Building Your Inner Temple Through Meditation

By Rt. Rev. Pamela Lanides

There is a meditation technique where we build our inner spiritual temples. Some techniques place this temple high up in the cosmos. Janites practices this technique within our heart chakra. The heart chakra – the wellspring of love, warmth, compassion, and joy is located in the center of the chest at the heart level. (1)

To accomplish this, first we must place ourselves within a deep state of meditation at a deep alpha level. (A how to meditate page will be posted in our Prayers and Rites section.)

Once we are in the state of deep alpha and have brought our minds into our heart chakra, we begin to build our inner temple with our imagination. With practice, this temple takes form in the Aether. It becomes a familiar place of frequent visitation. I first practiced this method over twenty years ago and my cosmic temple is still very vivid to me.

Imagine how your inner temple should look. Be there. Be present. It is real. Look at the land surrounding your inner temple. Are there vistas of high, impassable mountain ranges or perhaps tranquil meadows filled with varied-hued wildflowers. Is the sun glinting off the waters of a meandering brook flowing nearby?

Are there stone benches beneath graceful willow trees upon which to sit and meditate or perhaps trellises which support profusions of morning glories and roses?

Or is your temple a giant, shell-encrusted sand castle with the ocean’s waves crashing nearby; the cries of a gull calling from overhead?

Perhaps there are statues from ancient Greece standing as sentinels along a silver roadway; a white-domed temple in the distance. Or maybe there is a path of white stone leading through the depths of a forest and a chapel made of rosewood.

And, what of the inside of this spiritual temple? Picture your altar and the surroundings in your heart-mind. Are there cool, polished tiles of lapis overlaying the floor? Is there crystal dome spiraling up into the heavens? Is there a dark pool of Energy whose depths are filled with magick embedded in the floor?

And what of the Apple, the Star, the Dove and the Rose. Do they adorn each wall in each cardinal directions? Is there a Fora hovering over the altar?

Your inner temple should reflect the place where you find the greatest of beauty, tranquility and which harbours the feeling of utter safety and security. It is a place where you may visit any time of any day and it is there, where you may meet your Lady.

Each time you visit, you will feel the familiarity of your own, deepest creation. There will be times when your temple shall be filled with melody, angelic chant and the fragrance of frankincense, bergamot and copal with a vision of the Geniae appearing overhead. There will be other times when not the tiniest sound shall mar the supreme serenity of the place.

During one visit, you might like to add a vase of roses or a font of holy water. You will be surprised to see that it remained, the next time you enter your chapel.

The key is to start simply and with consistency until it becomes for you, the temple of your heart. A place where She is always there, waiting for you.