Abal: Old Welsh word for apple.

Abalon: Old Celtic form of Avalon which means land of apples.

Absolute Deity: the Source of all Life, the Origin of Origins.

Adamea: A personal ending to prayers. Loosely translated, to love Dea.

Adoria: Glory. The Glory of the Appearance/Birth of the Holy Daughter.

Agora: Agora is Greek for the gathering places of old. It meant assembly place or open space. It was also a place where philosophers, like Socrates might teach. It comes from the root word meaning to assemble or to gather together.

Amena: a derivative of an Arabic word and means, “to make complete”.

ArchMadria: High Mother or ArchPriestess.

ArchSorella: A sorella (a member of the Iremian Sisterhood) who is preparing for ordination as a deaconess/madrina.

Asperging: Sprinkling with Holy Water.

Astrea: Star. Also means Light Maiden.

Aurora: Dawn; Morning Prayers.

Avala: Meaning ‘breath of life’.  It is the Silver Lunar Realm of the Holy Daughter where we go to rest in-between incarnations.

Ave: Hail

Brighde: Bright, high and mighty.

Canticle: A hymn or chant.

Chantria: A Chantria is the Head or Lead Chantress in each Clan and for each local temple/chapel. She shall be responsible for the hymnology and the chants for worship.

Charis: Grace.

Children of Dea: Humanity.

Clan Janna: Clan Janna is a division of the Janite Deanic Ekklesia. It is comprised of those hestias (households which have been consecrated to Dea) of Janite devotees.

Columba: Dove

Columbina: Little Dove.

Coronam: Crown

Dea (Day-a): Goddess, Our Mother God, from the Roman.

Deanic:  (Day-ann-ic) comes from the Roman word, Dea: Divine Goddess. Deanic means the religion of the devotees of Dea.

Dea Filia, the Holy Daughter.

Dea Madria: Our Divine Mother God, the Celestial Mother.

Dea Matrona: The Great Mother/Absolute Deity.

Dea Volente: Dea Willing.

Di-Jana, Divine Gate.

Divine Maid: The Holy Daughter

Ekklesia: Church, assembly of a people, spiritual community.

Evensong: Evening prayers.

Fora: The Fora is an equi-distant solar cross whose vertical and horizontal rays extend beyond the circle. It is the main symbol of our Faith.

In our Faith, the word Fora is not the Latin plural for forum, but rather is a word from our heritage meaning foundation, fundamental and fundamental form or pattern. It also indicates the fundamental or foundational Principle of the Cosmos.

Fourfold Earth: The term Fourfold Earth signifies the four cardinal directions and is associated with the four Janati who are guardians of the four cardinal directions and their corresponding Elements.

Genetrix: Mother or Ancestress; a female progenitor.  In the Deanic Faith, the  Janati are the progenitors or primal generators of the Primordial Virtues.

Genetrices: Plural of Genetrix.

Gender: A state of being. A divine quality or principle. Not to be confused with biological sex.

Golden Realm: The Realm of the Celestial Mother.

Grace: Divine Energies.

Immanent: Present with us.

Iremia: Greek for calm or stillness. In the Janite Deanic Faith, this word means the Still Centre of Being which is represented by the center of the Fora.

Hera: An heroine or hero of our Faith. One who has lived a life in service to Dea and to others. From the root word meaning hero, protectress, defender.

Hestia: A home which has been blessed and consecrated to Dea.

Hestian: Anything pertaining to the hestia.

Jana (Yah-na): Sanskrit for both Gate and Moon. Used to designate one of the The Seven Primordial Powers of Dea who have taken on angelic nature.

Janati: (Jah, nah, tee). Sanskrit for generate, cause, to be born, create, beget and to produce. Also used for the Seven Feminine Powers of Dea/the Seven Powers of Mother God as the Generators of the Seven Streams of Life.

Janah: (Yah-nah): Name of the Holy Daughter in the Janite Tradition. Handed down from the Secret Order of Madrians (Jana).

Kear:  A crack or flaw, the chasm or abyss that lies between Dea and each soul which opened when we chose to experience material manifestation.

Kear moira: Negative karma.

Keres: From the Greek. Malicious spirits.

Kyria: Lady in the Lord sense.

Living Stream Forms of Dea: Living Stream Images/Forms/Faces of Dea are those of the Divine Feminine Whose worship is unbroken since ancient times. These Living  Stream Forms of Dea would include the Hindu and Buddhist goddesses, Sophia, Shekinah, Brighid (She went underground as St. Bridget).

Lucidi: The Festival of Lights. Literally: Light Day. Luci means light and di is the French form of Day.

Madria: Mother. Title for priestess.

Madrina: Godmother. Title for deaconess.

Maia: Great; Mother, She Who brings increase.

Mari: The Celestial, Solar Mother. Mari, which means Mother Sea, is one of the oldest, pan-cultural names for the Goddess on Earth.

Mantle: Cloak.

Matres: The Celtic Three Mothers.

Matrix:  Matrix means a place or situation where something develops, takes shape or is contained. It also can mean womb or mother. So, when we say that the Holy Mother is the Matrix of all Being, it simply means that She gave birth, so to speak, to all Creation. She takes the Primordial Ideas and Spiritual Essence from the Source, the Great Mother and manifests it into Creation.

Matrona: Great Mother Goddess. In the Deanic Faith: She is Absolute Deity, the Dark Mother. She is not a destructive, Kali-like deity, rather, She is of the Luminous Shining, Unknowable Darkness.

Matronae: The Celtic Three Great Mothers.

Moura: Dark. In the Deanic Faith, this is the Season of the Great Mother and the Season of the Passion of the Holy Daughter. The word “moura”, (moira, maura) (medieval: mora) feminine of “mouro”, is thought to originate from the Celtic *MRVOS and the indo-european mr-tuos that originated in Latin the word mortuus and in Portuguese/Galician the word morto (dead). Some authors think that the mouras are the deceased. 

Mysteria: Name-Title for the Great Mother, Who is Absolute Deity, the Dark Mother. She is not a destructive, Kali-like Person, rather, She is of the Luminous Shining, Unknowable Darkness.

Noontide: Noon Prayers.

Patene’: Pronounced,  pa ta nee, accent on ta; as in ma, is a sacred plate made of natural materials and set aside for sacramental communion use.

Plena: Latin for Full.

Pleroma: Supernal Fullness of the All and Fullness of Perfection, the place of Bliss and Union with Dea different than Avalon, where we rest between incarnations. It is also known in our scriptures as the Real.

Proceed: The Holy Daughter proceeds or emanates from the Celestial Mother.

Primordial: Existing since the beginning of time; primeval.

Quintessence: The Fifth Element. Aethyr. Spirit. Essence.

Rosa Coeli: Rose of Heaven.

Sacred Language: The use of sacred language has been handed down to us by our predecessors in the Faith. As the Deanic Faith is pan-European, the sacredness of certain concepts are contained within words from the Latin, Greek and ancient Celtic languages.

Septifluous: seven flowing streams.

Shimovane: Old Celtic word for Samhain/Summer’s End.

Silver Realm: The Lunar Realm of the Holy Daughter.

Sorella: A Janite Sister.

Soteria: Salvation, saviouress, preserver. (So-tay-ree-a) from the Greek meaning salvation. Soteria is what we would today call the self-actualizing principle, a beneficent force that guides our development, helping us to reach the desired end of psychological salvation, integration and happiness.

Stella Maris: Star of the Sea, the North Star.

Supernal: Primordial and Heavenly. Of Divine origin or quality; heavenly, celestial, or divine.

Supernality: The quality of being supernal. A supernal being or thing.

Terra: Ground.

Threadpath: the thread of the pattern of our lives which leads us either closer to or further away from Dea.

Threefold Heaven: The term, Threefold Heaven signifies the Trinitarian Heaven and is associated with the three Janati (Geniae) who are Guardians of Spirit and Center and who represent the Trinity.

Transcendent: Beyond and above.

Triunity: Three united in One.

Trinity: Three distinct Persons in One.

Veiled Origin of Eternity: Our Lady in Her Form of Primordial, Eternal Life.

Wyrde: Karma, fate.