Janite Psalms

Here are some of our psalms. Composed by ArchMadria Pamela Lanides.

Psalm 1: Glory to You

Glory to You, Holy Mother, and to Our Pure Saviouress, glory.
For the Holy Daughter is the Path of Perfection and through Her, we are assumed unto Your Love. May the stars above reflect Her Brilliance and  the Music of the Spheres play Her gentle song. May the angels and archangels worship Her Light, and the Children of the Earth exalt Her. Glory to You, O, Holy Mother and to Our Holy Saviouress, glory.

Psalm 2: You Have Ever Been With Me

You have ever been with me, Holy One, from the cradle to my old age. Never have you failed me when I called upon Your Name or searched for you in the deepest of sorrows. Though fear threatened to engulf me, Your abiding Presence comforted me; I am never alone. Though I strayed from the Path of Your Love, Your forgiveness has set me aright; You are always by my side. Though I wallowed in abysmal kear, the muddied garment of my soul was crystallized by Your Grace; You dwell in the temple of my heart. May the entire world come to know You, O, Holy One. May all the world praise You. Blessed are You.

Psalm 3: O, Clement, O, Loving

O, Clement, O, Loving, O Sweet Holy Mother, You are crowned with the rays of the sun; the moon shadowed beneath your feet. A shower of stars gilds your Mantle; a cloud of sweetest perfumes envelops You. The heavenly host adores You; the blessed souls, worship You. Great are You, O, magnificent One and worthy of all veneration. Holy, holy, holy are You, O, Lady, the entire cosmos sings Your Name. O, Fountain of all Grace, remember us!

Psalm 4: Your Heavenly Altar

Beloved Daughter, I dwell before Your Altar where the Children of Dea gather in Your Name. In the silence of this holy space between Heaven and Earth, my joy is found. Lift up my soul through the nourishment of Your Bread and strengthen my spirit with the Wine of Your Grace. And, I shall carry forth Your torch in delight and wonder, in awe and reverence,  everywhere, that my soul Path may lead. By my heart, O, Lady, I am Yours.

Psalm 5: Your Seven Fountains of Power

Your Seven Fountains of Power flow from You, O, Holy One, like a Silver River of Radiance which ribbons its way through life. Its shimmering vibrancy glimmers with virtues of excellence. Multi-hued currents of nobleness wind their way through the cosmos. Oh, let us fish from its depths, the honor of excellence and the worthiness of integrity. May we quench the thirst of our souls from its Living Streams of Wisdom. Thanks be to the Seven Fountains of Power.

Psalm 6: We Give Praise unto Our Lady

We give praise unto Our Lady in hymns and canticles. In litanies and liturgies we shall chant Her holy Name. Through sacred dance and moonlit prayer, we give reverence unto Her Greatness. From the rising of Aurora to the resting of Evensong, our hearts burn ever brighter.

May the oceans and meadows praise You, O, Lady and every creature therein. May the highlands and the lowlands bless You, O, Lady and every space in-between. From the North wind to the Southern isles; from the farthest West and to the Eastern shores, let all know of Your Mercy, Holy One, for Your Compassion knows no bounds. Adoration unto You, O, Lady and praise forevermore.

Psalm 7: O, Fiery Rose of Heaven

O, Fiery Rose of Heaven,
The flaring corona of the North, fades beside you.
The blazing sunsets of the West, pale before you.
The cross of stars in the South, dims behind you.
The splendor of the moon in the East, vanishes below you.
O, Fiery Rose of Heaven, be with us.

Psalm 8: O, Gentle Dove of Peace

O, Gentle Dove of Peace,
You are the Pure One of Gracefulness.
You are the White Feather of Serenity.
You are the Gliding Messenger of Salvation.
You are the Tender Deliverer of Peace.
O, Gentle Dove of Peace, be with us.

Psalm 9: O, Veiled Fora of Faith

O, Veiled Fora of Faith,
You are the Still Centre of All Being.
You are the Luminosity of Darkness.
You are the Wellspring of the Rivers of Life.
You are the Tabernacle of Divinity.
O, Veiled Fora of Faith, be with us.

Psalm 10 : Heed My Cry

Heed my cry, O, Holy One, and cast Your luminous eyes upon me in my time of distress.
My confidence in you wavers not. You are ever my sublime strength and my Supernal Defender. Ward us from all that is not of Your Love. Be our Shield against all that is not of Your Will. May Your Mercy abide with us forever. We adore You. We worship You. We magnify You. To You, O, Lady.


Psalm 11: Blessed Are You

Blessed are You, O, Silver Star of the Waters, and blessed is Your Holy Name. Your Fountain of Grace refreshes me; Your beauty surrounds me. Your Mercy and Compassion comfort me. My heart is inflamed by the Fire of Your Love. Blessed are You, O, Silver Star of the Waters.


Psalm 12: Sweet is the Fruit of Your Wisdom

My Lady, Sweet is the Fruit of Your Wisdom and profound is the Mystery contained therein. Astonished am I, to find the secrets of the vast cosmos  hidden within the tiniest seed of life. Overjoyed am I, to taste of its knowledge; the surety of its faith uplifts me. Raise me up when I am wallowing in despair. Strengthen me when doubt overwhelms. And, I will contemplate the Real of the Above hidden within the seed of the Below. Everything, in its Season, must be.


Psalm 13: Star of Hope

Divine Daughter, Star of Hope, Blessed Soteria! You, Who are the Princess of the World; You, Who are the Priestess of the World and You, Who are the Daughter of Wisdom, all splendor and blessings be upon You! You, Who are the First Light of Dawn; You, Who are the Midnight Star of Wonder; You Who are the Holy Soul, we rejoice and exult in You! More precious than fragrance most rare. More brilliant than jewels most dazzling. More sublime than music most sweet. Beyond all expressions of words, of song, of art, are You. All praises of love and joy and worship are rightly Yours, O, Kyria!



Psalm 14: O, Great Mother.

O, Great Mother, Dark beyond the light and Light beyond the Darkness, powerful are Your ways and great is Your Mystery. Through the shimmering veil, we glimpse you not. In the Still Pointe of the Center, do You reside. The Grace of All Life pours forth from the Fountainhead of Your very Being. Source of the Four Great Rivers, You are beyond all knowing. The Celestial Mother and the Holy Daughter find Their Completion in You. O, Great Mother, Dark beyond the light and Light beyond the Darkness, may all Blessings Be.