Janite Deanic Calendar

                                                               JANITE DEANIC CALENDAR

Please note: The Deanic Cardinal Directional system is different than that of other spiritual Traditions.

* indicates that the month name originated with the Madrians/Filianists (with some alternate spellings). 

The Déanic year begins with Spring and the month of Columbina. Our day begins at Dawn.

Sai is a Deanic honorific which means saint or holy. We use this honorific for the Seven Janati Guardians. We also refer to each of them as Lady.

For information on the Seven Janati Guardians, please see (link coming, soon).

DAYS OF THE WEEK are named after our Seven Sacred Symbols using French word ending di for day (pronounced dee).

Sunnadi or Sun Day. Day of Sai Theia.

Lunadi or Moon Day. (Monday). Day of Sai Candre’.

Rosadi or Rose Day. (Tuesday). Day of Sai Vikhe’.

Stelladi or Star Day. (Wednesday). Day of Sai Mati Sage.

Pomedi or Apple Day. (Thursday). Day of Sai Thema.

Columbadi or Dove Day. (Friday). Day of Sai Sushuri Grace.

Foradi or Fora (Suncross) Day. (Saturday). Day of Sai Rhea.


Season of the Holy Daughter as the Pure Dove of Grace and the Rose of the World, Rosa Mundi.


Jana: Sai Sushuri Grace.

Sacred Symbol: the Dove.

Element: Water.

Elemental Color: Blue.

Liturgical Colors: Pink and Green. (Please note: the liturgical colors are the colors of the robes of the Janati Guardians. These are colors taken from the corresponding metals of the planets over which they rule. These colors are symbolic of Who They Are in Their Spiritual Essence.)

Direction: East.

Time of Day: Dawn.

Mystery: Rosa Mundi, which means, the Rose of the World. The Rising of the Holy Daughter.


COLUMBINA*: (Meaning Little Dove): March 21 – April 17.


Time 00/March 20 (a year and a day/time out of time): Feast of Eastre.  The Mystery of Rosa Mundi. The Holy Daughter becomes the World Soul/the Soul of Nature. She is the Dawn of the regeneration of All Life and the Divine Spark within us. She is known as the Rosa Mundi, the Rose of the World.

On this day, we honor the Holy Daughter as the High Priestess of the World. 

5 Columbina/March 25: The Feast of Sai Sushuri Grace.

15 Columbina/April 4: Feast of the Assumption of the Holy Daughter.

(The story of the Ascension/Assumption of Divine Sophia (Who had the Form of Soul), originating in the fourth century, predates the Feast of the Assumption by many centuries, and yet its imagery seems to be the archetype upon which later revelations about Mary are patterned.) http://gnosis.org/ecclesia/homily_Assumption.htm

FULL MOON:  Dove Moon.

MAIA* (Meaning Great – Majestic also, Mother): April 18 – May 15.


1 Maia/April 18: MariMaia: The Crowning of the Holy Daughter as Queen of Heaven. (Divine Sophia was crowned as Queen of Heaven.)

FULL MOON: Great Moon.

FLORA: (Meaning Flower): May 16 – June 12.


10 Flora/May 25: Flori-Maia: The Feast of Flowers.

17 Flora/June 1 (1951) – May 23 (2008) In Memory and Life Celebration of Madria (Mother Priestess) Olga Lotar, charismatic (ordained by Déa) Madrian priestess of Ordo Rosa Ekklesia Madriana. (The Rite of Veneration may be offered in her memory.)

FULL MOON: Flower Moon.


Season of the Celestial Mother as the Rose of Joy.


Jana: Sai Vikhe’

Sacred Symbol: the Rose.

Element: Fire.

Elemental Color: Red.

Liturgical Color: Red.

Direction: South.

Time of Day: Noon.

Mystery: Rosa Coeli. Our Celestial Mother is the Rose of Heaven.


ROSEA*: (Meaning of Roses): June 13 – July 10.


1 Rosea/June 13: Feast of Sai Vikhe’.

9 Rosea/June 21: Rosa Coeli: Feast of Roses in honor of Our Celestial Mother as the Rose of Heaven (Rosa Coeli) and the Rose of Joy.

FULL MOON: Rose Moon.

CERES: (Meaning Grain): July 11 – Aug. 7


22 Ceres/Aug. 1: Lammas: Feast of Grains.

FULL MOON: Corn Moon.

SUNNA: (meaning Supernal Sun. Pronounced Sue-na): Aug. 8 – Sept. 4.

16 Sunna/Aug. 23: Day of Wyrd.

FULL MOON: Sun Moon. 


Season of the Celestial Mother as the Apple of Wisdom.


Jana: Sai Thema.

Sacred Symbol: The Apple.

Element: Earth.

Elemental Color: Green.

Liturgical colors: Blue and Purple.

Direction: West.

Time of Day: Twilight.

Mystery: Terra: the Ground and Matrix of All Being.


ABALON*: (Old Welsh meaning apple land similar to Avalon): Sept. 5 – Oct. 2


17 Abalon/Sept. 21- Harvest Home.

FULL MOON: Apple Moon.

OURANIA: (Meaning Heavenly, Cosmic): Oct. 3 – Oct. 30.

1 Orania/Oct. 3: Feast of Sai Thema.

FULL MOON: Cosmic Moon.

SAMHAIN *: Sa-vin or Sow-in (meaning Summer’s End.) Oct. 31- Nov. 27.


1 Samhain/Oct. 31: Shimovane (Old Celtic for Samhain): Feast of the Ancestors. Traditionally, this is a three day Feast.

FULL MOON: Spirit Moon.


Season of the Holy Daughter as the Triple Star: She is the Star of Hope, the Midnight Star of Wonder and the Guiding North Star.

Jana: Sai Mati Sage.

Sacred Symbol: The North Star.

Element: Air.

Elemental Color: yellow.

Liturgical Color: yellow.

Direction: North.

Time of Day: Midnight.

Mystery: Adoria: The Nativity of the Holy Daughter from Her Heavenly Mother. (Here Nativity means that the Holy Daughter Emanates from Her Celestial Mother).


ASTREA * (Meaning Star and Star Maiden): Nov. 28 – Dec. 25.

The practice of the Sun Wheel is observed during this month. An advent wreath may be used. It should have five candles: green, yellow, violet or purple, blue and red.

The practice of the Seven Star Guardians will also be described at this time.

Directions shall be given at the time.

1 Astrea/Nov. 28: Light the Green candle of Wisdom.

First Sunnadi: Light the Yellow candle of Hope.

Second Sunnadi: Light the Violet candle of Faith.

Third Sunnadi: Light the Blue candle of Grace.

On Mother’s Night, 23 Astrea/Dec.20: Which begins after the first three stars appear in the sky, light the Red candle of Joy.


1 Astrea/Nov. 28: The First Lighting of the Sun Wheel and the Feast of Sai Mati Sage.

23 Astrea/Dec. 20: Mother’s Night. 

24 Astrea/Dec. 21: Adoria: (meaning Glory). The Nativity/Emanation of the Holy Daughter from Her Celestial Mother, The Holy Daughter is the Star of Hope, the Midnight Star of Wonder and the Guiding North Star.  

28 Astrea/Dec. 25: Feast of the Star Fairy.

FULL MOON: Glory Moon.

HESTIA*: (Meaning: Sacred Hearth): Dec. 26 – Jan. 22).

Sacra Hestia. The blessing of our homes may take place on the night of the Full Blessing Moon or on any Sunnadi of the month of Hestia.

11 Hestia/Jan 5: Epiphania: The Feast of the Appearance of the Holy Daughter as the Princess of the World.

FULL MOON: Blessing Moon.

BRIGHID *: (Meaning exalted or bright one): Jan. 23- Feb. 19

10 Brighid/Feb. 1: Lucidi *: Feast of Divine Light and Feast of Brighid. The Holy Daughter takes on the Form of Soul and She takes on Fate as She prepares to carry the Light of Her Heavenly Mother through-out Manifest Reality.

28 Brighid/Feb. 19: Moura Eve

FULL MOON: Bright Moon.


Season of the Great Mother as the Fora of Faith.

Janati: Sai Theia, Sai Candre’ and Sai Rhea.

Sacred Symbol: the Fora.

Element: Spirit.

Elemental Color: Violet:

Liturgical Color: Indigo and Black.

Direction: Center.

Time of Day: Darkest Hour before the Dawn.

Mystery: Dolora (which means, Sorrow): The Passion of the Holy Daughter.


MOURA*:  (Meaning Dark, Destiny): Feb. 20- March 19.

15 Moura/March 6 (March 5 if a leap year): Med-Moura. Feast of Sai Candre’, Sai Raya Theia and Sai Rhea.

28 Moura/March 19: Dolora. The Passion of the Holy Daughter, Her Descent down through the Seven Realms into Darkness and the Subsequent Shattering of Her Holy Soul. A day of veiling/head covering, lustration (a purifying shower/bath) and somber remembrance.

Feast of the Great (Dark) Mother as the Origin of Faith. (Faith is a belief founded on spiritual perception.) There is no liturgy served on this day nor candles or flowers. Incense and chanting may be offered.

FULL MOON: Veiled Moon.

Leap year dates will be announced.


A) The Holy Daughter Sophia, in Her Mythos which pre-dates the legends of the Virgin Mary, was assumed into Heaven or She ascended to Heaven and She was crowned as the Queen of Heaven, the Heavenly Bride.

[1] http://www.universalkabbalah.net/Shekinah