ekklesia blog.

The Sophian Déanic Order of Kore Di-Jana (Janites) differs from other soul paths / traditions in our Scriptural perspective.

Links to obtain various editions of Scripture.

The Teachings of The Daughter

Titles for The Teachings of The Daughter transmitted by Madria Olga Lotar

The Teachings of the Daughter: The Pillar of Light with Glossaries transmitted by Madria Olga Lotar

May Déa bless you. Blessed is She.
Madria Sophia


The Quest of the Soul

Stelladi/15 Flora

Day of Agia Sage/Sai Mati

(Please see the previous article about the Church of Aphrodite.)

24: And she who loveth her true self, seeketh to progress in Spirit and make pure her soul; 25: yet, if she know not (Dea) as her Mother, or if she despise Her children, then is this love but emptiness and illusion. (The Three Loves, SMR edition).

There are currently three projects going on here at Clan Jana. We are working on a basic series of septinas (novenas) in honor of the Janae; we have begun our series on the comparison of the Sophian Mythos with the Mythos of the Holy Daughter or Divine Maid and we are preparing for the upcoming series on how Sophia became demoted through certain ancient Gnostic Christian groups.

We are going to add perhaps the most important project of all, that of the teachings on the soul as found in our scriptures.

We often talk about Dea and how to worship Her. We speak of the Mythos of the Holy Daughter and how She is our saviouress. We focus on the daily practice of the 21 Virtues of the Janae, which we received from Filianism. But, we have not, in our posts, been focusing on the soul, which is the main body of teaching in our scriptures aside from the love of Dea.

Alongside getting to know Dea and loving Her, the care and nurture of the soul is the fundamental basis of the body of teachings as found in our scriptures. This is where our focus should be. This is how we serve Dea. We don’t serve Dea by constantly arguing about our Faith or by judging others in our lives or by taking on an ‘holier than thou’ attitude. Humility, harmony and kindness are the outward signs of a soul that is striving to be ever closer to Dea. These signs often signify a mature, aware soul; one that lives in service of Dea through service to Her children, the children of Earth.

Our scriptures are chock full of these teachings, these guidelines, these admonishments.  And we would do well to pay great heed to them and take these words into our hearts.

In the Madrian catechism, there are two chapters on the soul, alone. In the Teachings of the Daughter, I counted at least 41 verses which reference the soul. And, of course, the Crystal Tablet is all about the soul.

This is one of many things which differentiates our religion from that of neo-Paganism, Wicca and many New Age religions. Ours is a cosmic, salvific religion. Our scriptures and our catechism teach us deep spiritual principles. They explain to us what steps we need to take in order to help save our souls through the Holy Daughter. It is a full-bodied religion, not one which focuses on how to work with different goddesses or how to perform magick. It is not about the feminist movement nor is it a religion of the world, so to speak. It is the religion of the hidden life of the soul in Dea. And when we truly take the scriptures to heart, we cannot help but find humility and we begin to realize that we really need to work on ourselves, let alone worrying about or judging others.

12) ” Of no single maid (person) shall ye say anything, for it is given to ye to see but the outward part and in the outward part lieth not the truth, but only in the inward being. 13) Therefore, set yourselves not as judges over any maid (person), for there is One alone that seeth all things and She alone hath power to judge. The Light vs 12 and 13, SMR edition.

Not judging others can be one of the hardest things to do and is something that I am trying to work on for my Soul Path. When I am tempted to judge another, I try to remind myself that this isn’t about ‘us and them’, this is about self and other self. That person is One with me in Dea and I cannot judge that person because I don’t know his or her soul; I don’t know his or her reasoning; I don’t know what has occurred in his or her life; I don’t know their mind or their heart or their soul. Only Dea knows. Only Dea has a right to judge. Not me. This attitude can be difficult and humbling. But, it is the right attitude before Dea.

Taken together, the Clear Recital is an exegegis on the inner life of the soul. And so, rather than focusing on perceived differences, perhaps it is time to look to our scriptures and start practicing what they teach us.

We are admonished to live in harmony, in thame’. I know that I am one to talk, believe me, but we are at the point where we should be able to leave our differences behind us and be real witnesses to our Faith through our actions, our words and even our very thoughts.

If we read the Clear Recital with proper care and attention; if we truly take the words into our hearts and allow them to grow in the interior gardens of our souls; if we focus more on serving Dea rather than judging, condemning and being hurtful of Her children, then we are truly practicing our religion.

Our religion teaches modesty in manner, amity towards others, pure thought forms, Love, the proper nurturing of our souls, purity and chasteness of heart, elegance, refinement, the importance of femininity, being virtuous, being mindful of the power of words and that if we do not have Love for the children of Dea, we do not have True Love for Dea, Herself.

I know that I am ready to start changing my soul life. I am ready to let all else go and really begin concentrating on the teachings in our scriptures. I wish to focus inwardly so that exteriorly, I may become a shining beacon of Dea or as it states in both our liturgy and the RoS, a torchbearer: Send us forth upon the world as torchbearers of Your delight. 

Let us be torchbearers by focusing inwardly in the garden of our souls, while keeping our eyes on Our Heavenly Mother.

The Three Loves while not accepted in Orthodox Filianism, is to be found in the Sacred Myths and Rites of the Madrians as well as the New Celestial Union edition and is much beloved by many in our Greater Community. This scripture clearly illustrates that if we don’t love the children of Dea, if we don’t live in harmony with others, then our love for Dea is false.

Let us begin by a careful reading of this the Three Loves and trying to put these teachings into daily practice. This is what our religion is all about. http://theapedia.referata.com/wiki/The_Three_Loves