Janae in practical day to day spheres by Sorella Minna of Iremian Order

Janae in practical day to day spheres by Sorella Minna of Iremian Order.

(Edited using Janite names).

I have made a study of the Great Janae, pulling from original Madrian sources and modern Filianic sources, as well as personal research. Most of my ideas are still hodge-podge brainstorms, but I will post the three most ‘complete’ answers below.

Agia Sushuri Grace is the Soother. The healing touch, the deep water. She is patron of psychiatrists, hospice workers, and naturopathic medical professionals, as well as boaters and fishermen; any who make their money off the open waters. She is the calm lake and the terrible storm, for hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. At the highest level, she is Holy Love. Gentle love and fierce love, the love of Dea for us. A love that compelled the Daughter to be shattered for our ultimate healing and redemption, and the love that tore apart the very gates of hell itself.

Agia Vikhe’ is the Opener. The cutting edge, the strength to endure. She is the patron of warriors, medical surgeons, firemen, and anyone else who uses blades or force to save lives and remove danger. She is precision, a rallying cry, and the protector of those who cannot protect themselves from the danger they face. At the highest level, she is Holy Valour. The neverending war against the demons, against Irkalla; to fight for eternity, to fight to exhaustion and beyond because without her protection, we would be consumed by monsters within and monsters without. The valour to wield truth like a blade, the sharpest blade.

Agia Mati Sage is the Knower. The keen eye, the knowing hands. She is patron of advisers, farmers and craftsmen, of those whose hands and minds provide what civilization needs. Librarians, researchers, farmers, mechanics, carpenters; knowledge that improves the material world. At the highest level, she is Holy Wisdom. The saying, “Any work done prayerfully becomes an offering of infinite virtue” comes to mind. The maiden picking apples who cuts one open and is suddenly struck by the epiphany of the Pentacle within- that is Sai Mati.

This is the extent of my comprehensible research. I’ll add to it as I go.

Blessed is She.

Sorella Minna