Meditation Technique to Reach Deep Alpha.

TO ENTER A DEEP STATE OF MEDITATION written by Rev. Pamela Lanides

This session may be recorded until the recording is no longer needed.

Find a quiet dark place to either sit or lie down.

Close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly and rhythmically. Relax your entire body.

Imagine you are on the top of a tall, crystal sky scraper. To your left, you see an elevator. You enter the elevator and press down.

As you are descending you count backwards and envision the elevator filling with colored light. Breathe the colored light in and out, in and out.

Ten: The elevator fills with a brilliant white light.

Nine: The elevator fills with a deep gold light.

Eight: The elevator fills with a rainbow-hued silver.

Seven: Violet.

Six: Indigo

Five: Blue

Four: Green

Three: Yellow

Two: Orange

One: Red

The doors to the elevator open on the basement floor of the crystal building. Across the hall, you see a second door which has a sign stating: Deep Alpha.

You enter that elevator and as it descends, you again count backwards all the while thinking of descending lower and lower as you go and breathing in and out, in and out, slowly.

Ten. Lower.

Nine. Lower.

Eight. Still descending.

Seven. Lower.

Six. Descending lower.

Five. Lower

Four: Still lower.




The doors open and you see a marble, spiral staircase descending downwards towards. You walk down the spiraling staircase, breathing in and out slowly and counting backwards from ten as you go.

At the bottom of the stairs, you see a hallway. To the left is a small round, very deep pool. There is no water in this pool, but rather, a swirling, liquid dark energy. Beside you, on the floor is a pure white, smooth round pebble. You pick up the pebble and enter the energy pool.

As you begin to float downwards in the darkness, you release the white pebble. As you descend, breathing in and out slowly, you watch the pebble descend before you. It’s whiteness is the only thing you can see as it gently floats down and down. You follow the white pebble down and down until it comes to rest on the sandy bottom.

To your right is a doorway leading out of the pool. You leave the pool and see another doorway on your right which leads to a garden area.

You enter the garden area and the rest is up to your creation.