The Yellow Candle of Hope includes Contemplation/Craft/Music

4 Astrea/Dec. 1

Madria Theia

Sunnadi, Day of Lady Theia, Lamp of Illumination, Joy and Benevolence.

Today, after lighting the Green Candle of Wisdom,  we then light the Yellow Candle of Hope in honor of the Holy Daughter as the Star of Hope. In Janite/Lucienne Tradition, She is known as the Triple Star, the Star of Hope, the Midnight Star of Wonder and the Guiding North Star.

During the Astrean time of year, we contemplate the Holy Daughter, Who is not yet Separate from Her Mother, as Our Star of Hope.  We then look upon the vast darkness of the Cosmos, sprinkled with points of light, to She Who is the Guiding North Star above us, as we await Her birth as the Midnight Star of Wonder.

Most fittingly, after lighting the Candle of Hope, the following scripture is suggested:


Chapter 1
1. When the first night had come upon the world, the Mistress of All Things stood alone once more, as She had in the beginning. 2. For a terrible abyss had opened to lie between the world
and She, and Her creatures could not look upon Her brightness.
3. And She stood in contemplation upon the waters of the first darkness; like a great
dove upon the waters She brooded. 4. She became absorbed within Her and communed with
Her own self; and Her light ceased to shine forth from Her, and yet Her light grew greater. 5.
Then She fell to Her knees, and the surface of the waters became turbulent and the great waves
curled over Her, and their white foam could not be seen in all that darkness.
6. When the waters became calm again, the Mistress of All Things rose to Her feet: 7.
for She had conceived a daughter that was not separate from Her, but one with Her, and the
child of Her light.
Chapter 5
1. And She walked across the seas and deep into the forests of the earth until She came upon the
deep cave that was at the centre. 2. And She entered the cave, and a star rose above the sacred
grove that lay about the cave, brighter and more resplendent than all the stars of the heavens, 3.
and the star was seen all over the earth; and the children of the earth were filled with wonder
and they came to the place where the star stood in the sky. The Mythos of the Holy Daughter, The Filianic Scriptures, New Celestial Union Edition, online.

We honor several stars in the Deanic Faith: the five-pointed star, the North Star and the seven-pointed star. This year, as previously noted, we will be introducing a new custom revolving around the seven-pointed star as gifted to the community by ArchMatrona Ghrian. How perfect for the month of Astrea, meaning Star or Star Maiden!


The Eye of God Nebula.

More and more, it is said that the entire universe is alive, is conscious! That consciousness, in Janite belief, is the Holy Daughter, She Who is the Soul of All Nature and that Consciousness is also that of Our Celestial Mother, Mari/Sophia, Who is the Spirit of the manifest Universe. Our Holy Mother gives birth to the Primordial Ideas of the Great/Dark Mother. She breathes into it the Holy Breath of spirit and the Holy Daughter wraps it all and us in Her Wondrous Soul.


 Silver Star of the Waters: (Janite edition of the original Madrian).

Silver Star of the Waters, Who has fashioned all the Cosmos into Being, Beyond all knowing is the Splendour of Your Light. Enfold my spirit, beneath Your Mighty Mantle, and may the Pure Stream of Your Grace flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come, Amena. 



by Sara Teasdale

Alone in the night
On a dark hill
With pines around me
Spicy and still,

And a heaven full of stars
Over my head,
White and topaz
And misty red;

Myriads with beating
Hearts of fire
That aeons
Cannot vex or tire;

Up the dome of heaven
Like a great hill,
I watch them marching
Stately and still,

And I know that I
Am honored to be
Of so much majesty. Source




 Silver Light of the Forests .


Continue to light the green and yellow candles each night. Traditionally, the scripture is read each night. Extinguish after each meal. 

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

*The Season of Startide has been created and developed by ArchMatrona Georgia (Ghrian) E. B. Cobb of The Lady of Light Chantry/Lucienne Tradition.


The First Lighting the SunWheel

1 Astrea/Nov. 28

Day of Sai Thema, Foundation of Justice, Order and Harmony.

Today is the Feast Day of Holy Sophia!!! Sophia is the Living Stream Form for Dea in the Janite Deanic Ekklesia.

First day of the Sacred Season of WINTER.

Please see previous article (before Weekly Prayer List), Preparing for the SunWheel for basic instructions.

Today, before the evening meal, we light the first Green Candle of Wisdom on the Sunwheel in honor of Our Celestial Mother as the Apple of Wisdom. She Who is Wisdom and is the Mother of Wisdom.

This lighting is followed by a scripture reading. The Scriptures may be found online here. (You need to scroll down a ways to get to the beginning of the scriptures.) Other sources for the scriptures may be found in our links section.

Suggested Scripture: The Creation vs 1-16. 


Sophia’s Light

In darkest night, when lights are dim,
and all in sight seems sad and grim,
I find you there, your arms surround me,
your spirit fills me and it grounds me.
I look to you, Lady of Truth,
most ancient One, yet eternal youth,
to keep me safe, protect my heart,
and with the wisdom you impart
fill up my empty mind and soul
so that, my Lover, you can make whole,
all that was broken in this day –
and that is what I ask and pray. Amena.

Excerpts from Sisters of Earth Song

Sophia was, and is, one of the most worshiped Goddesses. Even today, a huge Sophia cult still exists. Her name means “Wisdom”. Sophia is the Greek version of her name. Others include:

Hohkma (Hebrew)
Sapienta (Latin)
Mother of All (Gnostic)
Holy Spirit (Early Christian)

As a biblical figure, she has been described as a co-partner of God and sometimes as THE female God. The early Christians sometimes used her as a metaphor for Christ.

Her origins are almost impossible to trace. She can be traced to every era, culture and society. She is the manifestation of the Divine Feminine and can be linked with practically every goddess. Including: Lilith, Isis, Inanna, Hecate, Spider Grandmother, Ishtar, Sekmet, Maat, Hera, Anath, Virgin Mary, Eve, Mary Magdalene, Juno, Tara, Demeter and Persephone.

Her feast day is November 28th. She has a sacred shrine in Istanbul, Hagia Sophia, which is one of the 21 finalists for the new 7 wonders of the world. (You can vote for your 7 favorites at She is symbolized by a dove, crescent moon, stars, a cup or a tree. Russia has always adored and venerated Sophia. They dedicated a cathedral to her in Kiev, The Cathedral of St. Sophia. Many Russians to this day maintain a double faith, in Paganism and Christianity.

The Ritual may be found here, please scroll down to the end of the article: Sister of Earth Song

                                  Closing Prayer to Sophia

O Gentle, O Kind, O Blessed Sophia,
Thy children on earth call unto Thee.
We pray Thee, Beloved Mother, to cast forth
thy net of woven starlight.
Fling it wide across the ocean of the universe
to gather us home to the realms of Light.

Extinguish the candle after the evening meal.

Each evening, light the Green Candle before the meal and extinguish it when the meal is done. 

It is traditional to read the scripture reading each evening.


One wing soars in heaven,
one wing sweeps the earth,
and the third flies all around us.

Praise to Sophia!
Let all the earth praise her!

-Hildegard of Bingen


Optional Prayer

As your lost child, give me assurance that your grace is with me always. All streams spring from the font of your heart.
Your eyes shine as the blue sea into my heart,
and you forever find me worthy of your love.
In the spirit of this revelation, I offer to reveal myself fully to you,
who is my Divine Feminine being, at all times and in all ways.
Amen.      By: Rev. Maia Chrystine Nartoomidophiu of the whirling wings,
circling, encompassing

Closing Prayer to Sophia

O Gentle, O Kind, O Blessed Sophia,
Thy children on earth call unto Thee.
We pray Thee, Beloved Mother, to cast forth
thy net of woven starlight.
Fling it wide across the ocean of the universe
to gather us home to the realms of Light.