Correspondences of the Trinity

So, for Janites, Dea, in Her Triple Form is Matrix [1] & Creatrix [2] (Great Mother), Genetrix [3] (Celestial Mother) and Soteria [4] (Holy Daughter).

Great Mother:

Name: Mysteria Sige, which means Mystery of Silence: She is the Mystery of the Still Centre of All Being. She is Absolute Deity.

Mystery over which She presides: Moura.

Titles: Veiled Fora of Faith; Veiled Origin of Eternity.

Role: Source of All Being.

Role in Blessing Rite: Anointing through holy oil.

Time of Day: Twilight (the time of day between daylight and darkness), and the Darkest Hour before the Dawn (in the Moura Mysteries).

Direction: Still Centre.

Season: Moura

Royal Title: Empress of Heaven.

Day: Foradi (Saturday).

Symbol: Fora (or Celtic Eternal Knot Cross).

Flower: Deantha (Five petaled Evening Flower).

Light: Luminous, Shimmering Darkness.

She is the Being of All Life.


Celestial Mother:

Name: Mari Sophia. Mari is the oldest known Name of the Goddess. It means Mother Sea. Pronounced as Mahr-i, (Mar as in Mars). Sophia, of course, means Wisdom.

Role: Genetrix. Mother of All Creation.

Role in Blessing Rite: Consecration through incense.

Time of Day: Noon.

Direction: South.

Seasons: Summer and Autumn/Fall. She is the Ground of All Being.

Mysteries: Assumpta: The Assumption of Daughter Sophia by Her Mother and the Holy Mother is the assumption of our souls.

Titles: Fiery Rose of Heaven; Rose of Joy. (We don’t use the title Rose of the World because that means something very different. See Daniel Andreev. Also, if the Celestial Mother is Transcendent, then She is the Rose of Heaven, Rosa Coeli, not Rose of the World, Rosa Mundi).

Royal Title: High Queen of Heaven.

Day: Sunnadi (Sunday).

Symbol: Supernal Sun (there are really Seven symbols in our religion, the Five Symbols of the Mysteries and the Sun and Moon).

Flower: the Rose.

Light: Bright.

She is the Spirit of All Life.


Holy Daughter:

Name: Zoe Sophia

Role: Soteria.

Time of Day: Dawn.

Direction: East

Seasons: Winter and Spring.

Mysteries: Adoria (Emanation or Birth of the Holy Daughter) and Quassare (the Descent of the Holy Daughter through the Seven Realms and the ultimate Shattering of the Divine Soul and the Scattering of Her Spirit that this Descent caused).

Role in Blessing Rite: Blessing through holy water.

Royal Title: Queen of Heaven.

Day: Lunadi (Monday).

Symbol: Supernal Moon (there are really Seven symbols in our religion, the Five Symbols of the Mysteries and the Sun and Moon).

Flower: Lily of the valley or European white water lily, white water rose (also Rosa Simpla / simple wild rose or briar-rose or Rosa Canina / dog rose).

Light: Gentle Light.

She is the Soul of All Life.


[1] Matrix an enclosure within which something originates or develops (from the Latin for womb)

[2] Creatrix
1. noun A female creator.

1. n creator One who creates, in any sense of that word, or brings something into existence; especially, one who produces something out of nothing; specifically (with a capital letter), God considered as having brought the universe into existence out of nothing.
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

[3] Genetrix
1. noun genitor the direct cause of an offspring.

Genetrix mother (from the Latin, stem of gignere to beget)
to cause, bring about

[4] Soteria (pronounced So-tay-ree-a) a feminine noun from the Greek meaning salvation.

[5] The Holy Daughter ‘proceeds‘ from the Celestial Mother. So when we use the word ‘born’, it is being used metaphorically.