Litany of the Celestial Mother

Litany of the Celestial Mother by ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

Hail, Mari, Our Divine Mother God,

Hail, Genetrix of the Cosmos,

Hail, Regina Caeli; the High Queen of Heaven,

Hail, Supernal Sun,

Hail, Pure Light,

Hail, Pure Essence,

Hail, Holy Spirit,

Hail, Fiery Rose of Heaven,

Hail, Fiery Rose Heart,

Hail, Rose of Joy,

Hail, Apple Flower of Wisdom,

Hail, Fount of Grace,

Hail, Assumption of Souls,

Hail, Guardian of the Supernal Realm,

Hail, Most Transcendent,

Hail, Shining Star of the Shimmering Waters,

Hail, Light of the Nocturnal Heavens,

Hail, Ray of Precious Jewels,

Hail, Music of the Spheres,

Hail, O, Mid-day Light of Noon-tide,

We Glorify you, we worship you and we adore you. Blessed are You.