O, Dea Prayer

O, Dea was composed by ArchMatrona Georgia E. B. Cobb and ArchMadria Pamela Lanides. Copyright protected. For private use only. Thank you.

O, Dea, Supernal Sun,

O, Dea, Supernal Moon,

O, Dea, Apple of Wisdom,

O, Dea, Star of Wonder,

O, Dea, Fora of Faith,

O, Dea, Dove of Peace

O, Dea, Rose of Joy,

We thank You, we bless You and we adore You.

For through Your Compassionate Love, we are infused with Your Luminous Graces and are sheltered beneath Your Great Mantle of Protection. (From the Great Liturgy of Dea of Clan Jana).
The Deanic Faith has seven sacred symbols five of which represent the Five Great Mysteries of our Faith, the Apple, the Star, the Fora, the Dove and the Rose. The symbol of the Sun is symbolic of the Holy Mother, Who is the Supernal Sun while the Moon represents the Holy Daughter Who is the gentle Supernal Moon.