Litany of the Great Mother

Litany of the Great Mother by ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

Hail, Mysteria, Great Mother God.

Hail, Absolute Deity.

Hail, Pure Source.

Hail, Ground of All Being,

Hail, Pure Life.

Hail, Deantha Cosma.

Hail, Supernal Evening Star.

Hail, Veiled Origin of Eternity.

Hail, Dark beyond the light.

Hail, Light beyond the Darkness.

Hail, Veiled Fora of Faith.

Hail, Luminous Darkness.

Hail, Primordial Mystery.

Hail, Last Twilight of Sunset.

Hail, Shining Darkness before the Dawn.

Hail, O, Still Centre of the All.

Hail, Light of the Depths of the Cosmos.

Hail, Completeness of the Mother and of the Daughter.

Hail, O, Holy Monas.

Hail, Shadowed Moon.

Hail, Apple Seeds of Wisdom.

Hail, Bright Light of Origin.

Hail, She Who is One and Three and Seven.

We glorify You, we magnify You and we adore You.