The Janite Deanic Ekklesia consists of Clan Jana and the Janite Order of Priestesses and Sisterhood. (JOP)

Clan Jana is made up of those hestias whose members consider themselves to be Janite devotees. Our hestias are the sacred hearths and homes of Janite devotees which have been blessed and consecrated to Dea. The name, Hestia, means hearth and home.

The Janite Order of Priestesses (JOP) consists of three Orders of our clergy and sisterhood. These three Orders are:

The Agoran Order, which consists of those Janite clergy and sorellas (sisters) who have public leadership roles within the Janite community.

The Agoran priestesses and sisters are the Hands and Face of the Holy Daughter in this world.  Just as the Holy Daughter leaves the Pleroma to come into this world in order to save Her children, the Agoran priestesses and deaconesses leave their hestias in order to go out into the world to serve the Children of Dea whether through liturgy, our sacraments, teaching and in other areas of public service.

The Hestian Order consists of those priestesses and sisters who may or may not choose to serve public liturgy and the sacraments. They assist in the teaching of the Faith to new devotees, but otherwise serve Dea primarily in their hestias.

The Hestian priestesses are the Hands and Face of the Celestial Mother, Mari, in this world, because just as the Holy Mother remains in the Pleroma, the Hestian priestess remains (spiritually speaking) in her hestia. Just as the Holy Mother turns Her Face towards and reaches out to all who call upon Her, so does the Hestian priestess help those who call upon her and those in need.

The Iremian Order, which is a private, more contemplative priestess/sisterhood consists of those who serve Dea from within their hestias, only.

Iremia is Greek for stillness. In the Janite Faith, this word means the Still Centre of Being, which is represented by the center of the Fora (Suncross).

The Iremian priestesses are the Hands and (Veiled) Face of Dea in Her Form of the the Great Mother, because as the Great Mother resides in the Still Centre of Being, the Iremian priestess resides in stillness of quiet contemplation and meditation. She is not a public priestess.

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