Janite Deanic Calendar

                                                               JANITE DEANIC CALENDAR

Please note: The Deanic Cardinal Directional system is different than that of other spiritual Traditions.

* indicates that the month name originated with the Madrians/Filianists (with some alternate spellings). 

The Déanic year begins with Spring and the month of Columbina. Our day begins at Dawn.

Sai is a Deanic honorific which means saint or holy. We use this honorific for the Seven Janati Guardians. We also refer to each of them as Lady.

For information on the Seven Janati Guardians, please see (link coming, soon).

DAYS OF THE WEEK are named after our Seven Sacred Symbols using French word ending di for day (pronounced dee).

Sunnadi or Sun Day. Day of Sai Theia.

Lunadi or Moon Day. (Monday). Day of Sai Candre’.

Rosadi or Rose Day. (Tuesday). Day of Sai Vikhe’.

Stelladi or Star Day. (Wednesday). Day of Sai Mati Sage.

Pomedi or Apple Day. (Thursday). Day of Sai Thema.

Columbadi or Dove Day. (Friday). Day of Sai Sushuri Grace.

Foradi or Fora (Suncross) Day. (Saturday). Day of Sai Rhea.

Please see drop-down menu for the Five Seasons. Thank you.