Please note that many of these chants may be used as mantra rosary prayers. Janati chants may be found at the end.

Chants are also great for meditation. After going into a meditative state, breathe in and out, rhythmically, while chanting, slowly, the mantra using a mantra rosary. 

For example:

AVE CHANT for the Holy Daughter:

Ave, Janna, Columbina Gratia, Gloria Plena. 

Hail, Janna, Little Dove (of) Grace, Full (of) Glory. 

(For meditation: Breathe in while saying, silently to yourself, Ave, breathe out for Janna, in for Columbina, out for Gratia, in for Gloria and out for Plena. Do it slowly, with rhythm and after a while, it becomes automatic. You do not have to say just one word with each breath. Experiment and do what flows for you.)


For the Celestial Mother:

Ave, Mari, Rosa Caeli, Gloria Plena.

Hail, Mari, Rose of Heaven, Full of Glory.

For the Holy Daughter:

Ave, Janna, Rosa Mundi, Gloria Plena.

Hail, Janna, Rose (of the) World, Full of Glory.

For the Great Mother: (Here we used the feminine form of cosmos). 

Ave, Mysteria, Deantha Cosma, Gloria Plena.

Hail, Mystery. Deantha (of the) Cosmos, Full of Glory.

Trinity Chant:

For the Daughter:

Ave, Janna, Dea Filia, Gloria Plena. (Hail, Janna, Daughter God, Full of Grace.)

For the Mother: 

Ave, Mari, Dea Madria, Gloria Plena. (Hail, Mari, Mother God, Gloria Plena.)

For the Great Mother:

Ave, Mysteria, Dea Matrona, Gloria Plena. (Hail, Mysteria, Great Mother God, Full of Glory.)


O, Fiery Rose of Heaven,   (in honor of the Celestial Mother).

O, Pure Dove of Grace,  (in honor of the Holy Daughter).

O, Veiled Fora of Faith, be with us.  (in honor of the Great Mother).

* Note
Fiery here means the Fire of Her Love for us. Her loving Flame.


O, Celestial Mother, Mari, High Queen of Heaven,

O, Holy Daughter, Janna, Divine Queen of Heaven,

O, Great Mother, Mysteria, Divine Empress of Heaven, we praise You, we worship You, we magnify You.  Blessed are You.


Eternal is the Light of the High Queen, the Font of the All.

Eternal is the Love of the Queen, the Fountain of the All.

Eternal is the Life of the Empress, the Fountainhead of the All.

PRAYER of ETERNITY CHANT  (Adapted from the Madrian).

Eternal is the Light of the Mother.

Eternal is the Love of the Daughter.

Eternal is the Life of the Great Mother.

Glorious is the Eternity of Dea.


Princess of the Earth

Daughter of Wisdom

Queen of Heaven

Priestess of All the World


O, First Light of Dawn

O, Mid-Day Light of High Noon

O, Last Twilight of Sunset

O, Midnight Star of Wonder

O, Shining Darkness before the Dawn

We thank You for Your Eternal Light.

(Composed by Rt. Rev. Georgia E. B. Cobb).

Chants for the Seven Janati may be found here: Janati Rosary