Lady of Light Chantry Perspective

This is an important document authored by ArchMatrona Georgia of the Lady of Light Chantry which may be applied to all true Deanics.

It clearly explains the difference in our understanding of Dea, Our Divine Mother God in contrast to other religious traditions.

The Lady of Light Chantry – Perspective

Our Invocations:

We call upon Our Divine Mother in prayer using a European, feminine word, Dea (alternative spelling De or Dia), derived from the Indo-European root De for “Divine”, from dev (“to shine”, especially as the day lit sky), See Sankrit: Devi (Divine-feminine). Dea appears in the Latin and Italian names/titles, Dea Matrona (“Divine-feminine Mother-great), and Dea Madre (“Divine-feminine Mother“).  See also the Greek Demeter “Divine-mother”.  The alternative spelling, Dia appears in the Portugese phrase Bon Dia (“Good Day“). The Portugese word for Divine-feminine is Diosa. Dia may also be found in the Irish and Scotts Gaelic, BanDiaFeminine-God“.

Our Divine Motherhood:

We see Our Divine Mother as manifested in both one form, Dea Matrona (aka Dea Madre), and in three forms Dea Matronae (“Divine-feminine Mothers-great”) or Dea Madres (“Divine-feminine Mothers”).  She is called by many (local and regional) names and appears in both single and triple manifestations.  She may appear as A) One Divine Mother (of any apparent age, Youthful, Middle Age, Elderly) or B) Three Divine Mothers (of all the same apparent age or of different apparent ages), or C) as Divine Mother-Divine Daughter-Divine Matriarch, or as D) Three Sisters (Triplets).  Note: none of these divine feminine manifestations are to be confused with the progressive stages in the development (aging) of the human feminine form.

Our Understanding of the Person of Dea:

We view Our Divine Mother as the Supreme Being, the Creatrix, the Mother of All.  We see Her as The Original Person, Individual, Intelligence, Consciousness, Sovereign Magesty.  We perceive Our Divine Mother as The Origin of Reality with the Powers to bring into existance both Spiritual Realities and Physical Realities.

Our Disclaimer:

We are not Atheist-Deist-Dharmic, Jungian or Pantheist.  1) We do not view Our Divine Mother as a representation-personification of the Force/forces of Nature (Mother Nature) or as a form of Nature (a Grain Goddess, a River Goddess, or a Tree Goddess, etc.). 2) We do not see Our Divine Mother as the playful, maker of an illusion (Mother Maya).  Nor do we concieve of Our Divine Mother as the active, energetic, material, feminine form (Shakti) of a passive, still, spiritual, masculine, nothingness, (Brahma or Shiva).  3) We do not see Our Divine Mother as the personified biosphere of the Earth (Mother Earth-Earth Mother, Gaia).  4) Nor do we think of Our Divine Mother as the personified, collective Unity of the Cosmos (Mother Universe or Mother Cosmos).  5) Neither is Our Divine Mother imagined as a thought form, a psychological construct, an Archetype of the Collective Human Unconscious (The Mother Imagry).

Our Understanding of the Personhood of Humans:

We view People (Humanity) as being children, (aka creations, immanations, projeny, and reflections), of Our Divine Mother and therefore, as persons, individuals, intelligences, consciousnesses, sovereign identities just as She is.  We do not view People, as merly aspects or projections of Our Divine Mother’s Identity.  Furthermore, we do not view People’s lives as imaginary rolls played by Our Divine Mother, all by Herself, on an imaginary playground, or on an imaginary stage, that does not really exist.  We see People (and the world they live in), as being real.  And we see People as having a relationship with, or a communion with, Our Divine Mother because People are members of Her family.