Janite Rite of the Madrian Creed

The Janite edition of the Madrian Creed which was passed onto us through 2 Madrian Orders. This differs in original thealogy to the published Ordo Lux Madriana, The Rite of Sacrifice, Winter & Moura 1976.

It has been altered to includes the belief in the Janae. Janites replace all human biological processes such as virgin, birth etc with terms of emanation. We use the term darkness for devotees who believe in a literal death, symbolic death, transformation, Divine Soul Shattering etc.

The Janite Rite of the Madrian Creed

I believe that I am created from before the dawn of time
By the Eternal One, Madria Déa.
I believe that She is One and there are none beside Her,
And I believe that She is also Three.

I believe in the Celestial Mother, She Who is Pure Light;
The Creatrix of the Earth and of the Heavens,
and of all the infinite cosmos.

And I believe in Her Holy Daughter,
proceeding from the Celestial Mother;
She Who rules all the energies of Creation,
Whose Nature is Perfect Love.

And I believe that there is She, Who stands beyond these Two,
Whose Name has not been spoken upon this Earth;
For She is the Beginning and the End,
The First Principle and the Final Cause,
The unoriginated Origin of being;
The Great Mother of all that is and all that is not; She, Who Is.

I believe in the Seven Janae, the Seven Great Powers of Déa.
I believe that they are the Living Streams of Virtue
who flow from the Mother and that together,
these Living Streams form the River of Life.

And I believe that I was made a perfect creature,
and I believe that at the dawn of time, my soul did turn from
the Perfection of existence,
that I may know of the other things, for many things I did not know.

And thus I gathered infirmity in my sovereign will;
I believe that through this choice, I needs must suffer
the limitation of imperfect being, to learn and know the other things,
for I believe within Her Divine Will, the darkness must be known
to truly know the Light,
And the Dark beyond the light.

And I believe that all Her Will might Be,
that the Daughter of Eternity
gave Herself to be cast down into the depths of darkness.
I believe that She rose from the depths of darkness, triumphant,
and reigns as Queen of Heaven.

I believe that through Her descent into darkness, the fault of my soul shall perish,
And I know that through Her triumphant Life,
My souls shall rise renewed in Her Perfection;
That I may return to Eternal Communion with the Eternal One,
Madria Déa, in the Completion of the Wholeness of Her Will.