Clan Janna Newsletter: The Agora Gazette

The Agora Gazette: The Clan Janna Newsletter


ArchSorella Minna here, and I’m so excited to announce the beginning of our…



That’s right! Clan Janna now has our very own newsletter, which you can sign up for:


Releasing on the first day of each sacred month (and if you sign up mid-month, we’ll make sure to send it to you too!), this newsletter is another way for all of us to build our community and stay in touch.

Bear with us for these first few months as we figure out formatting and how best to present information to you. We plan to include interesting or inspiring links, devotee-submitted photos and devotionals, a reminder of feast days, dates for the Rite of Veneration, and even seasonal recipes and resources!

Your email will be collected and safely stored by a well-established newsletter company called Mailchimp, so you can rest easy knowing that your email is ONLY going to be used for our newsletter.

I’m so happy to present this newsletter as a gift to our community, and I can’t wait to see you sign up!

To contact the Agora Gazette:

-ArchSorella Minna